USB-C docks - Discussion


Can anyone recommend a good USB-C hub for HDMI, VGA, DVI and maybe Ethernet?
Or would it be much cheaper to purchase them all separately?


Yeah, I’m struggling to find a good dock for two external displays, ethernet and USB-A… Everything seems to be ~£100 and there are a lot of mixed reviews about :confused:


Price does seem to be now circa£/€ 100 upwards (requires shopping around.) What experience do others have of:

Dell D3100 USB 3

Dell D3100 image

or for about half that price in the UK

Dell DA 100

DA100 image

or something similar?


Now this might be a very silly question for you technologically well-versed peeps, but can you tell me whether it would be possible to use a miniDisplayPort-Hub with the V via a USB-c-to-mDP-adapter? Or would that ‘weaken’ the signal too much?
Sorry, not trolling, i really have no idea :grimacing:

Edit: I was thinking about a Hub for HDMI, VGA and DVI if that’s important.


Why make it so complicated? There are all-in-one solutions for USB-C that have HDMI, VGA, DP and HDMI in one package :slight_smile:

P.S. if you want all of them, it will get quite expensive, but if you just need 2 of them, I bet you can find an affordable solution

P.P.S. the processor supports 3 displays, so it would be best to use the internal display and 2 external ones - you could use 3 external ones instead, but then your resolution would be a bit limited by USB bandwidth.

How to choose my laptop configuration ?!

But they’re much more expensive than mDP to all those… And I haven’t yet seen one that supports HDMI, VGA and DVI.


Hmm, yeah they seem to be expensive… Yeah, your setup should work :slight_smile: If it doesn’t, then blame your USB-C to DP adapter… And I would strongly advise against using VGA - see if your monitor has any other ports, because this one is analog and it can easily make video distorted. It always has some quality loss, and it has limited display resolution it can transfer. If that monitor doesn’t have any other ports, I would advise you to use Eve V’s internal screen instead.

By the way, be careful with USB-C to DP adapters. Many DP hubs require “dual mode” :slight_smile:


Anyone have any thoughts on Plugable’s USB-C dock ($129 USD)? Plugable USB-C Docking Station


That is expensive… I mean you can get this level of HDMI for $7 as a separate adapter, so basically you’re paying $100 extra to use 1 cable instead of 3 (charging, USB hub, HDMI adapter)


Ok, thank you! :slight_smile:
I use HDMI at home but sometimes at Uni only VGA or DVI are an option.
What is ‘dual mode’?


Dual mode is just a thing that allows Display Port to carry DVI/HDMI as an extra… well, basically you have more bandwidth when using it, so you can connect more screens. So, when you look for USB-C to DP adapters, look for the ones that support dual mode. Otherwise, your hub’s HDMI and DVI ports won’t work.

Speaking of dual mode, I’m not even sure if all adapters support using both DVI and HDMI ports at once (they might be using the same lane), so be careful. Always read the description of what you’re buying.

And there are adapters from HDMI to VGA. One was included with my tablet, and the manufacturer really skimped on included accessories, so I doubt the adapter was expensive :slight_smile: Look around on eBay. I would do that for you, but now I’m on my phone so maybe next time :wink:


Thanks @pauliunas, I’ll take a look :slight_smile:


I think I will go for this one cause it is small and lightweight and also under 100 €…


I ordered the OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock myself.

The OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock has lots of connections which I like to use.

Maybe it can benefit you guys and/or girls :wink:


Probably a good choice! In Germany it’s more expensive with 299€ here:

I decided to go with the Lenovo option, as it has more monitor ports (VGA, HDMI 2xDP) and can be had starting at 199€ (for students), which is still very expensive for a dock :smiley:


Is there any agreement on the best solution to the powered Thunderbolt 3 dock yet?
The Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16 seems to be the most comprehensive but at nearly $300 its expensive.
I don’t think the Elgato or CalDigit docks are available yet.


Look here:
They are not comprehensive, but cheap and portable.


Not particularly cheap but this one looks like a winner


It does not have standard video ports (DVI, HDMI, DP, D-sub), you should use another adapter to connect monitor(s).


I like this one:

Just missing DP or miniDP port and price is so-so ($150)