USB-C - A step to the future or not useful at all?


As we are in the topic, I just came across a “USB-C love story” posted today… even though I don’t agree to every statement in it fully, it still reflects my opinion very well (despite of the topic Konstantinos raised, as I believe that this will sort itself out one way or the other via further integration of standards… up to the point that “one cable to serve them all”)

USB-C Declaration of Love

(sorry that the article is translated via google, but as it is a German article that was the easiest way; some sentences might be corrupted based on that but the overall context is still clear imo)


What perk are you talking about? The cable that comes with the charger can’t be Thunderbolt, as it would be way too expensive and they’re currently limited to 1 meter. (Officially they should be up to 3m, but I can’t find those for sale, only some mentions on Intel site)


OWC sells 2 m ThunderBolt 3 cables:


Well just to know it, do you think the thunderbolt cable is a good investment for future hub/docks etc?



Yes, in 15 years.


No, because if you need it in future, you can buy it in future. It’s no secret they will become significantly cheaper :wink: So buying one right now is not an investment, quite the opposite :slight_smile:


I know I’m not @pauliunas but I wanted to tell my stance on this: don’t include a thunderbolt 3 cable with the Eve V but include with any peripheral needing it (like the eGPU). You should only get it if you need it.


Actually I took it for granted… Didn’t even think it could be included with the tablet :slight_smile: But yeah, these things will almost certainly become cheaper, so buy them when you need them, not sooner, not later.


From Monday (2017-01-30) on you can buy it from Eve.


I know you will be able to buy it from Eve :wink: What I’m saying is that a thunderbolt 3 capable cable shouldn’t be shipped with the V (USB 3.0 is more than enough). On the contrary, a thunderbolt 3 cable should in my view be shipped with peripherals which need that speed boost (ex. eGPU).


I think even a 3.0 cable shouldn’t be shipped with it… Only a charging cable. It just needs to have enough pins to support power delivery :slight_smile: I mean, what would you use it for anyway? It’s not a phone that you would sync with your computer using the included cable - it wouldn’t even work that way because Windows wouldn’t know how to act as a slave device on USB.


If it’s a 3.0 cable, that means I can travel with the Eve charger and cable, and

  • use the charger and cable to charge my V.
  • use the charger and cable to charge my phone.
  • use the cable to connect my phone to my V.

Means I’m carrying around fewer chargers and cables, which is always a good thing…


3.0 is bare minimum. It should be 3.1 gen 2, if you ask me :slight_smile:


The ports on the V adhere to the 5Gbps standard. Why would it need to come with a 10Gbps cable?


Because of what Konstantinos pointed out above:

Ideally it would be a thunderbolt 3-cable, but as previously said it would be to short/expensive.


Mhmyeah, fair enough. Looking back at that post it seems that the 10Gbps version is also the only one that would be able to charge the V at full power. Then I’m all for it being the fully-featured 3.1, 10Gbps, <100W cable.


When you travel, you usually come back to the hotel for a short time, only to sleep. That means you will need to charge them both at the same time, so you still need a second cable :wink:
Or, even if you don’t need to charge them at the same time, it should still be a plain charging cable. Because the sync cable will come with your phone, anyway…


I’m all with you here. Eve claims to provide us a premium experience with the V (that’s what the community and the team worked very hard for), so you don’t want to upset/annoy the users with the fact that they have to go buy another cable if they want to use additional functions the port is capable off.
Thunderbolt 3 would be too expensive and too short, but all that a 2.5m (that’s what is said will be included) is capable of should be supported by the cable shipped with the V.


LOL, then why not also bundle a 4K TV, because one of its ports is capable of driving it? Come on, we need to draw a line somewhere. Even the pen isn’t included… Which I consider core functionality of the device. Including an expensive cable is just too much. You don’t need it to use the tablet.


You do love your skewed comparisons…

  • Eve does not ship a TV with the V. Therefore, we do not expect them to supply a TV that matches the quality and capabilities of the V.
  • Eve does ship a USB-C to USB-C cable with the V. Therefore, it is not strange to expect them to ship a cable that matches the quality and capabilities of the V.

A charging cable that can also be used as a data cable is a 2-in-1 accessory. You’d think people buying a 2-in-1 device would appreciate that versatility.

Also, @Konstantinos expressed even in this thread that he does not like how you just can’t be sure of the capabilities of USB-C cables because not all manufacturers implement all features. Wouldn’t it then stand to reason that his company, Eve, is then the kind of company that we can be sure of, that does supply a fully-featured cable that does support all features?

I’ve already ordered my Eve. Whatever cable comes with it, is the cable I’ll get. And I won’t complain.