USB-C docks - Discussion


necropsost… khm khhm… updating the discussion with an interesting educational/comparative review I just found with recent docks and expansion cards… pretty similar in context with iKirin’s Linus video, a bit more updated.


Here are some usb c docs I found that I found cool


Not sure where this question truly belongs but I’m running into a maze when finding a usb c Multiport adapter with 7 or so ports. (Hdmi, lan, SD card, power throughput, 2x usb, optional: vga)
I found a bunch of great ones one the 40-80 eur range but the user responses are quite mixed.

Would be cool if Eve could test a few and then share the results or even better: survey what is most needed and offer it to the community while claiming a good price at the manufacturer.


An official multi-port adapter is a good idea. We will discuss the possibility with the manufacture and ask the community what ports to be there :grin:

Also, after the shipment of V, the owners can share in community which 3rd party adapters work with V


What about adding an induction charger so one can easy charge his phone (without having to add another cable) ?


Sorry, it should be read: adding a induction charger to the multi port adapter


Do you mean
V (USB-C) -----> multi-port adapter ------> phone?


I think @AML means something like this


perfectly correct, sorry for the lack of specifics :blush:


like the chocolate hub, except the ports off course. :hugs:


Understand, that kind of hub/dock is a valuable add-on, maybe call it “V Hub” :smirk:


I would do two hubs:
Travel - USB-C or TB3 - charging, 2-3x USB-A, VGA, HDMI, LAN, SD card reader
Home/Office - USB-C or TB3 - charging, 3+x USB-A, VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, LAN, SD card reader, audio, potentially FireWire or SATA


That is a lot. I am a little confused by the charging, why not just plug the charger into the second port if needed. Same goes for USB A - do you really need 4-5 USB A ports (the V has 2)?

I could imagine on use case, if you work at the same place for several days and set up the dock once.


My perfect travel adapter for the V would be something small like the Dell DA200. In a travel adapter I need only ports that are not on the device itself. So replacing the USB A on the Dell with a SD card reader
would be my perfect travel adapter for the EVE V.

A battery in the adapter is a bad idea imho. The result is a big and heavy adapter. I want to be able to use the battery and the adapter separately. For example charging the battery while using the adapter. Additionally a battery will break down over time.


Plug through charger (2nd port).

Presentation at clients - some have VGA some HDM projectors, LAN - connection to client’s network, SD card for photographers to move/view photos.

USB added for plugging stuff to one place (could be removed), for at home use - 2x USB port for many BR/DVD external readers/writers.

USB Type-C/thunderbolt by-the-spec questions/concerns

Ok guys,
It seems you have taken over this thread and used it for a totally different topic.

The initial purpose of the thread is to ask the @Team if the implementation (the actual hardware and software that runs it) on the usb type c/thunderbolt ports is following the spec, because there are freaking lot of chargers/adapters which do not follow it and can and will damage your electronics and the cables/chargers themselves.
Here is a list of some: Nathan C. suggested peripherals (not made by me but by the actual persons who i want to also test the V).

You seem to have started (following @AmazingArjan’s post) to talk about a dock for the V.

I would also like to comment about what i need in a dock/dongle/adapter, and why some of the requests here i think are quite unreasonable, but i think this should belong to another [unofficial] thread.
Also, i bought this one for my macbook pro 2017, and it works ok-ish. sometimes a disconnect/reconnect from the laptop fixes everything: travel adapter

Is there a possibility to create a different thread for that topic, and clean this one please?


Are you trying to solve these 2 use cases with the same adapter/dock? They are different and conflict with each other. If you disassemble the dock setup at home (to carry it with you), most of its convenience will be gone.





Does anybody know if either the Thunderbolt and/or the USB connection will allow to, charge the V as well as hook up external dock?

That would be neat, as I’d only have to connect one cable to the V to get everything that I’d want. :grinning:


Yes, both will allow that.


That is the whole concept of TB3, USB C and docks :wink: