VESA ergonomic arm docking mount for Eve V?


Does anybody actually use Tablet Mode? Im yet to see anybody in real life who actually uses tablet mode, all Surface users I know simply use the regular desktop mode and they simply dont like tablet mode


A friend of mine does on his surface. He has no clue about tech though :smiley:


We could spare out the parts where the speakers are.
Buttons will be reachable on the top.
The dock can be as big as the bezels without hiding any part of the screen.
Ports (2x USB-C, 1x USB-A and Headphone Jack) should be connected with the base and available there like in the base on this picture.

When attached to this dock I think people will use it mostly as desktop replacement and not so much as tablet.


There’s a big difference between Surface connector (which slides smoothly in) and attaching a V to headphone jack, thunderbolt port and usb-c port in the same time. Just a little bit too much space or a wrong angle will damage the ports…


Yes, we have to be carefull with that.
But it’s not impossilbe and I think at the moment we are just collecting ideas.

Maybe leave a gap at the lower side for the ports and you can connect any adapter you want.


Yeah someting in the lines of the Enge docks for the macs:


Yes the Henge dock was part of the inspiration here. Reading that company’s origin story with the wood prototypes is fascinating.

However you don’t need all the ports - just the usbC port that has TB3 pass through. The assumption is that the customer would use a breakout box/dock that has all the ports needed the same as my SP3/SP4.

I’ve been looking into usbc “mag-safe” adapters - none of them have the full pinout and pass usb IF cert yet unfortunately. Lots of power-only adapters out there though.


One of my earlier prototypes did something similar - it allowed passing an additional cable up through the housing to attach to the separate mDP receptacle. It was a big hassle and not customer-friendly at all. But trivial to leave an extra hole in the model.



Correct, this is the primary use case I settled on after many customer surveys confirmed my assumptions. However there was another use case in mind where the tablet sits on a gas-adjustable arm and fully locked-in so you can bring it close to write with the pen, then push it back next to your big monitors. This scenario sounds really cool, and tons of users say they’d want it, but in real life they won’t actually use it For real artist types, a separate digitizer is the way to go.


An older dock prototype used a similar approach. But the plastic housing would scratch up the glass bezel area. Felt pads helped, but then alignment was tricky.

Another issue is the torque applied at the top of the part. Users can be rough and I broke off one of the gripper edges. Granted, it was only a 3d printed part, but the alternate design in 3d print has been flawless for many months.


The absolute worst thing about the tablet mode is that it “cleans” your desktop…


Seems this concept resonates… which is great. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone.

So when I worked at Microsoft in the Garage incubator lab, the motto was “doers not talkers”.

How do I get my hands on CAD drawings for the Eve V chassis? I don’t need the SolidEdge/SolidWorks project files if those need to be held close to the chest - stls, or iges will work just fine.

Does the crowdsourcing model extend to accessory designs where anybody can get the specs and design functional accessories or is it pretty much locked down like other enterprises?


It definitely seems like you’ve sparked some interest. I think it’s a great idea!

I suspect this is a question for @Konstantinos.


I really doubt the kickstand’s hinge would be strong enough to support that in the long run… :thinking:
basically the kickstand is designed as a pillar to support the V when standing on your desk. Having it’s whole weight hang on the hinge is an entirely different category of mechanical stress… :wink:


I know that the hinge could be a problem. But I will try it. Think about possible pressures to the hinge when the kickstand is completely opened and someone is working with strong fingers on the V. What I saw at the community meetup makes me confident that this will work.


Maybe a mix of your picture and my picture.
Connecting to the kickstand but also supporting at the bottom.
But this will only work for landscape orientation I think.


In lieu of CAD drawings, can someone with a prototype take some measurements of the exterior chassis along with photographs of the edge of the device that has the TB3-enabled USB-type-C port?

I need edge thickness, height, depth, USB-type-c port placement with respect to width/depth on the edge, and the placement of other ports/buttons in case there are any protrusions that need to be accommodated in the design.

I can whip up a quick design, print it, and ship it out to someone to test it out. Or if someone has a prototype in the USA they can loan me, I can take the measurements with a laser and get it back to you pretty quickly.

CAD drawings would be best though as it would afford me an opportunity to work at my own pace.


CAD drawings are probably not in reach as it is intellectual property of Eve :wink:


CAD drawings are probably not in reach as it is intellectual property of Eve

Yeah I’m used to reverse-engineering by now. But I figured that since its a community project Eve would be different. Wishful thinking? Would love an employee to set the record straight but they are probably all busy with launch…


Apple gives dimensions of everything xD someone a long time ago posted here a pdf showing that…
Found it! But apparently I can’t upload the pdf directly so here’s the link: