USB-C Headphones compatible?

Hey Guys,

I have just received my Pixel 2 and had to change the cables for my Bose QC25 from the 3.5mm audiojack to USB-C as I dont want to have the dongle with me all the time.

Now I am wondering, is it possible to use the QC25 or any other headphones via USB-C on the V?

I am not very familiar with USB-C and its limitations so anyone who has more knowledge could answer this?
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It appears so, since the V is supposed to implement straightforward USB type C (USB-C):

(Look under the Modes: Audio Adaptor section.)

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Well, your cable is essentially the same dongle. Just that instead of having a 3.5mm port, it has a plug on the other end. And it almost certainly implements the same basic USB audio as almost any USB DAC. That means it will work on anything that supports USB 2.0 or newer. Even if you connect it to a normal USB port (pretty sure there is an adapter for that somewhere in China).

But just to be sure, can you show us where you brought your cable? It would be perfect to know a model number or something (I know they usually don’t put those on cables, so… catalog number maybe?) I’m asking this because the cable might turn out to be something proprietary that only works with certain phones.

Also, @gkmess: not all alt-modes are supported. For example, HDMI alt mode isn’t. At the time when Eve V design was finalized, there were no actual implementations of that one, just the specification. I think the same applies to that analog audio mode.


Thanks @pauliunas for your awesome reply.

The cable/adapter I bought is this one here:

It should replace the original cable of the QC25 headphones and hopefully work just fine with the V.

Hope you all have a great day :slight_smile:

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Thanks to this post I googled a little and just found out, that the Nintendo Switch is also supposed to work with USB-C Headphones :smiley:
Now that I have a Pixel 2 as well, a Nintendo Switch and soonish a eve V, I am actually thinking about switching to USB C Headphones :laughing:

Yup that will definitely work :slight_smile:

@erzketzer as of now, those “USB-C headphones” are mostly using a DAC. That means they don’t need to be explicitly supported. USB DACs have been a part of the USB standard for years… So anything that supports USB 2.0 or newer will work with those headphones.

There is also that new analog audio alt mode, but I don’t think there are any actual implementations in the market yet so we can pretty much forget about it for now. And it would result in too much distortion anyway…

Yeah… that sounds kinda nice… digital earphone. Anyway… its ashamed that the dedicated amp can’t power digital earphones.

There is no such thing as a digital headphone. It simply doesn’t exist. Impossible physically.

Those headphones with USB type C plugs are just regular analog headphones with a DAC and amp on the end of their cable.


Exactly. As our ears are not digital but analog there must be somewhere the conversion from digital signal to analog (latest at the speaker)…

With the Nintendo Switch it is just possible to use it as of Firmware Update 4.0. Before the Nintendo Switch would just not output Audio through the USB-C if it was not in TV Mode (HDMI Output + Special Nintendo Codec Magic). They only made it possible now to output Audio through the USB-C. At lieast that’s what I gathered from those two links:

But I think I am hijacking this thread a little :wink: