USB-C - A step to the future or not useful at all?


Not necessarily, but at least it will not be significantly faster :slight_smile: There are many different variables involved, and while looking at it “raw” looks like it will take longer, it might actually happen faster. But expecting it to be the standard after 1 or 2 years is very unrealistic at the very least.


I agree, after 1 or 2 years is impossible actually… as it was introduced in 2014 and then some initial hiccups had to be sorted out (e.g. not producing cables according to specification). So 1-2 years would mean that it replaced it within last year.
And maybe here is even the misunderstanding. Replacing for me does not mean that no more USB-A will be included in a laptop/desktop. But that the quantities of each type will start to flip (as I tried to express earlier). In the short term we will see it equal out and in the mid-term the USB-A type will become the minority port also on laptops and desktops.


Well, I guess that’s where we disagree. IMO it’s a 50/50 if it will ever replace USB-A. I think it will just replace microUSB and leave the full-size port alone, but since some manufacturers are pushing it so hard, it will probably also see its place in laptops, and then slowly start moving towards other form factors. But that won’t come fast. That will be painfully slow because of the variety of different USB devices we have now and how much it would need to replace.
My prediction: this year it becomes mainstream in phones, maybe in 2019 things like mice/keyboards will start being made for it, and IF it ever happens, it would only replace USB-A in 2025 or later.

To clarify, we will probably have some “hybrid” peripherals soon, like USB drives with USB-A on one end and C on the other. But they will, of course, be more expensive than regular ones, and few people will actually have them. Think of it this way: you go to a shop looking for a flash drive - you see two options: a cheaper one that works with all your computers (USB-A) and a more expensive option that also works with your phone. I’d pick the cheaper one any day, because how often do you need a flash drive for your phone?


And I got the more expensive one because it has USB-C :slight_smile: (because I did not want the regular size USB-B anymore as the drive I had before was causing so much trouble and lost the connection frequently during copying data).


Seriously? xD
Well ok then…
I guess you just had a malfunctioning flash drive before. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a malfunctioning USB-C drive :slight_smile:


Sure, it will not prevent malfunctions of the new drive… but having a more sturdy connector (less wiggling) might help a bit… at least that’s what I’m hoping for. But it shows that the monetary aspect is relevant up to a certain point… if I spend $500 or $600 on an external 2TB SSD does not make a difference anymore I guess :wink:


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Good quality type-A plugs aren’t wiggly at all. They’re very sturdy. I’m pretty sure the Chinese will soon come up with a way to make cheap USB-C plugs just as shitty as those cheap A plugs quite soon :slight_smile: Then we’ll have the same problem with both :slight_smile:


I know many people, that will buy a new TV just because their shiny new phone won’t connect to their old one anymore. Sure, an adapter or a new cable would do the job, but they just use this as excuse to justify buying a new TV - and with it a new speaker/subwoofer combination as the old one doesn’t match the design…

We had multiple discussions on the value of money - and you should accept, that some people decide to just spend the money they earn, even if they do it for things you wouldn’t.


These already exist.

And I think not everyone is clear that that’s exactly what you’re trying to explain all the time.
USB-A and USB-C will coexists for a very long time.
And I won’t buy a notebook/2in1 without at least one of each USB variant. (At least at the moment)

One technical aspect that USB-C provides in comparison to USB-A.
It can power more than just DVD and HDD drives. It is meant to provide monitors, scanners and even printers with power via USB-C.
One cable to connect your printer for data and power.


How did you know I was talking about you?


Oh, I thought you were talking about yourself :wink:


Your printer doesn’t move from the desk. So what’s the point? I really couldn’t care less how many cables I have down there, because they’re all somewhere under my desk where I don’t see them :slight_smile:

For me, USB-C is useless. And it will be useless for a veeeeeery long time, until ALL of my devices have it. But that’s actually unlikely to happen… I don’t see PC motherboards implementing it anytime soon… It would be just a waste of space :slight_smile:


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I love the idea behind USB C standard. But the thing I dislike is that now buying the right cable became total nightmare! They are all different cables that look the same. We noticed many times in China that vendors mislead customers into buying wrong type of cables. Now for normal users USB C cables and their price difference is literally indistinguishable:)

Great article on that matter below


That’s one big problem there :smile: Things like this only make me hope I’ll never see this on my desktop… Right now it’s simple - if the cable fits, it will work. Sure, you can try using a USB 2.0 cable with a USB 3.0 peripheral, but the type-B end will not be a perfect fit. It will work, and it will give you a visual warning that it’s not the right cable - that’s the behaviour I expect. With USB-C, you can try using a USB 2.0 cable on a Thunderbolt 3 accessory - it just won’t work, even though the cable is literally a perfect fit…
Don’t get me wrong, I like that Thunderbolt uses an existing port instead of creating one of its own. And I like that it uses type-C instead of A, because that gives it some extra connections. I don’t know exactly how it works (I mean, it’s a proprietary technology, so I’m not supposed to), but I wouldn’t be surprised if it even used top and bottom pins independently. That said, I don’t want to see it being used for anything else than just TB3 and charging.

Sorry for the rant. I should stop xD


Really good article, but now here is the question:
Will the cable included in the perk be a thunderbolt one, or “simply” a 3.1 gen 1/2?
I’ve seen both the thunderbolt and the normal one will be sold also separately anyway