USB-C docks - Discussion


I don’t think anyone mentioned this one:

I’m on the fence buying it. Any thoughts about it?


but I think you will connect extra Display screen , Keyboard , mouse and charge your V too with just one Single USB C cable ! , it’s best deal for desk setup and portability when you need to use full functional desktop setup just plug your USB C cable and when you finish only you have to remove one single cable , to make it more sexy ! you can use this item for magnetic attachment

this will be ultimate desk setup just make the cable close to your V , Cable will connect , All displays go on - keyboard , mouse , Speakers , Ethernet & Charging your V Start !


No, I’ll just use a USB hub to plug in all my USB devices. Screen and charger are 2 other cables, but I can live with that LOL. Definitely not worth paying $20 for it, yet alone $100!


Good new regarding dock support. The V works perfectly with the Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 dock in my office in combination with 2 WQHD screens :slight_smile:


I usually prefer Satechi but those who are looking for other good option then i have just found it here


I am using HooToo USB C dock for my Mac and it works nicely. The adapter is also cheap in terms of price.


Anybody ever try the dock that came with the Lumia 950XL?
I haven’t been daring enough to try it yet.

I want a new USB dock, but haven’t had the time to research it yet.


Works OK (you have to use it with MS original charger), just not charging V.

I just do not like it, as you have to transport 2 chargers - one for V another for dock …


can any one point me to the topic or instructions on how to cut or modify the USB C charging cable to make it fit into the top port better? it’s kind of loose and I know there’s this modification that can be done to the edge of the cable… can’t find it now… thanks in advance!



I am using DSC 1.
This dock is AC adapter built-in, so I was able to reduce luggage.
I attach an adapter to the USB of DSC 1 when I need RJ 45.

DSC 2 seems to have problems. . .


…am i the only one worrying about the short cables!?
How to connect an adapter with 15cm/5inch cable to the V, and use it with the kickstand without haging and tearing???
If one of the USB-C connectors would be placed lower on the V, it would be ok, but sadly its not. Somehow a design fault for me ;(

Is there any adapter available wihout fixed cable, i searched Amazon a long time, but did not find any.


If you use a type that puts a cable like the one above it separately?
This type can be used if the cable length is at least 30 cm.