V, Ubuntu 18.10, and the fingerprint sensor



With Ubuntu 18.10 just released and the patch notes including added fingerprint login support, I was wondering if any V users running Linux on their device (or are comfortable using it) could run a live Ubuntu 18.10 stick or install it to see if it works with the V too.
Fingerprint should work on Linux according to this thread, I was just wondering whether it now works out-of-the-box with 18.10.

Obviously haven’t received a V to test it myself yet.


Ill check. (Dual boot)


Nope. Can’t find the fingerprint settings and thunderbolt is not detected/(bios disabled [not]). Ohwell no big deal. Ubuntu is always my 3rd backup os if something went wrong in windows last minute before class. Goodluck guys.


Hmmm, looks like I will have to do some tweaking then. Thanks for trying though.


You might need to inject the driver for the fingerprint reader and possibly recompile the kernal. Although Ubuntu now has the fingerprint login support, that (usually for linux) doesn’t mean there are generic drivers for these devices.