V with Linux - Perfromance?


Hey Guys,
I just wanted to know, how well the V performes under linux escpecially battery life and display. Is it a hard difference compared to the standart windows setup or is it just okay and not less powerfull. I’d think the display callibration will be lost under linux or are there any hack around loading the calibration?


Have you tried searching for the term “Linux” on the forums? There is a major discussion in:


But most of the stuffs are archived so you must be a member to view it.


Yeah if seen this thread but found nothing about battery life or the display calibration. And I couldn’t get to the archived threads either :expressionless:


@Team how can i get access to the archived threads? I would like to read there if my questions are answered.


You need Trust level 2 in order to gain access to the archive. In your case you’ve reached all the requirements except a few related to post count. And with how much you’ve read and because telling people that “you just need to post something in a couple of topics” rarely generates very productive responses, I’ve decided to just bump you TL2.


Thanks for that and the quick answer.


If someone else is searching tirigon got 10-12 hours on arch linux