USB-C docks - Discussion


@Pacman true it does not–I don’t have any monitors that don’t support DP, so the legacy video isn’t an issue for me, but you are correct that a dongle would be necessary if you are looking to connect any older monitors.


Hi guys,
I have just post this in the accesory thread, but looks like this thread is the right one.
I am going to buy this thunderbolt 3 dock. I would like to hear your opinions on that one.


Looks very expensive. Do you really posess two 4k screens you need to drive with your V?
Otherwise I’d rather buy a USB C dock without thunderbolt and buy food for about a month with the money I saved :slight_smile:


I can buy it for £97 second hand.
I could not find USB C dock that support 4K at 60 Hz, plus some USB 3 ports, plus ethernet port.


Another interesting one (just missing VGA and miniDP):


What about this one:

13 ports and all thunderbolt 3


@Mike_Bamberg - that’s what I’m planning for home, but price is US$300 …


The V will be mostly be used in the university by my wife. I will use it on business trips and vaccation of course.
I have a PC at home with USB-C port using a 4k and a HD monitor as second screen.

I plan to buy a docking station to switch between my PC and the V so my wife can work with both screens comfortably at home.

So this OWC TB3 Dock is the one you prefer? 300€ - i didn’t know they are that expensive Oo


I think something like a mashup of the Razer powerbank and the Surface dock would suit the V pretty well - essentially a charge pack with a stack of ports on it, so it add ports plus power - adding more flexibility to an already flexible device.

The design’s pretty close too.

However, both aren’t cheap, so I assume a product like this might be a bit niche for some.


IOGEAR GUD3C02 USB-C Ultra-Slim Dual Display Docking Station with Power Delivery 125$


What do you use to connect the second display if there is only one HDMI port? Note, I have little experience in this matter.


Well you can use adapter to hdmi to minidisplay port for example (if we are talking about the dock mentioned above)


Can HDMI and DP be used simultaneously? Most devices I know only support one display - either HDMI or DP. If this device could handle both, it would be great.


@s.auler Here you go :slight_smile:

But you will need an Adapter, since you only have USB C and Thunderbolt 3 on the V.


I assume he’s referring to the dock itself. Many docks with multiple video out ports only support one port at a time. In the amazon page, it claims it can support 2xHD video (or 1x4K video) but a Q&A on the page indicates that it only supports one.


Thanks @Phil, that’s exactly what I meant.


So I was looking for an HDMI adapter that would work with Eve V and encountered a weird thing:
As you know, eBay is bloated with cheap HDMI 1.4 adapters that work with Macbooks, Chromebooks and so on - pretty much any kind of computer with a type-C port. However, it didn’t work with my V prototype. Other testers have also reported issues with their HDMI adapters.

So, I went ahead and contacted one of the sellers on eBay who was pleasant enough to get some answers from the supplier. To my surprise, he told me those adapters do not support USB alt modes. How do they take the video signal out of a laptop, then? That remains a mystery for now, seems like the supplier doesn’t even know that. I’m still waiting for one more reply.

So, I’m asking the tech savvy people here:
What are (technologically) the ways of connecting HDMI to Eve V, apart from the obvious HDMI alt mode?

It would be pretty awesome to get a better understanding of all the different types of adapters and which of them work (or don’t) with Eve V.


Maybe just uses the USB-C port in USB2.0 Mode, with a chip similar to this one?
Although I have no idea why it wouldn’t work with the V in this case as it should just behave as a USB device.


HDMI alt mode is not supported by Eve V. You need an adapter compatible to DP alt mode.

There are four High Speed Data Path lanes which can each be used either for USB 3.x or DP Alt Mode. Depending on the adapter and the requested bandwidth (2K with DP 1.2 or 4K with DP 1.4), one, two or all four lanes are used for DP Alt Mode.

No matter if one, two or four lanes are used, if you need HDMI or VGA, you need an active protocol converter in your adapter as DP++ is not supported in DP Alt Mode. has written a great article on how DP Alt Mode works and why you have to be picky in choosing your adapters (and that’s why it was adviced to order the working adapter from Eve over trying many eBay sellers in the hope to find a certified, working Type-C to HDMI converter).


Can’t see that pdf, it seems to be restricted. But how does that work? There is no standard for video over USB 2.0, and in addition to that, they state to support 4K, and 2.0 simply doesn’t have enough bandwidth for that.

@s.auler why doesn’t it support hdmi alt mode? Is that official? I thought all alt modes were supported.

And this Eve adapter’s price is outrageous. I understand that’s normal for 4K, but I don’t have a 4K TV and I’m not planning to get one anytime soon, so it doesn’t make sense to spend so much money. So I’d rather reject a dozen eBay adapters and get refunds for them :slight_smile: