USB Firmware "06A4 / 0A.89.18.02" - (Power Delivery issues? Handshake?)

I flashed the USB firmware “06A4 / 0A.89.18.02” as the release notes mentioned important improvements:

  • Improved video signal compatibility over USB Type-C
  • Improved power delivery compatibility over USB Type-C

After the upgrade and reboot of the Spectrum, I now may see a waning message from the LG Power Management app:

  1. Power on Spectrum
  2. Power on the laptop
  3. Connect the USB C cable to laptop
  4. Check image on Spectrum


  1. Spectrum powered off
  2. Laptop powered on
  3. Connect the USB C cable
  4. Observe that battery is not charging (Spectrum is off, this is expected behaviour)
  5. Press the Spectrum power button

For both test methodologies, sometimes we can we can see the warming message on screen. I could not find a 100% sure methodology to reproduce the issue. Nevertheless, the LG Power Manager still shows as “Charging” so maybe a issue with a initial PD handshake gone bad and a retry gone good?

NOTE: this behaviour is the same for 105 and 106

Good job with your initial testing.

A couple of key points:

  1. In both methodologies, what was the battery level of the LG?

  2. Does your LG have any sort of utility to see what power level it is being charged at? If so, can you monitor it to see if the PD output is fluctuating during charging?

  3. Model number of your LG device?

  4. For verification: this message never appeared before with your LG connected to the Spectrum prior to the USB firmware update, correct?

  5. What other devices do you have connected to the Spectrum, if any?

Also, this is affected by the USB firmware, so naturally, it will not matter which scaler firmware you install, as that scaler firmware does not have anything to do with PD output, and your testing confirms this.

I need to find a device that can use PD and see how it works with my Spectrum - but that means I need to drain the battery on said device lol…(well, at least partially, so it doesn’t try to trickle charge because it is so close to 100%). But, in the meantime, if you don’t mind doing a bit more testing, that would be helpful.


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Hi @nkyadav

Here are the answers:

80%, the LG Power Management in Control Center has a option which sets 80% as max battery to extend battery like. Pretty much like my Samsung phone and tablet.

Not really but so far, it appears that it can still charge, hence why I think the issue is in the initial handshake only

LGgram 16A90P-GAA76P

Indeed, I don’t remember ever seeing it but I can now also reproduce it with v105 (which is my main version)… I also found a easy way to reproduce the issue just power off the Spectrum (using pwr button), wait for image to appear back on laptop then power on the Spectrum… wait for video to be on Spectrum and voila! :smiley: the warning is there.

Unfortunately no other device is connected… remember my issue about the USB hub being reset here?
Display “Idle to On” transition resets USB Hub - Products / Eve Spectrum ES07D03 | User Experiences - Eve Community
Because of this I cannot use the hub… :frowning:

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I don’t know if this is related but since I’ve updated my USB hub my webcam is constantly flickering in zoom meetings. It’s a Logitech Brio connected to the hub through USB-A 3.0 and the hub is set on auto

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Thanks for those replies. I wonder if it is the LG utility that keeps the max at 80% that is causing this, as the PD unit in the Spectrum keeps trying to charge, then is told not to charge because the LG is at the desired battery level, so the PD scales down and then another LG app notices the reduces delivery and throws up a warning for something that another LG utility caused to happen in the first place.

But your supposition about the initial handshake could also very well be a cause, and it is something we’ll need to investigate more thoroughly on our end, too, to rule it out of the list of potential causes.

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Of course, the usual processes: check for camera firmware / driver updates, and possibly try uninstalling and then re-installing Zoom?

I had a weird issue with my BRIO in that I had few issues in Teams, but on Google Meet the camera flickered badly. Giving the camera a dedicated USB port from the back i/o on my PC resolved that, even though it was going through Juiced Systems VertexHub, which had no other devices connected to it to being with. Never figured out why that made a difference - but it did.

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I fixed it by changing USB Hub source from auto to USB-C, seems like there are still some issues with auto mode.

And after changing it back to auto it works without any issue.