Using the V - Day 1 Thoughts



As a small anecdote: Our finance manager plugged his iPhone earbuds into a prototype V when we did not have the limit for the maximum volume and it literally killed his earbuds because the amp was too powerful.

[WIKI] - Fantastically outdated collection of answers to questions about the V

max power is one thing, juicy of sound is another :wink: I thing we (community) should find a way with choosing best audio booster for speakers. Not for loudness but for EQ.


Yes, but also when something with a large enough surface area is held against the screen, regardless of where the pen is.

Being more timid and kind of tapping your hand against the screen as you are trying not to rest your hand it… causes the screen to react. If you just lay your hand against the screen it completely rejects it.

Source: doing this on my SP4 now.


I love your dedication and motivation! That’s the spirit!
Keep it up and keep working with the community and I firmly believe that Eve Tech will continue to do great!

To me this concept of building an Enterprise with and around a community is still something almost “magical”… I do enjoy it a lot!

I don’t mind sounding like a fanboy here. But don’t you dare to treat me like one :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for your short review sir!

Can you share how is the battery life so far?

Thank you,



Hard to like this one…


Do you know if I can toggle it manually?


Battery life is pretty great so far! Really cannot complain, but I can’t give you numbers yet, since so far Ive just been working on PDFs and Word, which is obviously not taxing.


I’m sure you can, but there’s no simple way to do it from what I can tell. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to just disable touch and only allow pen, which also isn’t easy to do.

Palm rejection should work perfectly fine, I wouldn’t worry much about it.


This is what I’ve done with my SP3, because portions of the touchscreen did not work properly. Fairly easy to accomplish though, just opened device manager, selected touchscreen under ‘human interface devices’ and clicked disable. Pen still works!


Ah, didn’t think of that! I know how to do it through registry, which obviously isn’t fun to do.

Your option is much better!


I can only guess but so far I’ve used my V intensively (benchmarking, installing Windows Insider Slow Ring, …) and it lasted for more than 5 hours (might be even more). This is really good in my eyes.


And how much is left in the meter?


10% :smiley: With battery safer on, the meter says 1:05 hours left :slight_smile:


Retina one, last one before USB C.
Yeah, I’ve gotten more used to it now, but i’s still not great for writing on the V, where you frequently shift the hand, because every time it takes a second for it to realize you just moved the hand.


On another note, I can only recommend that everyone who likes beautiful wallpapers but doesn’t want to look at the same one forever download Wallcat, which just looks beautiful and brings out the best of the V screen!


You can also use the Windows App Spotbright, which downloads all of the Windows Spotlight images into a folder, and you can set Window background to rotate through that folder. It can also download phone wallpapers!


True, just personally I prefer a. Not having the images slowly fill up my hard drive and b. It takes the images from, which in my opinion features some of the best images ever


This is the kind of amp power I was actually looking forward to! Is there any way that we could add this control to the Eve…? Can we have downloadable software from Eve that lets us bring that limit back up to max? I figure this is the whole point of having a dedicated amp.

I know we’ll work it out! Thanks team!


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Eve V - 10 days in (Update: INSANE DRIVER UPDATE!)
Eve V - 10 days in (Update: INSANE DRIVER UPDATE!)
Eve V - 10 days in (Update: INSANE DRIVER UPDATE!)
Eve V - 10 days in (Update: INSANE DRIVER UPDATE!)
Eve V - 10 days in (Update: INSANE DRIVER UPDATE!)