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Correct! A hub would do the trick for most peripherals. Maybe not the most elegant solution, but definitely cheaper :smiley:
Here are two other connectors that were/are on kickstarter:

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Yeah the second one looks pretty nice… but I wouldn’t buy it until they go full mass production and start selling on a reputable store like Amazon or eBay, where Paypal’s protection is available. $35 is just too much to risk… Meanwhile, take a look at eBay - it’s full of similar stuff…


What do you mean about being expensive? I read through, but wasn’t sure what was being referenced. Thanks.


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Another option if you are in the market for a new monitor is a monitor which supports USB-C connectivity and has additional USB ports. I just picked up a Philips 258B6QUEB which supports USB-C (delivering 60W power to charge your laptop) 2xUSB 3.0, Ethernet Port and 1 fast charging USB port. It’s not 4K, but 2560x1440 resolution was good enough for me. The monitor also has DVI, HDMI, VGA and DP1.2 connections if you have other legacy systems you want to connect. LG, ASUS, ACER and Lenovo also have monitors supporting USB-C connectivity, but Philips is the only one on the market with an Ethernet port and 3 USB ports. Price point ca $420.


But how does charging work with this kind of solution, since V requires USB-PD compliant charger. I have understood from community messages, that warranty is void if some other charger type is used.

And does it mean that any of these fancy USB-C docks with their own power supplies (like this cannot charger V? Or can, but can/will damage device?

Have anyone found charging USB-PD compliant dock? (Or even USB-PD compliant power bank?)


(Personal opinion)

As I’ve read up quite a bunch on this topic (due to checking some things & also personal interest for other device like e.g. Nintendo Switch) I think I can help here a little. :slight_smile:

Now for example the Lenovo Dock you showed will likely use USB-PD for charging, if it does support charging more powerful devices of the USB-C port.

If it does not, then the USB-C will very likely be able to deliver 5V @ 2A. Is it a USB-PD port? No. Will it damage USB devices? I’m sure that 99,9% of devices that charge via USB will be able to handle that without any problems at all.

Now, it’s not USB-PD compliant but the normal 5V @2A are still in the range of what a USB-PD device can handle with 5V.

Then you might ask: Why even have that disclaimer? And that’s a good question, because the reason is: Bad cables/chargers/smartphone manufacturers.
I think the first 2 should be quite clear that a bad charger/cable can kill pretty much any device without major problem. And I’ve listed smartphone manufacturers due something most people love: QuickCharging (Specifically: Qualcomm QuickCharging - if your manufacturer doesn’t advertise it you likely don’t have it).
Because QuickCharging is violating some rules that are set with the USB-PD standard & it can be that you can kill a device that charges with USB-PD by connecting it to a charger that is using QuickCharge.

Now, this does not mean that every other charger will kill your V, but I can see why Eve is covering themselves - because if you don’t just by Murphy’s law (Anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong) there will be someone whose V dies because of something like this.


I think nowadays pretty much all smartphones come with QuickCharge chargers… or some other proprietary fast charging tech. For example, I don’t remember what it’s called, but my Asus Zenfone 2 came with a charger that operates on 5.2V and 1.35A. So if Qualcomm’s tech can damage the tablet, I’m pretty sure any modern smartphone charger can do just the same… Because they all have some sort of fast charging technology.
There are also some chargers that don’t advertise as fast charging, but provide 2.1A - that is way out of USB specification (unless they changed it). Does that mean it also violates USB PD?


(Personal opinion)

Officially it violates the regular USB rules with providing 2.1A. USB-PD as far as I know goes up to 3A with the 5V, again however officially it can damage your device - but I’m pretty sure that all USB-PD devices should be able that. However, again Murphy’s Law - some manufacturer might somewhere down the line decide that 5V @ 4A is a good idea and I’m not sure that USB-PD devices can handle THAT amount of current.


Well yeah that’s what I thought… but then you said Qualcomm’s quick charge is likely to damage it, even though it’s… 2A? 3A? I don’t know what the latest version uses… When I had a phone with it, it was 2A. Still 3A or below, but I assume it somehow confuses the charging controller circuit. Or am I missing something? If that’s what you meant, it means only “pure” USB chargers with no fast charging (which means only 1A) can be used?


In the USB power standards 3A @ 5V is possible with USB-C.


I was talking about this:

It’s not about current, it’s about those “rules” :slight_smile:


I have a very simple question that hopefully does not come across as sounding silly.

I live in excel because I Work in finance. I have two 1080p monitors, USB keyboard and mouse. Currently I connect my laptop to a few cables and leave it on standby. I tap the keyboard and it wakes up. I hit sleep on the keyboard and it sleeps. My life is simple. except, i disconnect a couple times a week and ugh painful connecting disconnecting etc.

So when I get my shiny new eve, question is how to I get a 1 cable dock solution that does not cost an arm and leg that keeps me in the same place as I am now? Really I guess the baseline is a USB c or thunderbolt to dual hdmi…any extra connectors are great but not strictly needed since eve already has enough.

Does anyone have any suggestions of something that works really well?


In the same boat, hopefully a solution will emerge…


If i remember correctly USB 3 is downward compatible thus EVE will basically function the same as your old laptop. Therefore if you have a dock right now it probably will work just fine with it. In case you aren’t currently using one, a plain and simple usb 3 dock with duo monitor output on the ebay/amazon would work just fine. TB docks Will cost your an arm right now, most of them are selling at a pretty deep premium currently, unless you consider those OEM brands from China. then you are probably looking at around $80 or less.


I also see no need for a USB-C/Thunderbolt Dock so i’ll opt for this: Plugable USB 3.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station

Unless someone has some sort of special need for 4k displays, what is the value in getting a USB-C dock?


TB, more brand-width. So it helps usb hub, ext. hard drive/card reader speed, there might be a slight difference thou don’t think you would bottle neck it easily even just with usb 3. I recently got a USB-C dock for the ability to charge multiple devices at max charge with the help of PD and two ext. hard drives connected to it. seems to be running fine even with some programs running straight from the ext. ssd.


USB 3.0 docks don’t have USB-PD as standard, so you will have to connect two cables to the V: the USB-A cable for the dock and the USB-C charger cable. With a PD enabled dock, you only have to connect the one USB-C cable and it provides data to the dock and power to the V in one connection :slight_smile:


@iKirin Would you happen to know what would happen if more than one power source was connected to EVE? Does it charge thru multiple source or will it give charge priority to which port? or Does it just fry the usb port all together like the Macbook pro? I’m thinking of a case where EVE is being connected to socket and a power bank/ext ssd situation.


No, it wouldn’t charge, because USB 3.0 docks are not designed to charge the device they’re connected to.