V pro pen as an accessory in the nearest future


Good morning, community! I have a question for you about V pen. I am pretty sure that the existing pen does not come with an eraser on the other end (like Microsoft did this year). But this is pretty awesome feature for designers and for students who write a lot of notes etc. Will it be a possibility as an accessory in the nearest future to create pen with the other end as an eraser? As well as increase at least twice shading levels to 2k.

Thanks !


I’d also like to see this (with the little rubber tip on the pen as well!)

Edit: though I am indifferent to the pressure sensitivity levels.


IIRC the V is compatible with MS pens. So why not just use those?


I think rubber piece of MS pen is not compatible because it requires special software changes



You can actually just use the tip of then pen as an eraser by clicking one of the physical buttons of the pen while “writing”. I prefer that personally since you have a smaller tip and can see the stuff you’re erasing more easily and you don’t have to flip the pen all the time :slight_smile:


Why use a pen if you don’t flip it!? /s


I initially thought that too, until I tried the SP4 pen. To put it short, having to constantly press a button while using the pen (in this case, for erasing), significantly decreases the accuracy since my hand is not used to that configuration


To each his own, I guess. I hate the constant flipping :joy:


Personally I find that clicking a button and erasing with the pen tip is far quicker and more accurate than using the “eraser”


You are correct there, but it’s not as natural. I’ve been using pencils where I have to flip to the eraser since I was very little, as I’m sure is the same with most people. I had the SP3 for a couple years (with the click a button to erase) and it did take me a while to get used to. When I upgraded to the SP4, I had no problem using the eraser because it was so natural.


No. I already tested SP4 pen at a V prototype and the eraser at the end of the pen worked perfect.


I think that these two posts perfectly sum up the situation: It comes down to a personal preference.

I also think it may depend on the kind of work you’re doing. When selecting a word to be erased, I don’t think I’d mind holding the button, as I can accurately select even with the tighter grip on the pen that comes with keeping a button depressed. But if I’m doing digital art, flipping the pen and being able to hold it more loosely may help in precise erasing there. I’m also looking forward to just having the V Wireless Keyboard off to the side so I can quickly switch between brush (B) and eraser (E) without changing my grip or lifting the pen off the screen too much.