VESA ergonomic arm docking mount for Eve V?


That looks very elegant despite the DIY and low cost approach. Good job!

I love your attention to detail and user experience, and the fact that you are releasing the design as open source. I’m interested in the ergonomic aspect for this kind of devices and the solutions and ideas being shared here are very interesting. Actually, I love almost everything about this thread :heart_eyes:

But one thing has caught my attention: the need for original/editable/source design files in order to do this without reverse-engineering. I think this topic deserves a thread on its own, to be further discussed by the community and the Eve team.


I would be very interested, Cheers


Great idea!

I´m buying. Even better if you include a 3/8 thread hole to attach it to microphone stands, or a Manfrotto magic Arm





Oooh neat idea. I hadn’t thought of that. I need to research VESA-> 3/8" or 5/8" rigging/camera adapters now… if there are no options on the market I might design something to do just this for my existing surface mounts and see if customers like the approach. Folded 1/8" sheet metal with a 3/8" fitting pressed in ought to do the trick. I can probably make a few prototypes myself.


If you want, I can send you some photos of the vesa mount with 3/8" thread soulution I have - had a couple custom made for me
I use them together with the manfrotto magic arm to attach a screen to pretty much anything :+1:


Happen to saw this too.


Yep that’s me at my desk. I needed a haircut badly. The photoshoot was totally last minute :slight_smile:


Yes absolutely, or just post the pics here if its OK to have them out in public.


Is it possible to get any technical drawings from the housing of the V? DXF or Sketchup files?


Hey @dockguy! I’m really interested in a mount / cage too! It would definitely help om my desk!


Took some time, but here we go
Just a simple metal plate with screws for the screen
Not as smooth as ergotron mounts, but I can attach the magic arm to just about anything



Reviving on old thread here as linked from: Student homebase setup

I was looking at this laptop arm that has an 85 degree hinge and platform:


Combine this with a monitor with USB-C input, a hub and can provide power back to the Eve V, you pretty much have a clean docking solution.


waht if the arm had a eGPU build in? this will make the arm for the V stand out from the competitors with simliar products… the name “Power!”(jeramy clarkson) “arm” is just an idea?


what am i rambling about… idk


I meet your vesa arm dock and I raise you a modular vesa dock with egpu-pc options and much more :wink:

This idea dovetails nicely into my concept hadn’t thought about physically mounting the V to the monitor

well done!


This is… expensive. Why not just put everything on your desk?

  1. Ergonomics. It allows the user to put the screen and laptop/Eve to the correct height. The adjustable arm also allows for easy switching between sitting/standing with a switch/stand desk.
  2. It gets the monitor and laptop/Eve off the desk freeing up space.


Well, if you hang it so high above your desk that there is enough space below the monitor to put something there, I hardly imagine how that looks ergonomic to you… If you’re sitting, most monitors have long enough legs to keep them right in front of your face without the need to look down and cause stress on your neck. Now this arm won’t fit both Eve V and a monitor, so I’m assuming you won’t use the V screen with it? If that’s the case, then you could just put the monitor on your desk…

How can you compare Eve to a laptop? One is a type of computers, one is a team who creates computers. Guess which one is which :smile:


My current monitor at work is 25 inches using a monitor stand. The bottom of the screen is ~20-25cm from the table and the top of the screen is just slightly above my eyeline.

Never had a monitor that can get to the right height out of the box. Not saying this is the case for everyone but it has always been the case for me.

Erm, yes it can. It has a VESA mount for the monitor and a laptop platform for the Eve to use.