V speakers are loud! 🚨


Keeping you guys up to date. Just got this video 5 min ago:) Speakers are much louder now and only thing left is final adjustment of balance between lows, highs and mids

I was not shooting this video so don’t blame me for vertical orientation :)))


I’d have picked a better song, but nevermind…
Will the Round 3 prototypes come with these improvements?


Balanced Speaker sound is always a key factor when I’m buying a new device, it was actually the feature which sinched the V for me over the SP4. Sound quality is an afterthought for manufactures presently, which is silly.

@Konstantinos How about testing a scene from a TV show or film so we can gauge how they perform? Perhaps Star Wars or something else that would make them sweat.


Great speakers go with great songs ((:


Hahahaha, girls generation :joy:


omg, gee gee gee gee babe again :joy:

really nice to hear that it sounds loud and bright. :smiley:
sound quality is a key factor for me to give it a go for a new device. so I’m curious to know will the sound clip or flatten out when the volume is set near to max, like many laptops and mobile devices? seems like it’s difficult to avoid… :hear_no_evil:


I don’t really know, if it’s good though. Could be due to my shitty phone speakers :thinking::wink:


that’s a great idea - maybe play something with lots of stuff going on that many of us are familiar with (like star wars)

or something we can compare to a youtube video on our own system


You can’t really hear it properly online. The sound signature changes completely when recorded, compressed, sent over network, decompressed and played through different speakers. Even more so when you’re using “cheap” MP3 (which is what Youtube uses) :wink:

@Konstantinos please make sure that speakers have good overall performance and NO bass boost!!! (please) xD It just makes things worse. If anyone is such a basshead and needs that bass they can boost it through an equalizer. But don’t go the “meh, bass will fix everything” route. It needs to be great in all frequency ranges.


@pauliunas What your saying is certainly true, but I’m so titillated at the thought of firing up the speakers on my V that I’m willing to overlook these little details for now. :joy:

And yes, it is possible to make bad speakers worse with bad software. Its understandable if a device of this width has insubstantial bass, but don’t go ruining the mids and highs in the hope of compensating a little.


I have to agree. People mistake quality for bass too much and I hate that distorted sound!!


What do you mean by “little details”? The V will sound the same as a $10000 speaker setup if you listen to it on a Youtube video. It will as well sounf the same as Walmart speaker set for $10.


@pauliunas I can’t recall - did you test out some nice high quality digital audio before it broke? A nice nostalgic test would be if you’re able to connect a CD player somehow on the next one! :grin:


Why would you connect a CD player to it? xD I did a quick test and it was meh, just tablet speakers. They’re really good for calls, but I wouldn’t use them for anything else :slight_smile: But keep in mind that my speakers weren’t calibrated.


Let’s see how the rest of the V2 folks make out - some people may be using this as a replacement and may not have a desktop with flashy audio card and speakers. Also I’m sure many will want to play videos or music when travelling…Although on a plane the headphone jack is more important then. Good to know about call audio though.


“will want to use speakers when traveling…” PLEASE NO. It annoys people. Others don’t have to hear your audio, so please bring headphones with you when traveling (this is to everyone) :smiley:
I don’t have any good speakers though. I don’t need them, I just use my headphones. But really, the speakers were crap compared to headphone jack. Because that one is really nice except the hiss.


Well travelling could mean alone in a hotel room eating overpriced pizza. :grin:

Yes I hope the hiss is addressed


i JUST realized that the speakers are only at the top of the housing.Until now i had in my mind quad speakers, like the setup found in the ipad pro! 4 speakers, one in every corner so to speak.
So silly of me…:grin:


Then Shall we blame @iKirin? :joy:

Jokes aside, It does sound loud, using a Db+tone measuring app after the balance adjustment to get actual numbers would be great.

Also could we get to hear something with a bit more of dynamic range? Loudness is not everything: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loudness_war

Maybe some of the samples from http://www.audiocheck.net/audiotests_dynamiccheck.php


That makes two of us. At first I had that lodged in my head, I don’t know the reason why. XD
Don’t worry, after expending time with iPad Pro, the 4 speakers are kind of meh, and paying premium for a meh feature is not something I like.

EDIT: I remembered where I read it. http://eve-tech.com/ says Quad speakers.