Using eVe within lecture halls


Hi , I always wanted to buy detachable laptop , but I have problem that most of laptops came with kickstand and almost my whole work on laptops through day is at lecture halls while Im sitting and there is no desk or table to set the laptop on so , I bought laptop without kickstand which is Toshiba Portege Z20t ( about 1500$ ) but after seeing the eVe v tablet it really revolution and much much more better than what I had bought , so my question is Can I use eVe laptop by putting it on my legs while sitting in the lecture halls to allow me use the keyboard for typing and editing my notes
Thank you !


Hi @omaer97!

It completely depends on you to be honest - I know people that can’t work with a tablet on their laptop in their lap, and some can.

I personally can use the V on my lap, but it’s a personal thing if people can do that.


Thank you, what do you mean by using in their lap?


I mean putting on your legs :slight_smile:



I am facing the same issue as you, since my main reason for getting a new device is my future studies.

IMO you can try to put the computer on the small desk you have or anywhere beside you while you type with the keyboard being wireless.


Another option would be to get a folio case for the V


Do you have only small tables in your lecture halls or no tables at all.
I’m asking because you have the posibility to put the tablet part with the kickstand on a small table and use the keyboard on your legs. The wireless connection of the V keyboard makes this possible.


Like this, whole tablet with keyboard can’t be used together on this small sided desk but I guess I have two options either I put the tablet on this disk and use keyboard wireless, or use folio keyboard case
Thank you


In that case the display on the desk and the keyboard on the lap is the best solution IMO


maybe the community and management did extract this already as a major potential ?:
The V is in a segment with multiple other devices, that all exploit the same market niche and try to solve the same problems. Basically, the product is designed around the handling process and occupying a local optimum, that is however fragile.
Advances are made by varying the construction of kickstand, and the attached keyboard, that makes the transition between laptop and tablet.
The surface book addresses this direction, but it would be great if precisely this “next step in mobile computing devices form factor” is carried / leaded by the EVE community