V Teardown on its way


Hi everyone,

Konstantinos on his way to China sent me a DVT3 prototype for disassembly.

I disassembled the V yesterday and also took most of the photos yesterday (167) and few extra photos today.

This is what the V looks like disassembled. Some parts are still attached to shell - power and volume buttons, hinges and kickstand, magnets and battery, front camera and light sensor - but the below photo shows most of the parts.

I’ll try to publish a thorough teardown story with photos next week.


Would you mind uploading a few more until you take your time to prepare your nice write-up? Thanks


Here’s a taster - motherboard with its connectors explained.

And photo of the V case with battery and few other bits and bobs remaining.


Awesome @mirv, really looking forward to the full write-up.
It would be great to get it as PDF as well to be able to keep it saved and print it when needed. But just if it’s no extra effort and you do not intend to publish a book about it :wink:


thank you… very2 nice post… and it looks neat! nice one mirv… it would be great if you show also the dissamble and assemble process… (i know its too much) :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that’s what he’s gonna do in his upcoming thread :wink:


I am in the process of writing about how to disassemble and reassemble the V. I am doing this in Word, so it is no problem converting that to .pdf :slight_smile:.

Transferring that information to the community website is going take a few extra hoops, maybe :worried:

I have taken this morning additional photos, so far altogether 200+ photos of V, and it’s going to take time to select the best photos (most of them taken handheld, so not all of them are sharp), adjust and crop them :persevere:.

None of the photos are about the disassembly process directly. But I’ll explain with photos of the components how I did the disassembly. And quite honestly, it’s mostly common sense :smiley:.

I’ll try to explain it so that even a novice can take the V apart without damage :astonished:.


Be careful with these words :wink: melting the screen glue is a real challenge.

Anyway… this forum supports pasting formatted text, so if you just copy/paste from Word it should keep all the formatting and images. Of course, only the formatting it supports.

If that doesn’t work, you can also try to export it as HTML.


Unfortunately??? I didn’t actually have the pleasure of prying the display off. Prototype V and hence the display wasn’t really attached at all.

Disclaimer is definitely going to be there, if someone wants to disassemble their V, then they do it at their own risk.

But iFixit has really good advice and videos how to get the display off and that’s where I am going to point people to in the teardown story.

Here’s another teaser, display part number is FP-ST123SN001AKF-02X-E (possibly different in production Vs).

I’d better get cracking with this and other chores, but first I’ll go out to get some fresh air.


Lucky you :smile: Yes, it’s indeed very easy to go forward once the screen is off. There’s nothing special, just remove some screws and disconnect some FPC connectors.

However, the “fun” comes when you have to remove the screen.

My advice would be to use a fan at max power until the bezels become so hot they’re hard to touch (by the way, the whole housing will become rather hot because it’s metal, so don’t let that scare you), then heat the top area a bit more and start pulling it off (without using much force) with a suction cup. The mistake I did here is that I started from the left part (top is better because the antenna plastic is more flexible than aluminium body) and I used a prying tool. It’s best if you only use prying tools when the display is already off. Or at least that part for it. So you pull off a part of the bezel with a suction cup, put an old credit card underneath so it doesn’t glue back on, heat another area next to it and continue there with your suction cup. The right bezel has the most glue, so make sure you heat it enough. And you can use a prying tool in combination with suction cup once that part of display is already off, to remove some residue glue that’s holding it back.

I hope this can somehow help people who will want to disassemble it in the future :smile:


Thank you so much… can’t wait to see your art words :smiley: … good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you, mirv. This interests me very much!
I am looking forward to more pics.
Lead lines are nice, too!
I may not have to disassemble my V in the future, though, it is very nice to know how it is inside.
Another interest thing is teardown is done by the product company but not in the magazine or web journal.
Thank you again, mirv and please enjoy the fresh air!


Would like to see a step by step video on that :relaxed:.


Sorry, I don’t have a prototype that I could break :smile: it’s really hard to explain in words, I’d rather do a video, but you know, the risk is there. I’m definitely not going to do that with my own device :smile: Maybe, if someone sent me their non-functional device… :thinking: but nah, there are many people more skilled in this than me :slight_smile:


That would be really nice :slight_smile: Mr. K please make this happen :smiley:


really looks like a sexy tablet. Hope repairability (especially for kickstand when it falls and for battery later) will be easy.


That definately will not be the case… sadly…
Just search my thread from my last post, I linked some ifixit reviews of the Microsoft surface 2&3 and the V should be in the same League since it is built the same way.


I think the inside is much nicer, so it should get a bit better score. But since it would still be quite low - that’s why we have Eve offering repairs :slight_smile: