V from the start to the problems (use for more than 2 years every day)

I love my eve V (I7 16Mo 1To) that I have since March 2018. I am generally very counting on it.
I use it for development, surfing, video, 3D, 2D. he is very versatile
By cons for 6 months I have big concerns.

  1. the keyboard has dropped, cannot be recharged or used online. I think the internal tablecloth must have dropped and split in two in the benders.
  2. the borrowing sensor as having trouble recognizing me
  3. the screen which has recently had white spots (pairing due to high heat)

I hope V2 will correct these flaws. because two years is a bit short for a product like this

the product is generally good but lacks long-term reliability

here are the pictures showing the problem on the screen


I’ve had the issues with the keyboard and fingerprint sensor but never screen burn in like that. Wow, I hope something can be done for you in the future or soon. I haven’t talked to support in a long time and I’m not sure if they’re still active but your device may be out of warranty at this point anyway.

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I cracked my screen, and Eve team said they don’t have repair center. soo goodluck with fixing that.