Update of 22.06.2018


Hi guys!

No major information contained here.

Straight to the point(s).


We’re proceeding with shipping units and some people will get them earlier than others.

Its no excuse and for some of you it explain anything but I’ll try my luck in winning some of you over; we are really working hard and its an extremely complex operation compared to the current small team size we have.

That’s exactly why are going for investment; to fix our shortcomings by adding fresh blood & new resources.

We will be thinking about how to make it up to you guys right after we take care of shipping everybody that yet does not have a V im their hands (and missing accessories).


As discussed before (in the previous updates), the investment round is of high importance in resolving our shorcomings over the past months.

We have been in late stage negotiations with 3 investors. As you may know, these things take some time as companies need to complete due diligence & legal restructuring.

Looking forward to give you more substantial updates soon!

Thank you for your time and understanding!

13th July Update

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the update. I have a few questions, please see if you or your team could reply.

  1. When can we buy accessories?

I definitely need a set of international chargers. (and I need a new “enter” key.)

  1. Are you guys still working on the dock and backpack projects?

  2. Regarding the calibration profile resetting issue in windows 10 1803, would Eve try to figure out the cause?



How does this effect ppl. That are waiting for a refund?

Will the refunds be on the way by the end of June?


Since 30th June is quite soon, can you confirm that the remaining units will be shipped by the end of the month? Do you see ANY obstacles ahead that might influence fulfilling this promise? If so, I suggest spilling the beans as soon as you learn about them (now), without waiting for weekly updates.

Can you tell us how many units are being shipped daily?
How many units per shipment?
How many units are left to be shipped from the first Flashes?

Oh, BTW. I still consider myself a 4th Dec buyer, because I bought my unit then. The fact that my order has been altered and is booked as 20th Dec with a dif. order number shouldn’t make a difference (does it even?), as the original order had been placed within the first 30 minutes, or so. Because, you know, the fact that you litter your system with new order numbers instead of alterations should not be my problem.


You should contact Support because of that since you won’t be able tu buy spare parts in the webshop (at least right now).
Sounds like a warranty issue to me, since the Keys should not Fall off the keyboard and are, in fact, very hard to replace.

P.S.: Thanks for the update Mike. I hope everything will run according to the Plan and all Vs (also modified orders since I have one too) will get out of the factory on time.


I want to thank you for this. I hope, after 4 months wait, I will be able to connect my V to an external screen very very soon…


Small suggestion to “help win people over.” Give concrete numbers and facts.

How many units are you shipping per day? per week?
How many were ordered? How many units remain to be built? shipped?

Are you on target to fulfill all pending orders by the month’s end?
If so, give yourself a pat on the back.
If not, what are you (Eve) doing to maximize efficiency and minimize loss?

Just an idea.


I’m moving out of state in a month, my order page says shipping June 18th - Jun 30th. I have near-zero faith that I will receive my V before I move. I know that responding here will not actually change anything, I just feel taken advantage of.


@Mike Perhaps instead of stating that we are proceeding with shipping units, which was the same thing you said in the last update, you could give us a percentage shipped based on the orders up to the June 30th ship date you have promised. I fully expect that the main problems are all about the lack of financing, and your suppliers are holding onto the components, or the assembled products, until assurances (Payments) are met. However, seeing that you are not able to mention actual shipping percentages, can you give us a little bit more news?


To my relief, a few days ago my credit card company (Visa) converted the temporary credit of US $2,049 to a permanent credit in that amount for the dispute I initiated on 2018-05-05 against Eve-Tech/Fortress Tech Distribution for failure to deliver my V (i7, 16Gb RAM, 1Tb SSD), purchased within 3 minutes of the opening of the flash sale on 2017-12-04, with an assigned order number in the range from 1,300 to 1,399.

This dispute was entered after emailing Eve-Tech in early May, having received from them an unsatisfactory response to my demanded cancellation of my order. Basically, I ignored the “fine-print” purchase terms denying cancellation rights that they claimed existed on the original date of purchase (without proof of same from the Web Archive). And anyway, failure to deliver by the promised date is grounds in any country to void any such terms as unenforceable.

Despite the good and honest intentions of the Eve-Tech team, and the enthusiasm of its crowd-sourcing fans, it has been clear for some time that the Eve-Tech team and fans were woefully naïve to think Eve-Tech could produce and sell thousands (tens of thousands?) of Vs without in-house financing for their manufacture and technical/warranty support. Relying on advance-payment-in-full purchasers to finance manufacture and shipping indicates lack of commercial/business sophistication.

Blaming Paypal and the credit-card processors for Eve-Tech’s inadequate financing illustrates the naïveté. These payment processors rightfully are not going to release huge amounts of full pre-payments to tiny companies in advance of shipping product to purchasers.

If they did, and such startups were to go bankrupt, or an executive abscond with the proceeds to rogue countries beyond the reach of the law, then Paypal, Visa, MC, Eurocard, JCB, etc. would be on the hook to repay their cardholders in full. That’s one of the benefits to credit-card holders and Paypal users.

Waiting for Eve-Tech to refund one’s money paid for a cancelled order makes little sense. Unless purchased by direct bank-to-bank transfer, Western Union money order, or personal check, Eve-Tech likely never received most or all of a purchaser’s money. It’s likely sitting with Paypal or the credit-card processor. They are the ones from whom to request refund, hopefully before their dispute window closes.

With the 6-month window for disputes closing within a month, I, for one, in early May was not going to take the chance of losing more than US $2k if Eve-Tech were to fold, or its future owners/investors to disown its obligations to unfulfilled purchasers (a.k.a. “unsecured creditors”).

So, after 5 months of waiting for the V, I ordered a Dell XPS 13 with similar specs as to my cancelled V, at a similar price. It arrived 10 days later. As a 6-month newer model, it had a higher-res screen (full UHD/4K) than the V, and three Thunderbolt-3 USB-C ports. (Although its touch screen does not detach like the V’s, detachability is a feature I do not need anyway).

And, most importantly, the XPS came from a huge and longstanding, reputable company that offers timely downloads of updated drivers, BIOS firmware (already downloaded a new one for my machine), patches, and warranty coverage for defects from a well-designed website and support team. It will take years for a small startup like Eve-Tech to emulate this infrastructure.

Indeed, I needed help getting some bundled Office 2016 software to install, and had numerous phone calls and emails with helpful Dell Support techs until my problems were resolved.

When I read on this forum that some V purchasers cannot promptly get defective ENTER keys replaced, or have problems with activating their Windows 10 O.S. with “already-used” codes (is Microsoft getting its license fee and providing Eve-Tech a unique, virginal activation code for each new V being shipped?), I am relieved not to have taken chances with support from Eve-Tech.

I hope the Eve-Tech team overcomes its many problems and is able to satisfy its many patient advance purchasers, and someday becomes a reliable competitor to Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Apple, and other giants.


Aside from what is quoted below, this entire post is what I would consider a well reasoned and informative account of someone who purchased and then sought alternative means to retrieve their money.

Just-in-time manufacturing is a valid methodology to reduce/eliminate inventory holding costs, and I think it is unfair to say based on this alone that the company lacks sophistication.

They were unprepared - beyond a doubt - and in my opinion, their lack of experience is overwhelmingly the cause of all the troubles they are facing right now.

But have a cookie for your opinion, it was fair, really well reasoned and presented. I feel the forum would be a better place if more critical posts were like yours. :cookie:


I bleiene that you prøver that by the end og June the refunde oppstion will be avaible if the V did not be shipped. I hope you keep your promises.


As expected, Mike has pussyfooted the major issues and given a generic B.S. update!
Eve needs lessons in communications and legal help to file for bankruptcy after issuing refunds starting July 1.


Ehhhhhh… tbh this update is somewhat unclear and generic. Sorry Mike, that’s my honest opinion :frowning: Feeling that eve will not (OR let’s say very unlikely) meet the end of June deadline is probably gonna be the last straw for me. As much as I appreciate everyone’ efforts to get this thing going, I’ve lost my enthusiasm and interest. The process has dragged on for too long for me (and potentially a lot of people). It’s very disappointing for me to see that eve is, again, not communicating well with its customers.

No, I won’t rant for the sake of complaining, because that isn’t gonna get us anywhere. But honestly this is becoming (if not already for some ppl) a bummer.

I appreciate the team’s hard work especially in terms of getting investment in a relatively short time, though I genuinely hope that this was done 6 months earlier. I really hoped eve can have more transparency (since a few months ago). Not having enough clarity makes it difficult to build trust and helps to create speculations. I would rather know “xxx is confidential so we can’t talk about it” or “the delay for your unit is xxx days” than generic updates. Anyways, I hope things will get better for everyone who reads this line :slight_smile:


I understand the focus Eve currently has, but already neglecting the not-so-proud-anymore owners of the V is a little bit frustrating. I had hoped for a much faster bug fixing and driver delivery approach than the big giants - and as HEB I was prepared for problems, bugs and so forth - with the understanding that the team is hard working on fixes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that selling/shipping devices is not important - I just don’t see why the person(s) who did develop drivers for the V cannot do this in parallel to shipping…

So far, I haven’t received many fixes to everydays problems (e.g. loose USB-C port, Home/End not working on keyboad, bluetooth connectivity issues after standby, not being able to change the brightness of the screen after standby, loose keyboard, webcam in use, … Well, at least the problems one could fix via drivers. And the fixes are still unsigned/Windows gives a warning that one shouldn’t install them. There has been some improvements (audio quality or ghost touches), but with the current driver development/update approach, I doubt that I will ever receive any security update (like Spectre, SpectreNG, …) which would need BIOS/Microcode updates.


Thats relatively easy to answer. It is just some work for the Team to push the updates at the manufacturer and money to pay this…


I’m sorry @Mike but I’m starting to lose faith in you and Eve.
This update isn’t detailed at all and states the same things as before (“we are working hard” and “we are negotiating with investors and are thrilled to tell you more about it in the future”). This update can be written within 15 minutes, which makes me even more dissapointed that you didn’t want to invest those 15 minutes in us last week.

You said a few weeks ago that you wanted to put more effort into your community but you didn’t participate in the topic I made to help you bettering support and you didn’t adress why most people’s estimates have moved even though you said shipment was going according to schedule.

I think most community members know that I have been a hopeful, active and positive participant in the Eve community. Sadly I’m starting to regret it.
@Mike I believe you lied to us telling shipment was going according to schedule, you lied telling the community you wanted to put more effort into our experience and I believe that you’re lying when you talk about the future because you can’t believe you’re running Eve to create a great company. There are things happening behind the scenes and I think it isn’t preparation for an Eve expantion but for bankruptcy.

You and your team have 1 week to show me you can stop lying, you can be transparant and manage this operation properly. If you don’t, I will be happy to end this and take back my money either with or without your cooperation. I believe that you don’t deserve the concept and community of Eve at the moment. Do something about it.

I suggest you’d start now, help can be granted simply by asking.


So if my V hasn’t shipped by 30th of June how will people be able to start the refund process? Obviously the ideal outcome would be that I get my V as I still think it looks like a fantastic device but after 6 (nearly 7) months of waiting the refund is sadly looking like a better option day by day.


Yes, I would like to ask the same question. How can we start the refund process? Should we just directly contact support?

It is the 24.June so only 6 days left for you to send out all Tracking Numbers. What does “some people will get them earlier then others” mean?


I’d like them to let people know prior to the 30th how we actually go about it, then as soon as 1st of July comes around people can start the process if they wish. Hopefully it will be a case of just contacting support, giving them your order number and letting them sort the refund out.