V arm docking mount Surface Studio like


Lucky you…




Well, that’s good news if it holds out! Lol. I have to say, in my book, anything that requires hinge usage will eventually wear it down (in anything, laptop/Surface hinge, etc). Hitching the backplate as a tension point is quite worry-some, for once. But anyways kudos for the works.

I’m actually more interested in design where the Tablet is actually docked without the hinge propped-out, just lay there to be safe. I don’t have an accurate example but I really like this design by Kensignton that they just released in July 2018:

It’s like a mini Surface Studio/Old Surface Dock with hinges & stand, I really like the part where it holds it in the back and sides.

Your custom stand probably has more angles/universal, tho. Though the only cons for your design would be that it isn’t mobile/stuck to the wall or desk.


we had this discussion a year ago in another thread. the Kensington dock is nice, but if it would be available for the V (I don’t think this will ever be possible) it will cause heat problems because of the passive heat transport through the back plate of the V… that was the main reason for my design… and the accessibility of all ports without a port-in-port solution…


had my monthly screw-check today… nothing changed so far. My V is still hanging inside the docking mount like on the first day. And not temporarily… Most of the time (over night and all day, except I have something to do outside my office for about two to three times a week) it’s in there. Seems to be quite solid hinge with well glued screws that they have chosen to put into my V…