V- hands-on meetup 17.03.2018 in Freiburg/Germany -with special guest-


Bring the lady with you to Freiburg. It’s a city full of love… I lived there for 10 years (2001- 2011)…


@dibadibadu 17.03 in Schlappen sounds good. I´m from VS and i think it´s possible for me to be there. I´m in.


Woa! Really? I’m next to VS, too. Living in Königsfeld… Sadly we can’t drive together because I’m coming from a meeting next to Landau this day…


yes of curse - we can drive together, but from landau? Landau is a different direction? From there you can take highway A5 directly to freiburg and i have to take the B31


As I said: I’m not in VS that day. I’m in Landau. That’s the reason why we can’t drive together… I’m driving from Landau to Freiburg.


oh year - you are right - i didn’t read your post correctly (and I think i had to much beer for reading and writing in english):see_no_evil:


Unfortunately I can not join you guys on the 17 th…

Pretty sad…
Second meeting I can not join because of projects to finish :frowning:


But you can announce the meetup to interested friends and/or colleagues…

I hope there will be more than just 3 guests…

Any idea to announce the meetup to a bigger crowd of interested people???


Looking forward to the meetup…


I would be interested to see a few of you guys… at least I have my V now, too :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately I also have no time on the 17th…
But maybe Martin Geuss knows some people who want to see the V in wilderness :slight_smile:


The idea is cool but I have fixed plans on the 17th :frowning:
I will forward the info to a friend of mine who was also interested in the device.
Freiburg would have been perfect, the family on my fathers side lives there and a visit would have been due for a long time :relieved:


Dear all,

Living in Strasbourg, in France I have also bought an Eve V i7 / 512 Go.
If the informal meeting takes place, I consider joining in Freiburg this Friday, if I’m welcome.

I am interested to share about the first month experiences with the EveV (I have still issue to connect the Keyboard to the Eve V through Bluetooth) and of course also to let other have a look and give a handon on my EveV.




You’re very welcome! It takes place. If you know people who want to have a look to a V in wilderness, bring 'em with you… See you soon…


Had a nice little meeting yesterday eve… Some hands on my beloved Vilma, but it seems she’s able to handle more than one guy… @WiDDoW @Johnny92 …and the man with the beard is the one and only DrWindows… Will post his review of the V here, soon…


Hi, do you have any plans for a second meeting? Unfortunately I saw this thread only today. As I’m a soon-to-be-V-owner from Freiburg, I’d love to join such a meeting in this Region :slight_smile:


Anno1960, hier ist Anno 1959 :rofl:
I would like a next meeting, too, but as I just had been there and my next visit to Freiburg will be in ~~~ 5 years, let’s have a meeting THEN :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oh, I will be quite old … then …


Sure, we could try again when V’s are “really” available. I’m always happy to see crazy people waiting patiently about a year for a device like me…