USB-C - A step to the future or not useful at all?

  • Eve does not ship a phone with the V. Therefore, we do not expect them to supply a cable that would allow you to sync files with a phone :slight_smile:
  • Eve does ship a charger with the V. Therefore, we do expect them to supply a cable that can charge it.


I just don’t want them to spend the money I paid in the wrong place. All the money must go into:

  • making the actual tablet
  • quality control
  • making sure I will get proper customer support during the warranty period
  • including only essential accessories like the charger. Without a charger you can’t charge the battery so you can’t use the tablet.

Note that unnecessary cables are not on the list, as well as fancy packaging or other non-essential accessories.

If you want a Thunderbolt cable, you can always buy one. Just don’t force me to pay for your cable, because I will never use mine.


I disagree with you. And I will leave it at that, as I do not wish to start yet another endless discussion. You are entitled to your opinion.


And you don’t get a computer with your phone. Therefore the cable that comes with your phone should be charging only, right? Face_palm

It funny you highlight the word essential, since it’s the same mistake you do over and over again… What’s essential to you may not be essential to someone else, and vice versa.


Well, when I say essential I mean essential to everyone. BTW, when we talk about phones, they mostly use USB 2.0 so the price difference between a charging cable and a data cable is… erm, 2 cents?
I mean, I don’t mind paying 2 extra cents for something that others could find useful. But $50 for a Thunderbolt cable is just insane. If you want it, go buy one yourself, but don’t get me into this.


The thing is that you still use yourself as a reference for everyone.
What you’re saying is that “2 cents” is cheap enough for you to agree it is the right choice to bundle the more expensive cable, because you value that extra feature more than the “2 cents” of extra cost.
In the case of the V, you don’t value the extra features more than its cost, while other, me included, do. It’s all a matter of reference


I’m pretty sure 2 cents is nothing to anyone who bought a $1000 device. If it’s too much for you, then say so and your voice will be heard.
$50 is way too much for me to pay for something that I will never use - so here I am saying it, and hope that my voice will be heard. I am no exception.
And I’m sure most of this community considers $50 a huge amount of money to throw out.


It seemed like people (with the exception of yourself) were agreeing that a fully-featured USB cable should be included. Not a Thunderbolt cable. It’s not a $ 50 issue – in fact, probably much closer to that 2¢ you were mentioning being okay with.


Yes, we know what you think :wink:

But not even apple charges that much for a thunderbolt cable… And they are known to overcharge for their product, especially their accessories!
According to their website, the difference between a thunderbolt 3 (2 m) and a USB 3.1 (1 m) cable is $17. So the difference is even smaller when you consider the length difference and that the actual cost for Eve would be a fraction of that.
And that a thunderbolt cable! The difference between a USB 3.0 and 3.1 is even smaller still.


@Helios[quote=“Helios, post:107, topic:4555”]
It seemed like people (with the exception of yourself) were agreeing that a fully-featured USB cable should be included.

Where are you taking this from?

My point is that nobody should ever be forced to overpay. We chose the internals by a democratic vote, and some people will get features that they don’t need, but that’s fine. Because you can’t upgrade the internals, so we need to strike a good balance. However, now we’re talking about accessories. And here, nobody should ever pay for what they don’t need - because those who do can just buy those accessories separately.

In this matter, it’s not about finding the balance by employing democracy. It’s about not making anyone overpay. So even if the majority wants more expensive things included, why make others pay for it? Even if you’re part of majority, why can’t you just click that one button to add what you need to cart before clicking “pay”? You will make a lot of people happy by moving one finger.

Disclaimer: I don’t have any numbers of how many people want one accessory or another, or how much people are willing to sacrifice the quality of other parts in sake of better accessories. So in this comment I’m just discussing a generic situation about accessories. It doesn’t really matter what the price difference is - as long as it’s more than just a few cents (well ok, let’s draw the line at $1 if everyone is happy with that) - nobody should be forced to pay more for what they don’t need. I understand you can’t make 100% of people happy, but let’s try to reach at least 95% :slight_smile:


The problem is that no matter what you send with the device, someone will pay more then they’d have to.
If they bundle the USB 3.1 cable the ones who don’t want that function will pay more.
If they bundle a USB 2.0 cable and everyone who wants a USB 3.1 cable have to add one to their purchase, will pay extra for the bundled USB 2.0 cable they will never use.
That’s why we use democracy, to make as many as possible happy :slight_smile:


Hmm, yeah you’re right. Dumb me, didn’t think of it this way :disappointed:
p.s. sad smiley because I’m dumb. Not because I’m complaining or something xD



I’m kind of amused as it seems like the USB-C discussion in itself is coming to an end… so a new bucket needs to be opened where others of the community (at least the ones raising their voice) have a different perspective than @pauliunas.

@Helios, @Johandea and myself (partially including @Konstantinos as he brought up the different types and the danger for the devices resulting from these, thus Eve is interested in this not happening to their customers) are hoping for a cable that does gen3.1 10GBps with PD (<100W) to be included in the shipment. Of course we are talking about a price increase over a cable that only has PD (and nothing else) and in the end it is up to the Eve team what they deem most feasible… but the comparison that is mentioned on TVs is so far away from reality that it’s just funny.

As Johandea mentioned, someone will be unhappy (because he or she might get more features with a cable than immediately needed or because having to buy another cable on top if the features with the cable included are not sufficient for multiple scenarios), but we are not talking about a $50 price difference here. Going to a vendor, requesting a cable according to a certain specification and asking how much it is for a rough fix quantity (knowing that more orders will come in in the future) probably leaves it to a difference <$5 (especially if procured directly in China and bundled up there). Heck, I’m even willing to throw in those extra five bucks to avoid the need to buy an extra cable and to have one that covers it all that the V has to offer (leaving TB aside due to length implications)…


Hahaha, I don’t think the discussion about USB type C is over by a long shot :stuck_out_tongue:
But it seems that we who discussed it (and cares most about it?) have agreed on letting the majority decide what cable should be included with the V.
Hopefully it wasn’t in vain and Eve haven’t already made this decision…


I actually expect that they have already made the decision, considering how close to launch we are. I also trust that they made a well-considered decision. It’s Eve, after all!


Following the “included cable” discussion…

From a cost control perspective, Eve seems to take the view that unless the majority has immediate, necessary, vital, benefit, a given accessory would not be included.

The digital pen for example is not include, because its not actually a necessity. Some people may find it as a must, some find it a good to have, some doesn’t really care.
(Thank God it is included with for the early-birds though, I’m likely one of those who finds the pen a good to have and might not have added the extra dollars to get it. But some sort of buyer’s irrational thinking would make me happily take the Pen bundled even though I’m technically paying for it. This is how bundling works by the way.)

So I would not be surprised if Eve bundles the bare minimal cable, i.e. charge-only cable.
When the Eve store opens in the future, they might would add the option to allow buyers choose which cable they want though.


The difference is, as you say, that the pen is not included, whereas there will be a USB cable included in the box. So this is not a question whether to include it or not; it’s a question whether the included accessories are of high standards.
I think that shipping the V with a charge-only cable would be similar to ship the V with a keyboard without backlighting; backlighting is not necessary for the core function of the keyboard.


But what would you use that cable for anyway? It’s generally agreed that “host” devices don’t ship with data cables, only “slave” devices do.


Once again:


Host devices used to ship with a dedicated charging cable (commonly attached to the charger), so ‘data’ or ‘no data’ has never been an option or an issue before. Nowadays, some host devices (like our V) charge through a USB and as such a USB cable is included with these host devices. Suddenly, ‘data’ or ‘no data’ is a valid concern. Technology changes, and with that the considerations that manufacturers have to make change as well.


You haven’t answered my question:
what would you use it for?
Syncing with phone etc. is not a valid answer, because your phone comes with its own cable. :slight_smile:
@Johandea so basically you’re proposing to spend money on something that you will never ever use, just because… because?