V won't turn on. Any tricks?


I didn’t use my V for about a week due to travel. Now I can’t get it to turn on. I’ve had it charging with the charger/cable it came with overnight, still no luck. I tested the charger/cable with other devices and they still function.

Does anyone know any tricks to try to get the V to turn on before I contact support?

Thank you very much!


Have you tried plugging it into a monitor to verify that it isn’t “just” the screen that’s dead? Alternatively, if you don’t have a monitor to test, do things light up when you plug them into your V? (Any peripheral with RGB, usb sticks with activity lights, etc.) What about the keyboard lights?

Have you tried charging it through both Type C ports?


Good ideas. Thanks!

I won’t be able to try it with a monitor until tomorrow.

Lights on a USB hub turn on when plugged into either USB A port.

I can’t get any keyboard lights to come on. (Edit: Oops! After more playing yes I can!)

I’ve tried both USB C ports.

Thanks again!


Hmm! After a few days playing around with the charger and waiting it decided to turn on again, whew! Not sure what happened but I’m very relieved.