V is my Macbook Pro replacement


I certainly hope Eve can deliver the V in October and early November. I’ve been patiently waiting to try-on Windows 10 and move on from my 4 year old MacBook Pro which is doing great; but in the event that it is not doing great, I have no intention of buying a new one given the specs and articles such as these:


Eve has a great opportunity if they can take advantage of the open window other vendors have left for them. I think the screen selection/vendor replacement took far too long to make that decision given all the shipping and customs clearance delays that should have been anticipated.

Hopefully, my V comes in time before I have to succomb and buy a Surface Pro


What a BS rant.
Sry, but better I can’t interpret that article.

If you buy a new macbook pro now, there is nothing wrong with them, the v will hardly be a great replacement as it is limited in the gpu department.


That article feels like a sponsored-content sally-sob-story to scare people away from buying apple products. I’m no fan of apple myself, but even I have to admit that the new MacBook is a great piece of hardware.

If you do have a problem with buying a new Mac product, then the solution is in the title of that article. Return the thing, and get another one. Apple will accept the return and send it to a factory for refurbishment.


Well, you may be right that it’s sponsored content; but it may also be a very honest rant. I’ve been a Mac user since 1998 and fully switched from Windows with OS X. However, based upon many reports, I’m happy my 4 year old MBP is still providing good value and trouble free. That said, I do think for many people, the Eve can be a replacement for what they use a MBP for. Yeah, the Eve has no dedicated GPU; but for many users, this is not a factor.


I really liked what Apple did with the Macbook before the last 2 or 3 iterations. The white ones were amazing, and even the ones before it, the smaller 12 inchers were nice and powerful. The pros I feel are a bit too big and heavy, albeit can be powerful, but very expensive as well!

It really depends on your needs; if you are one who needs to render video daily, you would want a strong CPU, lots of RAM and a solid video card. If you are taking advantage of the web and related services, office type work, music, browsing, the V is a fantastic buy. Even members of the Eve team have used V samples for their own work!


There is EVERYTHING wrong with them. Seriously, the best way to describe that article is “wow, crapple brainwash is actually curable?”


Do you even own any apple devices or have you ever?

Or more specific, do you own a macbook?


Come on man, this is the internet! Everyone can be a self-employed Hater. You don’t need experience or knowledge. :slight_smile:


That’s why I was asking.


I don’t own one, because I’m smart enough not to waste my money on them.


So why do you judge them?


To be fair to @pauliunas, that’s kind of like saying you don’t live in America so don’t judge our president. Or like saying you don’t play in the NHL/NBA/UEFA so don’t critique a bad play or coaching decision. While your opinion might carry less weight that doesn’t make it invalid.


Can Canucks judge your president?


Perhaps “can” is the wrong wording. I meant more so that “you are not qualified to judge/critique…”

In this case, Paul may have never owned a Macbook so his opinion might carry less weight, but that doesn’t mean it is invalid or that he can’t make good points about it (although personally I don’t think quite as lowly of them as he does).


I still don’t understand the “less weight” part… IMO most people who’ve owned a macbook don’t have a good understanding of the value of their money.


That’s not true … MacBooks last and work way longer so you are wrong about “value”.


True, many people forget that Apple is excellent at making software as well. Since Apple controls both the hardware and software like with their phones they’re able to create a lot of value.


I don’t know about their computers, but their phones are annoying. I prefer android. I have an iPhone 7 plus right now and it isn’t something that I enjoy using. This is due to the software and hardware. The software is restrictive and boring. The hardware is actually pretty uncomfortable and ugly. But they do make good products. I don’t think their phones suck, rather they just don’t fit my preferences.


Oh you mean the dumbed down sandbox nonsense? You made me cringe IRL.


MacBook pros will for sure outperform the V in rendering, so creatives will probably/should get a MacBook.