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I am on this council. Perhaps I will be granted the Rank of Master (Shitposter)


The web page is a meme Goldmine



This community needs a good laugh I figure. Maybe about themselves. Here you go



Introducing: The EVE
Made by us me.

Coming up next: a fancy DBRAND skin on your EVE



So when will my V ship?

Awaited by them us.


Mt. EVErest



This one made me laugh so hard :joy:


We missed a perfect advertising campaign opportunity :confused:


As stealthy as the V looks, a dbrand skin still is a fine addition to your collection



Good thread, we need a good distraction from the V dispatch date! :laughing:


GIF Credits:
Source of video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFuA50H9uek
GIF taken from Verge article here: https://www.theverge.com/tldr/2018/2/20/17033982/boston-dynamics-spotmini-door-opening-video-interrupt-test



That dog lost it’s shit over being stopped.

Or did it lose it’s arse over it?

Hard to tell because of the colour.


I think it’s the rear piece that fell off.


Yeah, I know but it looked like it was the mechanical arse part or a bit of mechanical shit.


That’s because it is it’s arse XD


If you ever see one, fucking dropkick it - I saw one if these robots once, an earlier version of this I guess - watching a horse sized giant robot monster flail about like a puppy was the funniest thing ever!




did you know the meaning of 4px??? 4 parcels sent, no one arrived…


I kinda like this one, imagining that’s how 4px handled some of the Vs!