Update on Spectrum features

Edit: Ah, I see what you mean. That’s fair lol. I just wish that the USB-C port was more than just display (if I read the specs right).

Why have USB A ports at all? I don’t recall there being a survey to get rid of USB A specifically only USB as an option overall. I think USB C ports would be fine personally. Being a primarily USB C user at this point I have USB C on both ends of several of my cables. This does of course at times mean I have to use a USB C to A adapter but I guess I am just used to that.
My thought is that its less ports so less added space need as well as smaller ports used.

I guess USB A isn’t dead yet and some people might want to connect their mouse, keyboard and USB stick to the pc via the monitor. Similar reasoning for the V still having USB A ports. I’d say it’s definitely still nice to have a few USB a ports.


The polls showed a clear preference for both USB Type-A and Type-C ports:

50% voted for having both, versus
10% for only Type-C and
7% for only Type-A.

As @ToiletSheep mentioned, though USB-C is the future, Type-A isn’t dead just yet. There is something to be said for Apple’s approach of “if we don’t give them an option people will have to switch to the future-thing faster”, the reality is that outside of Apple’s walled garden a lot of people do still use USB Type-A peripherals…


@ToiletSheep, @Helios,
Guess so. It was a thought. I don’t recall that survey question so I might have missed it or just forgotten about it. We are packing so much into this monitor I figured if it was a viable option one less thing might help.
As far as apple goes they need to get off of lightning and get all their devices on thunderbolt.

I know the touch/pen option had previously been ruled out because of cost, but I just thought I’d mention the Apollo AIO with standalone monitor variant, which is basically a Surface Studio clone:

The Apollo Lite is the monitor-only variant with pen input:

and price at a very reasonable $599. You may be skeptical of the build quality, screen and pen-input like I was, but surprisingly Lisa from MobileTechReview gave all these factors a thumbs up in her first look:

The build quality and hinge mechanism are solid (though not quite at the fit-and-finish of the Surface Studio), the pen response is suitable for art, and screen has decent specs (a 10-bit panel):

Basically, I was wondering if maybe Eve could get in touch with the makers (Chinese company Sefree) to understand how they were able to bring the total BOM down enough support a retail price of $599. Lisa guessed they may have worked with UC-Logic to implement the digitizer system, so that could be an inroad for a similar drawing variant of the Spectrum.

I’d just like to suggest Eve take a serious look at this because with the Spectrum’s panel specs, this could become killer product for artists. Of course, I would easily pay more than $599 to account for the superior panel in the Spectrum. Even at $899, it would be a steal compared to Wacom Cintiqs and many alternatives.

Please investigate this angle if possible. Thanks.


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Who else keeps refreshing to see when the renders go live


Hopefully, this will be backlight strobing that works in combination with ALL of variable refresh AND variable overdrive. I would like all of these features to be available simultaneously without having to do what other monitors have done and force the user to make a compromise because some features don’t work with other features.

A new post with updates specs and features can be found here.