VE Monk: the earbuds that flipped the world


Whats the meh part? And what is the awesome part?


Heh… I need to think on that further… Maybe is the quality of the headphones that makes me hear songs for what they really are… I need to relisten same songs on different headphones.


take your time :wink: you surely need it :stuck_out_tongue: It takes time to think about something and review it, to say what you like and don’t like about it, to say what could be improved.


hey man, this is one of the most detailed review I have seen for our MP

Thx a lot~

for most here, This is Lee from Venture Electronics~
I have been “trying to help out” on the sound section of PF.
it is totally uncharted territory for us, as we have to work with “intel specs”.
No matter the result , I am very interested in PF myself~
I was just posting about options for EMU game on Windows tablet when @pauliunas reached out to me.
and it has been fun to be part of creating something that is going to be the best tablet for myself to use on the go~

the only concern I have right now is that if the PF will be small enough to fit my ipega 9023 horizontally lol
I know it can use it vertically, but man, I need to play stuff other than the DS emulator lol

Anyways guys, the worst I can promise u is that the PF will be having the best SQ among all windows tablet.




Nice to see you here :slight_smile:
It probably won’t fit in your controller because it supports only up to 10" tablets, but that’s something you will have to deal with anyway, because emulation is not something that you can trust on a 8" tablet - Intel Atom just won’t cut it, especially for newer consoles.
What you’re seeing above is only half of my review, but I promise to get back to it as soon as possible. I just came back from vacation today, so I’m kind of tired, but I will see if I have enough time tomorrow.

To everyone reading this, so far in the review I was trying to compare the headphones as objectively as possible, and it may seem that I don’t have a stable opinion on them. Here’s a clarification: very much like @Ervin said, they’re awesome and “meh” at the same time. They don’t have the kind of sound quality you would expect from equipment that you pay hundreds of dollars for, and that’s OK. They don’t have perfect fit, and that’s OK. But everything is good with them. They don’t have any big flaws. From my headphone buying experience, I can tell you that it’s damn hard to find headphones under $100 that have no flaws. Some of them have a bass boost that is supposed to hide their shortcomings from the listener, some have clear resonance in one or another frequency range… And the Monk+ is just OK. It’s good. And the more I listen to them, trust me, the more I’m leaning towards the “awesome” part of it and forgetting about “meh”.


@pauliunas While I don’t quite know what category the Apple Earpods fall into I would love to have a comparison with them as from my own experience they provide excellent sound quality and deep bass and are quite cheap at $29 (click me). But so far great review! Keep it up and waiting for the review to become full/complete :wink:


If 29$ is cheap, then 5$… :scream: :scream: :scream:

In my opinion, the EarPods aren’t that great, and my old 5$ Coloud pop IEMs and my current 30$ Sony MDR-XB50 IEMs sound much better to me.
But my tastes will be different than yours, so I won’t say anything against them.
Bass all the way :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why I said “quite” cheap. Especially compared to my $100+ over-ear headphones :upside_down:


@K0MEPCA well, I haven’t tried them personally, but Head-Fi forums are generally the perfect place to look for reviews and “right”/objective opinions on head gear. From what I’ve seen there, the Apple Earbuds are regarded as “OK”/“decent” earbuds, and probably the best earbuds (not to be confused with in-ear monitors) in general availability. People do agree that you can get a much better bang for the same buck with a pair of IEMs, though.
So, putting together everything I’ve seen on various head gear and comparisons between them (I haven’t looked up direct comparison between Apple and VE Monk+, though), I can say that these things I’m holding here should be definitely better.
However, this is an opinion based on pure facts and theoretical research, so real-life results may differ. In the end, the VE Monk+ may seem totally rubbish to your personal taste. These are by no means basshead earbuds, and the most important thing here is not “deep bass impact” but “detailed and clear sound”.

By the way, what full-size headphones do you have? Since you invested quite a bit of money into them, I suppose you love their sound :slight_smile: maybe I could try to give you a more “biased” view on these earbuds according to your preferences?


@pauliunas I got ASUS Orion Pro and while the bass is not that deep the sound is very clear thanks to the USB sound processor bundled with them. Most importantly they are super comfortable and I don’t feel any discomfort after using them at work for 8 hours/day 5 days/week :slight_smile: Oh and by the way I just decided that I’m going to try the VE Monk for myself (just placed the order) :upside_down: I decided to get them because I use the Orion at work only and I use the Apple EarPods when I’m travelling or at home. So I thought why don’t I finally get a third set so I can have one for work, one for home, and one for travelling :smiley:


Ah, well then your headphones aren’t truly $100 ones… Since that USB thing you’re talking about is a DAC+amp. And a matching DAC+amp costs roughly the same as your pair of headphones when you’re in this price range. So it should be something like $50 for the DAC+amp dongle alone and $50 for headphones alone.
(Edit: it’s 7.1 virtual surround, so there is some sort of sound processor in the dongle, not only DAC+amp, and then I forgot about the microphone)
But Asus? Do they even make headphones? :open_mouth:
Anyway, well, I’m glad you bought the Monk+, let me know how you like it when you get it!


Yeah well I guess looking at them as two separate devices (like any normal person would :slight_smile: ) they do come up to something in the range of $50/$50 for the headset and DAC. And I will surely post my opinion of the Monk+ when they arrive (20-30 days shipping sigh…)


Ah yes, Chinese shipping does suck. In fact, we made a deal with Lee and he shipped it to Hong Kong and then to Lithuania via HK air mail. It was about twice as fast as it takes for Chinese parcels to arrive normally. I mean, they spend two weeks or even more inside China being sorted!


Just updated the thread with another comparison :slight_smile:
This one is shorter, but I think I can justify that by saying that I didn’t even expect them to be comparable :slight_smile:
I decided that it’s not even worth comparing it to other earbuds that I own. If you think otherwise, please let me know and I will do it. Right now, the next part in my schedule is the final conclusion. And sorry for taking so long to update it… it’s my first review ever written so it’s quite hard to concentrate my will power on it, haha


And they arrived finally! :slight_smile: First impressions are good. The sound is definitely clear and bass is not lost. The ear hooks are good for keeping them in but they are quite uncomfortable (painful even). But this could be down to a number of things among which are my small ears :upside_down: or the fact that I tried putting too much stuff at once (thin foams + donut foams + rubber rings to keep em in place + the hooks over the rings :innocent: ) Will definitely play a bit with what I put on them and continue using them. Overall I would say they offer excellent value for money :thumbsup:


Here’s an advice: forget about the rubber rings. The ear hooks are made of rubber, they hold everything in place pretty fine :wink: I think you’re supposed to choose either rings or hooks but not both…


Ok, time for a surprise :slight_smile: I somehow magically managed to dig through my never ending to-do list and come back to this review.

It’s not time for an official announcement:

I finally completed the review.

(by the way, Lee has suggested me to cut away a part of the ear hooks (yes, with scissors) to make them more comfortable and less painful. I suppose it should work, but then I found out that putting them in upside down does the trick and it’s super comfortable. Keep in mind that it depends on the shape of your ears)


Oh, and I forgot to mention that VE Monk+ now ships with (optional) 3-button controls and a microphone!


Love this idea. I know it’s obviously quite late into the campaign and things are pretty much set in stone, but these earbuds look absolutely fantastic and really contribute to the whole “underdog” paradigm of Eve-Tech.

I don’t think they look cheap at all, and if they have 3-button controls+a microphone - some of pictures make them look incredible.

I’m going to be ordering a pair regardless, but if I could add them onto my V order it’s something I would absolutely do.

Definitely consider for the future, especially for an Eve phone.


Does anybody know where may I buy the donuts rubber/foam rings standalone? The picture in part 1 shows exactly what I’m looking for, but I understand it’s part of the headphones being reviewed and I would like to get them separately…