VE Monk: the earbuds that flipped the world


Try eBay? I don’t really know where you can get them, but please consider trying these earbuds - at just $10 including a big selection of foams, it’s a steal! And the sound quality is not bad at all :slight_smile:
In other words, if you can’t easily find what you want on eBay, I strongly recommend you to buy VE Monk+ with expansion pack. The price isn’t high, plus you get actually good earbuds :slight_smile:

And then there’s another option - just find some thick foams and use this thing (sorry, don’t know the English name for it) to make a hole :stuck_out_tongue:


It punches holes into things, and as such is -quite unoriginally- called a ‘hole punch’.
The more you know :wink:


thank you… because of this thread im buying this earbuds now… before i was already bought KZ-ATE, since overall i like it… but alright i’ll give it a try this one! :slight_smile:


WTA,is Ve monk+ better than Superlux HD381?


If you’re talking about the HD 681 - I personally find the Monks on par with them :smiley:

There are obviously advantages to the HD681, namely the improved Bass compared to the Monks, but especially in terms of the soundstage I think the Monks blow anything outta the water that I’ve ever listened to - including the pretty decent Apple Earpods.
They also improved their shipping time to e.g. Europe - I received my Monk Lite 7 days after ordering which is fast as f***. Generally I’d recommend their own webpage :wink:


No,i mean their IEM HD381 not headphone type :sweat_smile:,omg wth,if thats true what you’re talking about,what kind of awesome earbud that beats headphone soundstage,beside i just bought the 681 LOL.

Btw,thats a nice improvement about shipping & i just purchased the ve monk+ via local seller,maybe i can get other model that comes with mic later from their website.