V sleeve workshop!


Hi dudes!

Thanks for your all amazing inputs. We have had a great wokshop with Mozo product designers going through all your feedback. Next week we will provide 2-3 concepts so that we could review and test them.

So here are some pictures from the workshop:



Wow! I’m amazed, that looks highly professional. Looking forward to the design ideas next week!



I’m glad to see @Crispin 's list.

And I am proud to see my name on mozo’s wall.
My mozo back cover for lumia 950 with my Windows Insider # shines even brighter than before.


What are those shoes doing there in the last picture? :smile:


Well they did say before in the vote that Mozo option 2 had a “Converse sneaker feel”, now we know how.


Hey wow you guys work fast! And so great to see our ideas being included in the early ideation, awesome. Such a great way to build and foster real engagement with your community.

Respect, guys. :star:


Crispin, in regards to your item 7, the corner bumper protection, did you guys talk about impact resistant gels like what G-Form uses in their items? I’ve seen their stuff demonstrated live and it is freaky but very impressive. (non-neutonian fluid or something, like cornstarch saturated water, it’s soft until you hit it, whence it’s solid, and then goes back to being soft again)


Hey @bgertz, we actually didn’t get into too much talk about specific materials, (here’s the thread if you’d like a scan of it). So that area is open for suggestions!

I certainly hadn’t heard of the G-Form shock absorption tech before, that stuff looks crazy! I love their iPad-falling-from-space demo video, I totally need that level of protection for my V, I’m working in space aaaaaall the time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Hey, a guy can dream…!)

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In the 1st picture, there are 5 people, konstantinos has 12 letters in his name, eve has 3, 12+3= 15

15 divided by 5 = 3, the triangle on the back of the eve V has 3 lines, WHICH MEANS:

EVE made the EVE V… :confused:

EDIT: and half life 3 is being made be EVE.


WHAT? You spent so much time creating a conspiracy theory to find number 3… and still no HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED?


Lol, I forgot it. Thanks for the reminder.


Have there been any updates for this? Just curious to see how things are going!


G-Form is certainly an interesting and impressive technology. But I am not sure it would work well in a sleeve format. Here is my logic - the idea behind G-Form seems to be rather that trying to fully absorb the impact energy in one spot the whole structure stiffens upon impact and transfers that stress/energy to a much greater surface area. If you will check G-Form products line, it looks like their cases are tight fitting folios vs. looser fitting sleeves. You can think of it this way, if your V falls on the corner hitting the floor it will likely become damaged. Now if it falls in the sleeve on the same corner with G-Form foam stiffening in that corner, the overall experience would be similar to the fall onto the floor. As V is not firmly fixated in the sleeve, basically the sleeve hits the ground and transfers the impact to the corner of the V and not around the whole V as would have been in the folio. That being said, some impact protection should be possible with more shock absorbent materials, which are also less temperature sensitive.


You are obviously talking about some dirt cheap $0.01 zippers. I can assure you that a zipper can be significantly sturdier than a magnet clasp, pretty much indestructable (takes the same effort as just tearing any other stitch apart) and almost completely silent. It just needs to be a real zipper, not some chinese trash.


The zipper as we know it is barely 100 years old, by the way.

And I agree with pauliunas, a good quality zipper (for instance a good YKK zipper), is exceptionally efficient.

If someone picks up my sleeve and my V drops out because the magnets didn’t do their job, I don’t know what I would do. However, I could trust a zipper, you know?

I get that there are super strong magnets out there, but still. Harder to trust.


And super strong magnets make it super strong to open :slight_smile:


How strong can magnets be before they start to interfere with the internal tech of the V?
(e.g. if the magnet is too strong and sits directly over the SSD while the device is in the sleeve in standby, could that potentially harm).

I’m open for either solution, zipper (if it is done well that the device cannot be scratched by it) or magnet (as a stripe to make sure that there is not a limited pressure point which could cause dents).


You would normally have to worry about the old magnetic hard drives, and even for them you would have to place it on a pretty strong and big magnet. V isn’t using magnetic drives, and closure magnets are unlikely going to be any stronger than those inside V (kickstand, pen).


Thanks, that makes total sense now. Guess I’m old that I always have the HDDs in mind (even though referring to SSD) :wink: