Updating our USER manual!


Hi there!

This post is about further developing our unique user manual as we have the opportunity of making changes and collect new feedbacks :sunglasses: We would need to provide new copy early next week!

See here how the current one came to life…

:arrow_down: THIS IS OUR USER MANUAL :arrow_down:

:arrow_down: AND THIS IS THE TEXT ON OUR USER MANUAL. :arrow_down:

Click here to read the manual

Congratulations and thank you! You are now an official supporter of Eve and the eve.community. This Quick Start Guide will help you get your Eve V up and running in no time!

Here are a few things about the Eve V that we thought you might be curious about …

How thin?
What matters more, technical specs or perception? Both! We designed the Eve V. to appear to be the thinnest tablet on the market, however we actually increased the thickness to provide greater battery capacity, giving our customers what they really want, better specs.

Simply personal.
No one wants to be a walking billboard. Our customers love beautiful tech devices, not corporate gimmicks. We chose to limit branding to a small discrete logo on the back of the kickstand. It’s become our community’s discrete badge of honor and rally-call, the pyramid flipper.

Ahhh symmetry!
Balance matters. When objects align we feel the harmony. When it comes to great design, it’s all about maintaining perfection in the details. The USB A ports mirror one another on each side as well as the length for the ports and buttons on either side. The buttons are also the same width as the USB A, creating continuous lines of alignment.

There is something captivating about a smooth slate of glass, you can lose yourself in the sea of blackness. We wanted to capture that feeling in our tablet and that’s why we have strived to make the bezel and display as indistinguishable as possible. We took it a step further and removed all logos and home keys from the front display, leaving it beautifully uninterrupted.

Rooted in functionality.
First and foremost, we kept the USB A ports because our community needed them. This drove a lot of design decisions. The fingerprint reader is also the on/off button making it more convenient for user to seamlessly use their devices. The volume button rocker placed between the USB A and power button is wide and comfortable to use.

In the box you will find the Eve V and keyboard, the touch pen, wall power adapter, and charging cable.

Before you start. You need to know about ports and buttons on the Eve V, then we will go through some important functionality of the keyboard.

Let’s get started!
We know you can’t wait to get start testing the Eve V out and you are almost there!

When developing the Eve V, our primary focus was on a better user experience. You should be able to start your Eve V in a matter of seconds, anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is to press the power button on the side of the Eve V and follow the Windows start-up guide. You will be asked to fill in some basic info and sync with your previous Microsoft account, if you already have one. Remember, you can start your device for the first time with or without keyboard connected; it’s a 2-in-1 after all.

The Eve V contains 0% bloatware so the whole set-up process should take as much time as it takes to get a coffee, tea, or whatever.

Step-by-step startup guide:

  1. Power on the device by pressing the power button
  2. Follow the instructions Windows provides you
  3. You are all set.

If the Eve V doesn’t start
Connect your Eve V to the charger using either of the USB C ports. Wait a while and try again.

We check every device that leaves the factory floor at least twice! We might have messed up…or maybe the shipping company did. If you are not persuaded, check this video out: http://bit.ly/2kACzvW

If that doesn’t work
Frustrated? If nothing seems to help, feel free to swear at the device! It will help you feel better. Please send us an email: support@eve-tech.com and we will answer and take care of everything promptly.

Thanks to eve.community member mulenga for ideas on phrasing this support section.

How to use your Eve V Bluetooth keyboard
Good news! The Eve V’s keyboard can be connected in 2 ways: using Bluetooth or Pogo pin connector port in the device:

To pair the V Wireless Keyboard with Eve V, or another bluetooth device:

  1. Make sure Eve V has bluetooth on
  2. Press the bluetooth / F12 key on the top row of the V Wireless Keyboard.
  3. Wait until you see the “V Wireless Keyboard” in the available bluetooth devices on your Eve V
  4. Click Pair and wait for pairing to be complete.

Google, Bing and other search Engines… Are your big friends. Use them wisely.

You can always ask your question in our amazing eve.community Some hacks from eve.community

By @iKirin:
Giving up privacy sucks! So to limit diagnostic reports sent to Microsoft…
In Settings > Privacy, scroll down to Feedback & diagnostics. Then under Diagnostic and usage data, select Basic. This doesn’t fully turn off the feature, but with this option, your device will only send limited health and performance feedback to Microsoft.

By @Patrick_Hermawan:
I just got the Eve V, the device is really hot It’s Normal due to the massive number of updates and indexing, should go away when all is done.
My battery life is not good Check the App History tab in Task Manager to see which apps use a lot of CPU (don’t forget to check “Show history for all processes”). The Eve V also features four speakers that could easily consume as much power as the CPU, so keep that in mind. If you’re still in the first few days, it needs some time to update, index, and do all the boring stuff. Just let it work, and it will calm itself down.

For more community hacks and tips visit eve.community/t/v-community-hacks-tips

Some do’s and don’ts from eve.community…

By @NBaron Let’s not forget that using your Eve V in the shower or underwater is not a good idea and will for sure end in the premature death of your device.

By @bmv1221 Do use your PC for computing, browsing, streaming. Do not use the buttery smooth backside as a plate for eating despite the obvious convenience.

By @andybotty Use the Eve V if you want a reliable 2-in-1 that works with you throughout the whole day without the need of charging it.
Don’t use the Eve V if you want a low battery on your 2-in-1 as an excuse to not get your work done.


Congratulations, you have successfully finished reading the start guide. Give yourself a pat on the back and have fun!

Special Thanks to our eve.community members who helped write this start guide:

(all these names will have @ in front, but for this post I can not mention all these people :blush: )
xDrako NBaron SteveYork AntonyTerence sean judge NichUK Jimmy_White Patrick_Hermawan Zimi nyerel pauliunas garry fanoftech4life mulenga Christina Korosec bmv1221 TAlmatem JMonsorno SoundMix Crispin ToiletSheep andybotty Konstantinos iKirin riku Mike phonque benej98 razaknk mcalbala sirjj SpeedyS mcalbala thedrawer tmaone Biest Giome JK2010 chriskirza frand771 Teo2608 nishih77 arddan CheesyFeet BlackEagle


A lot of work and passion has been put to make this unique user manual! After this time is there some changes or additional information that we feel should change or that they should be different? Mistakes? Improvements? What do you think?

Internally we have found out that these topics could be good to add…

  • Pressing both volume buttons simultaneously = Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • What do the pen buttons do? (holding the top one turns tip into right-click, holding the bottom one turns tip into eraser tool in supported software)
  • Detail about where to find the Micro SD slot
  • TOP 5 / Tips and best practices to keep your V in the best shape!
  • Common Fn-button combinations
  • How to connect to external monitors

During the next few days we will collect the inputs and suggestions for the new manual!


The first page (cover page), instead of the triangle logo or Quick Start Guide, I’d replace it with a massive text that says RTFM

Followed by a smaller text below it “Read The Fantastic Manual!”

It goes perfectly with the theme of the device (made by them us, oops!), and let’s be honest, everybody should RTFM.

  • A little advertisement for other Eve products. “Keep an eye on these products, or join the community to develop it together!”

  • Step by step guide (with pictures) on how to connect the BT, and how to switch from one BT connection to the other. I think it’s one of the most commonly asked questions

  • important! How to backup the display calibration profile.

  • To add a little specialty, the i7/1TB should receive the manual in different theme color, not blue (I’d vote for black)


This. This. +1.

This too. +11.

The current instructions are demonstrably inadequate.

It could also include instructions on how to UTFS. You can make it special by letting people know they can leverage the magic of google by including site:eve.community in their google search.


I would update the support section to add Information when to go to the community and when to spam support :wink:
That would maybe make your work easier.

I would reduce the advertisement Text about the V, since everyone who sees it, will already have bought one so you do not need to sell it anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

The USB Ports in the Picture are wrongly labeled, since they are 3.1 and not 3.0

Maybe you could also add where to plug in USB C Adapters to get monitor output (TB3 Connector)

Last but not least reset instructions would also be great to have on it.

Oh, and everything what @Patrick_Hermawan said would be great too :smile:

  1. anything about retrieving the color calibration if you have to reset the device? Or at least a hint where it can be found?
    EDIT I meant, where instructions can be found.
    But hints about where the calibration is on the computer, is fine too :slight_smile:

  2. How to put the V to sleep, how to wake it up… it seems from what I read that this is different to for instance the SP4…
    And hints how to keep it asleep :wink: ? It seems that some have problems with this too…


Howzit, I just had a look at my v and the manual today and noticed that there is a Wi-Fi toggle button on the manual but an airplane mode one on the v keyboard itself…



@Patrick_Hermawan basically mentioned everything I wanted to add XD Especially the one about the BT keyboard.

I’m thinking grey background with white text and red accents instead. Matches the colour scheme with the Eve brand.


I would add the following:

  • how to use the fingerprint reader and what to do if it doesn’t (seem to) work
    – Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options

  • how to use the power button
    – this doesn’t seem to be clear always, even though most seem to be OK with it

  • better keyboard instructions and explanations
    – LED indicator
    ** when does the keyboard indicate low battery charge?
    ** what colours does the LED show and when?

  • better (correct) keyboard bluetooth pairing instructions

  • how and when to recharge the keyboard
    – does V charge the keyboard when attached
    ** all the time or
    ** only when the keyboard battery is below certain charge level?

The keyboard layout side of the sheet could have a bit smaller keyboard layout picture and more instructions. Now the keys are terribly large, but the text is pretty small.

I would make the user guide sheet more compact just for easier useability…


A ring notebook style, if thick?


I think this one’s pretty simple, plug it whenever possible since, not only it charges the keyboard, but its also more efficient (takes more power for wireless vs. wired), the gestures work better (PTP vs. non-PTP), speed (BT vs. USB polling rate) and the infamous lapability. The benefit of this strategy is that I’ve never ran out of charge on the keyboard.


Great inputs! :slight_smile: We will work on this!


Can we have a downloadable version?

Also was the first version supposed to be included, I never received one :thinking:


I actually struggle a lot with my keyboard, even though it’s connected most of the time.

  • Does the keyboard charge when V is off, or does it drain out?

  • When does the keyboard reconnect after it has been disconnected?
    – after battery outcharge, it seems to need to be connected a few minutes, even though the V is behaving a bit crazy, just so that it charges enough to actually reconnect normally if you disconnect it and snap it on again.


If the keyboard needs to be charged a red led light comes on (just under the ► key).
The keyboard should charge when connected to the V.
If not, try to clean the connecting pins of the keyboard with a eraser.

Hope this helps :hugs: