USB-C - A step to the future or not useful at all?


Sure, if the price difference is insignificant, then alright… but if we’re talking about a simple charging cable vs. 10Gbps cable, I think the difference would be noticeable :slight_smile:


You forget that apart from the data lines, it would already have to adhere to all other standards for a 10Gbps cable to be able to handle the higher charging current. It’s not a simple charging cable, it’s already a pretty fancy charging cable. I really, really doubt that it’s more than a few cents per cable.


Correct me if I’m wrong but the USB-C port (not the TB3) on the V only supports 5Gbps as far as i know, why would you want to bundle the 10Gbps version? Or does that work on the TB3 port? I don’t know, but i if I had to guess I’d say no …
I think TB3 cable has been ruled out but I don’t expect the 5Gbps cable to be way more expensive than only data.

edit: As a matter of fact I don’t even think that the 10Gbps would be so much more expensive either …


The argument boils down to what the community wants. Not what individuals feel is suitable for the rest of us.

What would you prefer included with your V?

  • USB C - Charging Only
  • USB C - Charging and Data

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can someone try to summarize this thread? (trying not to impose your opinion if possible?) I’m lost in all this chatter…

pros and cons of the options and possible consequences of the decision?


It boils down to Paul not wanting the eve v boxed or with a data transfer/charging USB C included in the box unless it costs a dollar or less.

And essentially everyone else wanting to be able to use their charging cable to double up as a data transfer cable for other devices too. We’re all wary of USB C because you can buy crap cables that break your device and we trust Eve and would like this included.


that does not really answer my question -

from what I can see:
Charging only - cheaper, and is the minimum required so we can at least keep the V charged.
Charging and data - more expensive (how much?) but can also be used to transfer data.

I’m not clear on what data it could transfer? from one PC to another? or is it to connect our phones to sync them? Could it drive another monitor?

How much would it cost Eve to include one? To me, that’s a key factor in my decision. If it’s a couple bucks, then maybe, but if it’s $10 then no, that’s asking for too much. (sorry if that’s been answered in the tread above somewhere)


It depends on the price :slight_smile: I think the poll results would drastically change if you said, for example, that a data cable costs $5 more. We don’t know the price difference, so we can’t decide anything now.

@mlivesey you can’t transfer data between 2 computers using a USB cable, it wouldn’t work. I guess this cable would just allow you to connect your phone to it, but I see no point in it because the phone comes with a data cable anyway. Some people here want to use the same cable for charging the tablet, the phone and syncing files between them. Might work. As for monitors, they all come with their own cables anyway. And they’re not portable so I don’t see a situation where you would want to use the charging cable to connect to a monitor.


totally. I mean, I’d LOVE to get more free stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff? But I don’t want to be selfish and ask for a $5 freebie. That may not seem like much, but multiply that out by however many they sell and it can add up. (that said, if it only costs them a buck, then yeah, gimme one of those!)


All USB ports on the V support 5Gbps for USB protocol. However, Konstantinos posted earlier in this thread the various steppings in cable quality. The 3.0-spec cable supports up to 5Gbps but can only carry 15W of power. Since the V takes 27W to charge, this cable spec would be insufficient to safely charge the V (The V would probably charge as per normal, until the cable overheats and melts). The 3.1-spec cable supports up to 10Gbps, which is more data than the V can send or receive, but supports up to 100W, which is sufficient to safely charge the V. It’s also the only one apparently labeled ‘PD’.

In short: it seems the V will either come with a 3.1-spec cable that does everything, or one that has been cheaped out on by having couple fewer copper strands, allowing it to only send and receive power. The quality and materials being the same, I doubt that the charging+data cable costs more than a few cents extra to manufacture.

As for what data can be sent through the cable, think of it this way. I’m sure you have a couple of USB-A to USB-microB cables lying around. They may be for your phone, they may be for your external hard drive. They may be for any peripheral. It doesn’t really matter what they came with, because they are interchangeable. So what if you phone manufacturer cheaped out to save a few cents, and the cable that came with your phone was charging only? You’d have a bunch of cables that you could use, re-use, repurpose, for any task. But you always have to make sure it’s not that one, because that cable is completely useless for anything other than charging your phone.

USB-C is already a standard, and it will be more prominent. Your Eve V might be your first USB-C device, you may already have some. But unless you’re pauliunas, you’re likely to have more USB-C devices in the not-too-distant future. Would you really want to have to label all your cables, because some just work and some… don’t?

Me, I prefer to get a proper cable!


Charging-only USB cables should be made illegal. If I could get a data-enabled USB cable for less than a dollar, I think making it charging-only is a desperate and greedy attempt to save money.

Moreover, data should be way cheaper than charging in a USB cable since it uses way less current, which means smaller wires, which means cheaper wires.

And finally in the FAQ here its mentioned

I don’t think the data-part of the USB-C cable is anywhere close to that.


Costs aside, a problem with a charging only cable is that once I get more cables, I would have to remember which cable is for charging only and which cable can transfer data.

Kind of defeats the purpose of “the one port rules them all”.


IF you could get a data cable for a dollar. But you can’t. Just look at eBay, the prices are ridiculous - they ask $10 for a simple cable…


Not that it’s possible to increase the price now…

However circa the above thread would you pay extra for this? Not a separate component at full price, but having a charging cable that was multi functional so that you could ideally carry one cable with you instead of many. We’re talking about upgrading.

Keeping in mind if it retails for 10 dollars it’s essentially manufactured for 1.5 dollars. And were not manufacturing a whole new cable, people have already paid for one of potentially limited use.

  • <$1
  • <$2
  • <$4
  • <$8
  • “>$8”

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This is why I don’t understand the discussion in this thread. It’s clear how the CEO feels.


The question is not about paying extra. It’s about subtracting that extra from the tablet itself. That means reduced quality.


As per my previous comment, it’s clear how the CEO feels and I don’t think there’s any evidence to back up your statement. The cost is negligible and he isn’t going to impair the tablet in some small way to incorporate this as a traditional business model would. Because it’s important to him to have a high quality device.

This is why we are having multiple keyboards despite it not being economical to manufacture in the small quantities needed. That is something that’s a big problem fiscally. Having a better cable is not.


So… where does that money come from, mister smart? :wink: Konstantinos is a good person, but I don’t think he would spend his personal money on buying cables for everyone :joy:
Look, the cost of having different keyboards will be covered by extra fees that people pay for their layout. Also, it was already decided to have multiple layout before even announcing the price, so it might be that the actual product price grew.
In this case, if they change something after we all placed our preorders, they can’t increase the price anymore. They will have to take that money from somewhere else.


Actually It’s only profitable and feasible to manufacture them in quantities of 1000 or greater. So either Eve is paying to have a lot extra made and put into storage. Or they are subsidising this in some way to have smaller quantities made.

Please don’t refer to me as mister smart :slight_smile:

You’re also of the opinion that having an unboxing experience will take from the quality of the device. I’m sure they have factored such things into their business model to allow for some discrepancies. It’s not all priced exactly and you’re not paying cost price for it. It would have been approximately assessed costwise and then inflated to cover unforseen eventualities (which could be the unboxing experience, or screen protectors, or a cable with extra copper in it, etc).

Or hell. We can pay for it. The desire is there for it anyway. I would pay extra. The whole dollar or two it would cost isn’t going to break my bank account.


Look, if you can pay extra for it, then alright. Go ahead. But if you want to implement something new without adjusting the price… money doesn’t come from nowhere.