USB-C - A step to the future or not useful at all?


I’m proposing to supply a cable with the functionality that is expected of it.
As for me, I’ll use it to backup my V to my desktop, which has a USB 3.1 port.

I must admit that I did find your perseverance funny at first, but now this repetitiveness of yours is really annoying…


It is a valid answer, as the cable that came with the phone wasn’t rated for 27W and is therefore not a suitable charging cable for the V.

Also, pretty much all my future peripherals will have a USB-C connector. (Does that make me the Antipauliunas?)

Yes, they will all come with a cable. No, that cable probably will not be rated for 27W because we’ve already determined that companies like to save a buck. So for the one company where I can use whatever little influence I have into what goes into the box, Eve, I will state my desire for inclusion of a fully-featured USB cable.

You don’t have to agree with me. Your use case is different from mine, and so our feature demands will differ. But Eve is not building the V for me, and they’re not building the V for you. They’re building the V for everyone. We just have the privilege of helping them. Up until this point, whenever they could add functionality, without encroaching on other functionality, and without adding prohibitive additional cost, they have. I don’t see why that should change in these final details.

Eve V ‘the tablet’ may be the tablet with its core features. But Eve V ‘the product’ is everything in the box, and even the box itself.


Keep in mind that you can not just connect one computer (the V) to another (your desktop) over USB and expect it to do anything. Unless there is support on a hardware level for the V to operate as a client device, which has never been mentioned by the Eve team as far as I know, it will not work.

Even though USB-C allows two devices to handshake and figure out who is host and who is client, it still requires devices capable of that.

For instance, when I connect my Lumia 950 to my V, they will work out that the V is the host and the 950 is the client. Traditionally, smartphones have been the client device, it’s why not much happens when you connect USB peripherals to a(n average) smartphone: even if you can get it to work with a pile of adapters or by soldering your own USB cable, the signals simply don’t get processed that way.

When I connect my Lumia 950 to a USB-C display (I got to play with the new Apple/LG 4K screen last week, it’s nice!), they will work out that the Lumia is the host and the screen is the client. This is possible because it is specifically engineered into that particular phone on a hardware level that it can also act as a host device.

(And in that last example, even though the phone is host and the screen is client for data purposes, the screen would be the one supplying power to the phone, because USB-C is sexy that way…)


You can’t connect two computers with a USB cable and transfer files like that. It just doesn’t work that way. Windows will always try to act as a host device, and both devices can’t be hosts. So you will only get a warning about “unrecognized device”.

@Helios you don’t use your phone’s cable for charging the V. You use V’s cable to charge V, and you use your phone’s cable to charge your phone and transfer files to it.

OK, your peripherals can have USB-C, I really couldn’t care less. But they all come with their USB-C cables.

Have you ever heard of USB OTG? No need to solder it yourself, LOLL


You speak as if this is a permanent problem. Both hardware and software makers are working on this.
It is already working on phones and I know it has been done to windows too.


It’s not a permanent problem, because it’s not a problem. It’s permanent, though. USB’s host-client system is a feature, it’s how USB was designed to work from the start.
Unless you buy hardware that was specifically built to be both a host or a client, you will not have this functionality. Since this requires additional hardware and thus additional cost for the manufacturer, you’ll only find it on devices where it adds value. No software update will be able to add it.

@pauliunas: I suppose there is USB OTG nowadays. You youngsters with your fancy technology. Back in my day…! =)


This is just dumb. One of the great things with USB type C is that you have the same connector for your phone and computer and therefore only need to bring one cable when you travelling, for example.


When you’re traveling, it would be stupid to bring only one cable. Then you would have to choose between charging your phone or charging your tablet - can’t charge both. Speaking of other devices, you will still bring their cables because you want to be able to charge your device even while using those devices. It’s just more practical.

Ehm, I used USB OTG on my 2011 smartphone… Many people didn’t even know what “smartphone” means back then. So this technology is pretty much as old as the smartphone concept itself.


No offense, but I’m getting popcorn… finally I’m not in the middle of the attention to “reject a request”. From the outside perspective it is quite funny as @Johandea mentioned a couple of posts earlier. :wink:

IMO, even if no one saw a valid use case right now (but some already do), but the cable with more features does not add a huge amount of costs (which I don’t think it does as high quantities will be ordered) the cable with better functionality should be included. I agree that it is the overall experience that makes Eve V so special and that does not stop with community and device, but also adds the unboxing and the peripherals that come with it.

@pauliunas: Your wording to call someone “stupid” (whether directly or indirectly) just for claiming to bring only one cable is quite humiliating and insulting. I would love to bring only one cable, and will gladly do so once I get the chance. I don’t need to charge devices in parallel (the Pixel for example charges in 30 min to a quite decent percentage that allows me a full day of light usage, the V will charge in 2.5-3 hours so overall that should not be a problem).
And as a side note: I bet all I have that in 2011 the vast majority of people in the industrialized world knew what a smartphone is - we are talking year 4 after iPhone introduction (and don’t forget, there were smartphones before that…).


I’m not calling anyone stupid, lol. But even if your phone charges in 30 mins, what would it look like? You plug it in, wake up 30 mins later, plug in the tablet, go back to sleep? I understand that in some situations it might be fine. But better be safe.

I agree that if a better cable costs 2 cents more, there is no reason not to include it. But it’s not a core feature, and it only adds to the price, then I see no reason to include it.

Nah, in 2011 people knew what a “touch” phone was. They didn’t really know the difference between an Android phone with millions of apps and a Nokia 6300-style phone with a useless touchscreen slapped onto it. Anyway, don’t take those words literally :slight_smile:

And finally, I agreed to pay for the tablet. I paid a fixed sum of money. Now, I don’t want that money wasted on packaging and other extras - that would just sacrifice the product quality.


You said (and I quote) “it would be stupid” … so I as a consumer only taking one cable have to read it in a way that I did a stupid thing and thus I am stupid. I know that you try to use that expression to underline your view, but there are other and less intense expressions that keep the volume lower.

When I get back to the hotel, I am not falling directly into my bed and will be asleep instantly. Usually there’s TV, some bathroom activities, maybe a phone call with the girlfriend, … plenty of time to initiate a charging process on one of the two devices. If you come up with more devices I agree, additional cables might be required (but also bringing 4 devices I wouldn’t take more than two cables if all USB-C and technically possible)… and this technical possibility is what we are trying to ask for. Eve takes the decision anyways.

Packaging and thus the unboxing experience does make a significant difference when it comes to the felt product quality in my opinion.


I’m glad that your sense of humor is as big as your abhorrence of USB Type C…


Nah, I wasn’t kidding :slight_smile:

You’re lucky if you have enough time not to fall asleep when you get back to a hotel :smile: When I travel, I usually have a very tight schedule to get the most out of my time in that city :slight_smile: Otherwise paying for hotel would make me go bankrupt lol


I cannot agree. Are you “they”? How do you know?

What you are saying is that most of the some hundred-millions of iPhone buyers doesn’t know what a smartphone is.

Please provide proof, statistics or other objective measures or quit making bold claims that “represents the population”.

Please acknowledge that fact that not everyone like tightly packed schedules for their vacations, and that not every one travel because they want to (but has too, for business travels).


Personal experience :slight_smile: I know, some people had iphones. But they didn’t know the difference between iphone and Nokia 6300-type phone with a useless resistive touchscreen. Back then, iphones were called “touch phones”, not smartphones.
I know people travel for work, but nobody can forbid you from using the chance to go for some sightseeing while you’re there :wink: After work, of course.


And if you regularly travel to the same place? Or stay there for a month? I guess you’d take a night off at some point :smiley:


Yeah, if it’s the same place you’re probably an unfortunate one, haha :smiley:
Anyway, I still think that a USB-C (especially if both ends are type C) with a Windows tablet is quite a niche need…


In my experience traveling for work can be fun and you can see new places. It can also be really annoying and you can be stuck for 2 months in the same place twice a year. Or you have really hard days at work and just aren’t motivated to go out except to grab some food after work :smiley:
I for example spent about a month in the same place last year that I’ve been to multiple times already, all the while working 12 hours a day, 13 days in a row and then having 1 day off. And honestly I think I only really did anything on one of these 2 days in that month, which was minigolf and bungee jumping. By contrast I also spent 2 weeks in austria for work and simply went hiking and sightseeing for 3 days straight :smiley:

Back to topic. Sorry, but I’ll have to jump on the hype train with the others. Yes, it’s kind of a niche product right now but my phone already uses USB-C (and no, it’s not super new :smiley: ) and I see basically all new products coming out with type C, so my bet is that it will become quite useful soon. I’m still very happy I’m in possession of a few USB-A to USB-C cables though!


What I meant is that shipping a data cable with this one specific tablet is a niche need. I understand that it’s good to have one charger for all devices and so on, but how often do you need a data cable for it? And our of those times, how often do you not have your phone’s cable with you? And also, I still think it’s best to have separate chargers because you can always forget to switch the charging devices…


I still think many people would appreciate it if the same cable you use for charging can also be used to transfer data, especially as it shouldn’t be alot more expensive. It’s just a matter of convenience, my phone charger cable also transfers data :stuck_out_tongue: