Updates 09.01 + Community Meetup in the US



Dear Community!

Me and @Thor are @CES in the US now. Meeting all of our key parnters like Microsoft, Intel, Sharp, etc for Eve V project review.
Meanwhile as promised find key updates below:

1. EU Limited birds

We have just uploaded tracking info for the EU limited birds to Backerkit. You should receive an email with your tracking info. Also you can see the tracking from your backerkit account

2. Second batch limited birds + 1TB drives update

We are receiving the rest of 1TB drives this Friday and we have now received more housings to the factory as well. There are quality issues with the housing still (60-70% is good) but supplier understands that its their fault so they will send over more housings to us and we will then kickoff the production. We will share with you the production schedule as soon as we get it form the factory this week.

3. US meetup with community!

We would be super happy to see you. It will be fun! Now we have 2 options:

We can have a meetup lunch on Thursday 11th of Jan during the CES


We can meet on 18th evening in Seattle!

Will you attend Eve meetup?

  • I will attend CES lunch
  • I will attend Seattle meetup
  • I will attend both!
  • I can’t attand neither of the meetups
  • Other

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If you would like to join PM or What’s app me at +358458557247

4. Flash sale delivery updates

We will be sendig out newsletter next week to flashsale guys updating with the latest production shcedule for their device!

The reason we are moving to email updates is because now we are having much more than just 2 batches of devices to deliver with different delivery times. Community is not designed to provide individual shipping updates to the users. We will use email as a clean and precise way to community order related updates.

Also as you know over the past year or so we used the community as a platform to communicate the status of the HEB and LB that backed us in Indiegogo. We did this because there was not much to do in the community in terms of crowd-developing new ideas as the V was already finished. However now with Project B as well as Donald Dock we’ve got projects in development that fired up the engines of the Eve Community again to full throttle. Also this year we will be working on the next big thing and we would like not to flood the community with identical support inquires that are better handled through email.

With this, we’ll be moving the updates about the Flash Sales away from the Eve Community to a direct email newsletter for buyers of the different flash sales - so e.g. people from the flash sale from the 4th of December will get the updates that are relevant for them directly into their mail. :slight_smile:

P.S. I wanted to let you know that due to the time difference and really packed schedule for us here in US. It will take me more time to answer the PMs and community messages. We are in CES this week and in Seattle next week. I’ll make sure to spend more time in community when in Seattle.

Thank you all and wish us luck with US partner meetings :smiley:

1TB Shipping Corner
Update 11.01 on production, CES, Seattle meetup
Community Digest 12.01

So another delay for 1 TB HEBs … when will this nightmare/bad management end?


and 2nd batch LBs - like it to be me in this group…


For me as a 1TB HEB (rather a HLB - Hyper Late Bird) this is most frustrating! :disappointed:

@Konstantinos I still don’t get it how they could run out of housings, wasn’t it clear how many devices were ordered? :man_shrugging:


me too :frowning: backerkit still shows “ready to ship”…


Have another read at KK’s message - quite clear to me the quality an issue for around a third of them.

Remember also the messages from last quarter - the subcontractors are not used to the consistent quality that Eve-Tech require - even though there may be SLAs…

Maybe competitors will put up with substandard kit and parts. Eve community chose quality as priority as per many posts and votes previously


I’d love to attend, but both of those cities are at least 1500 miles form me. :frowning:

Makes me wish I still lived near San Francisco.

(Any chance of an airport layover in Dallas-Fort Worth [DFW International] on your way back? :grinning: LOL)


Sure I understand the quality issues and think it’s great we will be getting top quality products! :+1:

From the beginning it was clear that x-thousand housing will be needed, so why order them after they run out??


That’s exactly why I wrote about bad management from EVE team …


no supplier is going to give you 2x your order though just because you have high standards.


My backerkit still shows “ready to ship” :frowning:. I really hope that the second batch for LB won’t take long to ship.


Sounds like you are extremely disappointed, (Lukas) referring to a nightmare and all…

Its easy to see why that might have happened: at the time of the 1TB upgrade we had certain information at hand (about the delivery) and since the market has changed, without us getting information on time and thus enabling to inform you…

The info was good at the time and in good will, we told you “might effect your shipping schedule”, but that, in hindsight, it turned out to much an understatement…

We’re really sorry for this. Indeed the situation with the 1TB has been far from perfect, even “good”.

These words probably don’t mean much to you, as you’ve heard multiple sorries along the way… But we really do feel for you. Sometimes even to a demoralizing degree :confused:

Unfortunately there are now only words I can send your way via my keyboard.

We can’t try any harder, but we will improve going towards the future.

Hopefully you can be a part of that!

Yeah it seems so weird right? You know the thing is that in case of a problem, many chinese companies in my personal experience prefer solving the problem by taking care of it as soon as possible: they ship but not to our standards. We end up disqualifying and it seems they’re just trying to wipe it under the rug…

It also might be they over estimated their ability to fix their issues in delivering qualifiable units…

It seems we just have to do more of the sourcing ourselves in the future to avoid this from happening…


Will this be the last batch of LB and 1TB drives to be in production and will be ship out regardless of regions? Asia will be further affected by our up-coming chinese new year and looking at we’re almost at the mid month of Jan with no production yet adding the use of 4PX, the chances of getting my V before chinese new year will be slim. Anticipation become anxiety :persevere:


Further to my query, will this :fu:t3: win pro upgrade further delay shipping as well?


Luckily this year the CNY will begin 16th of Feb so there is still time. We understand the effects of this and are emphasizing daily that all shipments affected will absolutely need to ship before this. Emdoor knows this too.


Hey @Odin_go! We will be shipping out Vs before Chinese New Year regardless of the configuration. So you will be getting yours soon buddy! Pushing vendors everyday!


@Konstantinos Will you promise that or full money return without shipping Vs for those who want that? Or this is another promise with just maybe it will somehow work or sorry or another delay and delivery after CNY …


Shipping out vs before Chinese New Year doesn’t mean I will get my v before Chinese New Year, right? I’m kind of skeptical.


Ready to Ship? What the fuck. Why I am not getting my V? I dont have a 1tb ssd. So Why I am not getting my V? Oh cmon… I am so frustraded… At the end of 2018 I dont need it anymore


yes mate, I know how you feel…
same here, I think I’d like a refund… already emailed them and asking the procedures. Well, Let’s hope for the refund thing, it will deliver faster without housings and 4px anymore… :smile:


1 TB drives was yesterday’s issue (hopefully), today’s one is - they do not have housings … Tomorrow’s one? Let me guess - missing some cables …