UPDATE: Eve V status


Helloes from China!

As we are drawing close to the final scenes of our R&D journey, I ventured to China last week to inspect the prototype’s status, while @Konstantinos and @Thor will join me from tomorrow.

Times are very busy and we are putting in our best efforts to make sure the V comes out as defined right here at the eve.community! We feel bad we haven’t had time to update you guys properly, but it is not because there is nothing happening behind the scenes - its exactly the opposite! :slight_smile:

So without further ado, let’s get to updating:

The V Computer

Short user experience report after living roughly 36 hours with this V proto:

I’ve gotten my hands on a quasimodo unit that’s half final half gen1. Screen unit is not glued in so adjustments in the mechanics inside can be easily made - if necessary. Even though it’s a quasimodo unit, I have the advantage of having seen all the units throughout the development process. That’s why I can still genuinely say that I like this computer.

The display is immensely immersive. When the V turns on and we get to the loading screen, I always tend to pause for a bit to just admire the vivid colors. Its bright too. I was sitting in Starbucks today that was very standardly illuminated and was able to go through the day with using just around 30% brightness.

The V prototype and the V Wireless Keyboard Alcantara edition next to Microsoft Surface 3

Battery life?

During this coffee shop session the battery life was a pleasant surprise. I’m only now installing software that I standardly use so but with browser open (10 tabs or so), whatsapp web open, batterymon and CPUZ open, I was hacking away with the keyboard plugged in experiencing steady slow battery drop that leads me to believe that we’re going to the all day battery life for light usage (browsing, occasional videos, perhaps some music from headphones, writing text heavily). With my usage, the batterymon & windows battery estimator both estimated the battery will ran out in 12 hours. this is without algorithms (they will be implemented later).

Eve V in its natural habitat, the coffee shop (alongside an 11.6" MBA)

But dudes, as we know: Battery life always depends on how you use your computer! If you max out the brightness & speakers, keep keyboard backlight on and charge your phone from the V while CPU is buzzin’ at 100%, expect nothing of the sorts.


This unit is an i5 version, and I have nothing to complain. In fact quite the opposite. Only Konsta’s gaming laptop has seemed faster (and that’s with 16 gigs of RAM and an 45W quad core CPU). The said laptop is also famous of its less than 2 hour battery life (as new), these days it doesn’t even have battery anymore as some of you might remember :wink:

Programs install fast. Boot is less than 9.5 sec. Wake up from sleep is instant. To summarize, performance is what at least what one could become to expect from a modern, mobile computer.

Of course I’m probably one of the worst persons here in the community to judge performance since my “PC” for the last 2 years has been Microsoft Surface 3 with 2W x7 Cherrytrail CPU and 4 gigs of RAM. I feel so ashamed of that now. All I can say is that we will let you guys be the judge. OFC will also do our own benchmarks and provide these to you guys soon.


The V Wireless Keyboard with Turquoise backlight (blue is my favorite)

The keyboard is coming together very well. We’re satisfied of the functionalities. And recently FN-lock was implemented as well*

I’ve tested the keyboard with Alcantara and without, and personally I like Alcantara’s suede feeling much more. Its hard to explain but when I lay my hands on it, it feels as if it massage them. It’s hard to describe but it just feels very comfortable. To me, personally, it also looks more stylish and unique. Nobody has these kind of keyboards.

Not to mention guys, using the keyboard wireless is absolutely BOSS. First of all, because it prevents you from looking like this:

A man in Starbucks without the V Wireless Keyboard

When the keyboard is detached from the V, it will connect within seconds. Apart from looking awkward, it also serves another very important purpose: it frees your working postures. You’re free to place the V on any surface next to you, adjust the distance of the display from yourself and most importantly, your not holding the whole device on your lap, but just a light handy keyboard.

As the picture above shows, the keyboard is capable of multiple different backlight colors, which can be adjusted by the user. The keyboard also remembers your chosen backlight color, so you don’t have to always set it up again.

The trackpad is also satisfying in its size and function, working without lag also in bluetooth. It’s software needs still some updating, but hardware wise we’re looking at a very nice experience. I love the feel of the gorilla glass over it.

*FN-lock will activate if user presses FN and ESC simultaneously. At this point the keyboard will blink backlight with yellow light twice to indicate you’ve activated FN-lock. You’ll deactivate with the same key combination, backlight blinking once, respectively.

What are we doing now?

Behind every great customer experience, there are processes, principles and a huge amount of work being done by a lot of people.

So right now guys we’re doing exactly that!

Project’s chief tooling engineer experiencing the V for the first time, as we reviewed some minor changes on the aluminum case

On the product side we’re mainly finalizing the small details of the V. This very much detail work. Typically a great product has been honed and improved through so many times, that thousands of details have been synchronized to perfection. These details are invisible, unless they are not taken care of. If they are not fixed, they become annoying. That’s why were all here, right? :smiley: Examples of these small details are:
“how fast the V wakes up when the keyboard is opened?”
“What is the current boot time? Can we improve it?”
“Are the buttons aligned with the housing in an appropriate angle?”
“Is the color of the housing same as in the golden sample” and so on.

You deserve only the very best, and that’s what we’re making for you :slight_smile:

Some poor dude’s stay in China gets way way extended as airline tickets are being rescheduled with the V

Apart from the product, our main focus now is doing a lot of customer service, continuing issuing purchase orders for components, establishing operations, such as reliable logistics and preparing to open the web store etc, so that once we ship the V to you guys, we’re also able to operate properly and thus take good care of you :wink:

That’s the best I can do for now - more later!

I will be answering questions here and we will be trying our very best to update you guys to the best of our abilities!

Disclaimer: This post has been written with the V prototype without any major issues :smiley:

[OFFICIAL] Eve Status Update + Q&A





Absolutely great news :slight_smile:
Thanks @Mike

First question: When will the testers get the prototypes?


Immediately when we are able to build them properly! We ran onto a situation whereby tomorrow we can produce most of them. We needed to change the display connector cable and that took some time, but the cable arrived today and we will proceed!


Mike, thank you for the update : )

That’s interesting. Could you provide more information?


The @iKirin had informed you that the 3 types of processors will be sent to test.
I would like to know if we will receive the prototypes according to the workload that @iKirin suggested us to test.
I say this, because there are tests that would perform better with i7 processors, in the case of those who were undercover to test some games, 3D programs, etc.
Or this will not be taken into account, since we also have the freedom to test what we think is best.



Is the keyboard layout final?
Because there’s still a poll about the “hidden features”.

How about to move the ctrl, fn, win and alt -keys to the centre and put the menu symbol in the right lower corner of the right alt?
And the keyboard would have a nicer look if shift, caps lock, tab, return and oops get centered vertically.
Something like this.

Is it possible?


This sounds very promising. Brightness is everything when taking the Eve out.

Just awesome that you could implement that idea from the community (don’t remember who had it) of blinking to indicate fn lock status.

Just some questions:

  1. Since there has never been an answer of you or @Konstantinos: Is there any chance that the “hidden” fn functions get a keyboard print? (personal interest especially in insert and menu)
  2. Will all prints on the keyboard be illuminated in the dark? Also F1-F12 and all the other fn functions? Because it’s difficult to use what you cannot see.
  3. Can you close a window with Alt+F4 while fn lock mode is on “media functions first” so that F4 alone would decrease volume?


Quick! Before @pauliunas sees it :stuck_out_tongue:

And thank you very much for the update! Really appreciated!

@Mike, can you maybe tell us how long you were comfortably able to write on the keyboard?


Come on, are you now going to do this just to annoy me? :smile:


Actually it was on purpose exclusively for @pauliunas :sunglasses:


My evening glory : I assume the paternity of this idea, but the color change will increase the visualisation of the status change. Proud to be able to help without special knowledges :wink:
And @Mike thanks a lot for the update, this is really immersive !


Great idea :smiley:
Would be really great if this was possible…


Thanks for update and the nice pics from the V out in the wild.
A few questions, maybe you can answer @Mike:

  • You talked about FN-lock, do we know if FN sends a scancode?
  • I had a closer look at both pictures and saw that on the F-keys as well as on the arrow-keys the backlight seems to shine from under the edges, like those keys are about 1mm higher than the others and don’t have close contact with the keyboard.
    Is this supposed to look like this?


Hey, that’s unfair, you get two likes for liking my idea and I get none for the actual idea? That’s unjust enrichment… :cry:


Alignment of keyboard and the main Unit looks slightly off…???


yeah we’re updating gesture intervals of how often the pad will accept gesture input (like can you spam them) and stuff like that. Is there a specific thing you’d like to know or do you want to know whether there is something here that would cause a delay? If latter, the answer is no.

Eve V R&D is generally speaking well on schedule (by this I mean while there are some items that have not gone exactly like planned, these items will be improved with priority to synch with the overall progress + ofc there are always unknowns. But with each passing day, less so.)