USB-C - A step to the future or not useful at all?


There are many conditions that will affect your router’s performance and signal propagation. I had D6400 and wasn’t happy with it at all and it too never seemed to reach the claimed speeds. Something like this does a better job
But if you have a tricky environment or multiple floors/thick concrete walls, it might be worth investing into a mesh network


lol no thanks. These routers cost about 100 times more than my cable :wink:


Think of it as the price of convenience. A city bus and personal car get you to your destination at about the same speed, but a personal car is way more convenient and costs a lot more than bus ticket.

The good thing about technology though is that with time prices come down.


Actually, cars move faster… And they get you from door to door. And buses don’t even go everywhere, so sometimes they plain don’t work. A cable, on the other hand, is faster, cheaper, and it just works. It doesn’t work away from your desk, but that’s why you can have both (cheap) WiFi and a cable. When you need to download large files, just connect the cable.

I understand it’s more convenient, but just looking at the price makes me cringe. It’s not even remotely worth it. Oh, and then add the price of expensive AC antenna for PC :slight_smile: Most devices still don’t have it.


Some people’s home makes it hard to perform wiring, resolving to wireless just brings unmatched convenience - if wiring is possible at all.

But since we’re talking about you, I bet you’d know yourself the best :wink:


Well, I did all the wiring, it was a lot, but guess what, it’s worth it :smile: It’s still cheaper than those routers, especially since you can do it in your free time :slight_smile:


If you know how OTG works, then why did you just try to tell me that it is an adapter from a full-size port to a mini/micro port? You could also use a mini/micro USB to mini/micro USB cable to connect two devices.

And it’s funny hearing that mini-USB ports are dead from a person who is still stubbornly sticking with micro-USB and claiming that USB-C offers no advantages. Anyways, i digress. I really don’t want to be mean, but to be honest, you’re kinda pushing my hand bro.


This point is specifically for @pauliunas. Just to address his last post in another thread regarding USB Type C. No anger or rashness here, I just enjoy the discussion and want to address each point piece by piece.

[1] A regular charging adapter is better because:
[a]You can twist the round connector around, adapting to the angle that the tablet is standing at. Especially useful with angled plugs.
[b] It’s much much cheaper
[c] It’s not confusing. With USB-C we’re seeing a lot of accessories that “should” work but they don’t.

  1. A regular barrel adapter is better in limited ways.
    a) This I have to give to you. I really like that aspect of barrel plugs.
    b) I can’t agree with this, because it isn’t objectively correct in common scenarios. Most OEM chargers cost [upwards of $50 minimum] (( (<one example). Microsoft is even more. A USB-C charger is cheaper because i) they’re actually cheaper. You can get good PD-capable chargers for [under $50 easily](( That charger < has many additional high-power ports, AND a proper PD port, for cheaper. ii) you only need one high-power charger to be compatible with many devices. You could easily get by with 2 chargers for a phone, a tablet, a laptop, and a type-C power bank. That’s just one example. To buy chargers of equal quality for those devices individually would cost way more money.

[2] Because it’s stupid to spend more just because you spent some money. Just stupid. I already have all the peripherals I need, so why should I throw them away and buy new ones? I don’t know about you, but I think this is the definition of wasting money.

  1. I agree. Spending money for no reason is foolish. I should have clarified, I don’t have those accessories now. But why would I buy a Type-A peripheral when Type-C is clearly a superior connector to Type-A, and is compatible with more devices without adapters (i.e. Android phones)? That makes no sense. It’d be pretty foolish to buy a USB-A drive for personal use if C is a viable option.

[3] And now we’re talking about a completely different thing, Thunderbolt. [a] I really wish they used some other connector for Thunderbolt 3, even Displayport that nobody uses would be much better. [b] The reason for that is manufacturers having this illusion that a Thunderbolt 3 port can serve as a USB port. It can’t. It can only be a nasty workaround when you lack another USB port, and only if you have an adapter for that. [c] They include a TB3 port and think that they don’t need USB anymore. That is wrong. [d] I mean Thunderbolt is awesome, because it allows eGPU. Butthat’s Thunderbolt, not type C. [e] Too bad people associate theseso things so closely, even though they’re completely unrelated. Thunderbolt should not be giving any credits to type C.

a) I honestly cannot think of a single powerful reason why I would not want Thunderbolt to use Type C. Why the heck would I want a DisplayPort on my device when that would mean sacrificing the ability to plug in another standard USB Type-C device…?
b) Why can’t a Thunderbolt 3 port serve as a USB port? It can. The Thunderbolt 3 port can serve all the alt-profiles that other Type-C ports can. It supports Power Delivery charging. It supports any Type-C peripherals you want, and also supports Thunderbolt 3 peripherals. Where’s the disconnect here? Quite literally, it cam serve any Type-C aspects you want while also having Thunderbolt 3 capability.
c) When looking at your explanation, I can’t find any real reasons to back up this statement. Clarify?
d) No-one is arguing that Type-C on its own supports EGPUs, but why is this an issue? They share the same connector and this is a good thing. If you are using any accessories that utilize Thunderbolt, you’re spending large amounts of money. You should know whether or not your device actually has Thunderbolt, and the connector should not be confusing at that point.
e) I think it should. Thunderbolt is an awesome standard, but Type-C will always be more ubiquitous. Join forces, and the standard spreads. We sure don’t need MORE connector types…

Also, a side note for the whole thread, Type-C can actually serve analog audio. It’s one of the alt profiles. It can 100% replace the 3.5mm jack, it just isn’t a barrel plug which can be considered a downside.


Im wondering why they rectified the USB-C standard, while theyre breaking backwards compatibility anyway, still using the old friction method. We have wonderful magnet system like the SurfaceConnect or MagSafe, and there are even third party magnetic adapters for USB-C and microUSB.

As far as I know, over multiple cycles, the friction can be lost, while magnetism don’t degrade as much.


@pauliunas Thunderbolt FAQ :

Can I connect USB devices to a Thunderbolt 3 port? Yes, Thunderbolt 3 ports are fully compatible with USB devices and cables.


Exactly. Why introduce a new standard that breaks backwards compatibility without introducing something actually new?

@gunnmlo99: you got me wrong. It can serve as a type-C port, but it can’t serve as an actual USB port that you can use with your USB devices. If you want to use it, you need an adapter. Because good luck finding a usb-c keyboard, mouse, external hard drive and so on, all without vastly overpaying.
@Walkop I’ll reply to you tomorrow, can’t cover so many points from my phone :smile:


Well the sentence you made was simply not true :sweat_smile:
I guess you dislike USB-C so much that you didn’t count it as USB :smile:


Just to give you one example:

It is just a case, but I do not consider 13$ as over payed.

  • the real price is $23, you can always find sales, but then there are equivalent sales for micro USB enclosures
  • this comes from aliexpress, which is supposed to be dirt cheap
  • this comes from aliexpress, where product quality is not a thing, shipping takes ages and buyer protection is dubious to say the least
  • $23 is wayyy too much for just an HDD enclosure.


Amazon has this sales price policy too that it shows MSRP prices and then the “discount” as product price. This is no discount at all, just advertisement :wink:

Orico is a quality Brand and this is from official orico store in AliExpress.
I do not think that the quality is different than on any other 13$ HDD enclosure with USB B 3.

You can also just attach the USB C Port on each Keyboard or mouse, since you only need 2.0 speed and therefore only the plug needs to be changed, nothing else.


@pauliunas No problem, haha.

I don’t think those negative points really matter in the end, when the end result for the consumer is the same (which is your argument against Type-C, if I’m not mistaken, it isn’t useful in the end for consumers). Aliexpress works for many people. Yes, sales are always around for everything, and I’m betting this is pretty much the standard cost for this enclosure. “constant sale” tactics to draw more sales.

That being said, $14, the actual cost, is too much for a Type-C enclosure with 4.9* average reviews…?

Thanks @Alexander_Halbarth! I bought that enclosure just now haha.


I am also looking forward to order it as soon as I have the message that the early bird Vs get shipped soon :wink:


Do not destroy Pauliunas dreamy world - I did same with uner $15 GPS dongles …


But you still need to buy a new keyboard :wink: and that is just wrong.


which dreamy world are you talking about? you mean the " I don’t waste my money" world? I’m still in here and I’m not planning to leave.