Visit to Eve V keyboard tooling factory, Paying V remainder and V Accessories


Hi Guys!

As promised in the previous post here come videos from V keyboard tooling factory. You can see how the keyboard tooling is made.

Part 1

Part 2

Also I would like to let you know that we will send out order confirmation emails on Monday 30th of January as the PayPal set-up (Needed for people to pay the remainder and buy add-ons) is taking longer then was told. We are sorry for the slight delay but we want to make absolutely sure that order confirmation process goes smoothly and we can have all of the orders confirmed safely and locked in one go :slight_smile:

Also have a look at the list of the accessories that will be available as an add on in the order confirmation forms you will be receiving on 30th of January!

So next Monday the following accessories will be available for purchase (Let us know if anything is missing)

  • Windows 10 Pro Upgrade
  • Extra V Charger With 29W Output
  • Extra V Charging Cable USB C To USC C 2.5 Meters
  • 1 Meter USB C To USB C Cable
  • V Magentic Protective Sleeve
  • V Zipper Protective Sleeve
  • USB C To USB C 1 Meter Thunderbolt Cable
  • V Pen
  • Office 365 License For 1 User
  • Customized Keyboard layouts
  • International Plug Bundle
  • HDMI To Type C Adapter

P.S. Testing out RF keyboard on V while writing this post :slight_smile:

USB-C - A step to the future or not useful at all?

Great stuff Konstantinos!

Can you remind me, how long is the default charging cable?



I really would like to have an idea what the charger will look like before I could decide if I want a second one or if I will get an generic one that I like better from the form and functionality factor.


Mike answered just a moment ago.
2.5 m


As awesome as these videos are… isn’t all the real action happening in Part 3? I mean, it ends on the machine heating up and the camera man stating he’s going to start a new video. There’s a cliffhanger if I ever saw one!


The ‘camera man’ is @riku btw :wink: and more videos should be coming (I hope!). Interesting to see how complex the manufacturing really is.


hi, I was just wondering: Will the custom layouts also have the alcantara option available? Also, if that is the case, for the Hyper Early Birds where this was included as one of the perks, will the price be just the additional for the custom keyboard, or will alcantara cost extra anyway?


About those USB-C cables: are they safe? :wink:
Just asking, because I read a lot about faulty cables and chargers that violate standards. Especially interesting: reviews of Besson Leung.
Source: Bensson Leung on Google+

It’s really frightning to read about all those faulty cables and chargers that can even destroy devices. Anker even issued a complete recall of one cable.

I hope you guys have a good supplier and tested everything to be standard conform and secure?

I presume, the long cables will only support 5Gbps (USB 3.0, 3.1 Gen1) and not 10Gbps (Gen2, Super Speed Plus), because the specification talks about 1m maximum length?

The cables are active cables (with chip) that can negotiate power delivery voltages?


Hey now, it’s Eve we’re talking about here. They wouldn’t let their babies sip their delicious electric fuel through a faulty cable! =)

Also, the ports on the V, from what I can find, are USB 3.1 Gen 1, so you won’t get more than 5Gbps anyway…


This is soooooooooo cool.

I fear that from now on all my spare money is going to go on buying stuff from you guys.



I believe it is one 3.1 USB-C and one Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port, and the USB-A ports are all USB 3.1


Only for you :slight_smile:
This is how it will look like structure and dimensions wise. In this picture it has UK plug on it. Our charger will have different finishing. It’ll be matte.

[:fire: HOT UPDATE :fire:] Results of The Team Workshop Today: Timelines, Keyboard Layouts and Other Hot Questions Answered!
[:fire: HOT UPDATE :fire:] Results of The Team Workshop Today: Timelines, Keyboard Layouts and Other Hot Questions Answered!

Nope, USB-A and the regular USB-C are all 3.0. They call it “3.1 gen 1” which is some weird rebranded name :neutral_face:


I get what you’re saying, I remember the discussion about this in the forum, but since there is (AFAIK) no other USB 3.1, that still technically makes these 3.1, right?


‘They’ never meant to call it that. Though of course all the technical revisions of USB had a proper name or version number, the idea was to present them to consumers by a name, not a number. So for USB 3.1 Gen 1 that would be ‘SuperSpeed USB’.

Problem with our modern, impatient and very nosy internet-age journalists is that they jump on and report every little tidbit they can find. So even though they were still developing the SuperSpeed spec drafts, tech journalists were already reporting on the features of this new USB 3.0. By the time any of it came to market, pretty much every ‘USB 3.0’ device was actually up to USB 3.1 spec.

But when the world is waiting for this awesome new ‘USB 3.0’, good luck trying to sell them ‘SuperSpeed USB’. And that wasn’t a problem right away, as people were happily oblivious and there was no confusion …until they released the spec for ‘SuperSpeed Plus USB’: the second generation of the USB 3.1 spec (no rly 4realz this tiem!).

In short:

  • USB SuperSpeed (5Gbps) is what common people call ‘USB 3.0’, though what we use is called ‘USB 3.1 Gen 1’ by the people who wrote the damned standard (and they should know!).
  • USB SuperSpeed+ (10Gbps) is what common people call ‘USB 3.1’, though the standard refers to it as ‘USB 3.1 Gen 2’.
  • Like ‘Full Speed’ (12Mbps, USB 1.1) and ‘High Speed’ (480Mbps, USB 2.0) before them, the USB spec people had intended to market the new standards by names, not by version numbers.
  • People are impatient.
  • Stuff leaks on the internet.


Here it says 3.0. It’s an official source.
Here it says “USB 3.0 Adopters Agreement”. Also an official source.

Then, suddenly they decided to rename it to 3.1.
When 3.0 first appeared on the market, it was called 3.0. There was no sign whatsoever of the existence of a “3.1” standard. Then they introduced 3.1 and for unspoken reasons they decided to rename 3.0 -> 3.1 gen 1 and name the new standard 3.1 gen 2.


Can you add the prices of the extras by their side?


Missing Accessory: some way to improve lapability of V? My key use for my V is travelling - think: plane, train, … - a way to use the V in my lap is going to be important.



The V has a kickstand. At least for me, I haven’t found a case where that doesn’t offer sufficient lapability.

Also, you don’t have to end your posts with a signature. People can see your name, and if they want to know more, they can look at your profile.


Is the kickstand adjustable? I don’t remember seeing any information about it.