Update 29.12 on shipping and more



Hello Community!

Few updates from Eve.

1. V software and other improvements

We know that we were quite silent on this one:) As you know we have a whole category dedicated to improvements for V. We have been carefully studying all of the issues reported them to suppliers and are already working on them or about to start working straight after new year holidays once all of the partners are back to work. You will see a lot of software updates for the V in January - February as we want to make sure your experience gets only better :slight_smile: Thank you all for documenting all of the bugs/improvement ideas!

2. Limited Birds shipment status

US Warehouse:

Devices arrived to the US warehouse yesterday and are now sorted. We will get tracking info any moment (from today - first day after New Year holiday, Tuesday). In my personal opinion people in US should be getting their Vs next week already!

EU Warehouse

V’s are on their way still and are now at customs in UK. They are estimated to arrive to the warehouse straight after customs clearance on 3rd (customs clearance taking some time due to holiday) After that Vs will be sorted and shipped out along with tracking numbers.

3. 4PX situation

As you all know we were not happy with the delays 4px had previously. This time around things are moving smoother but we have already reached out to all the other major fullfilmet companies and are planning to try out working with them already in January for comparison of service. Floship seems to be the most promising one. Let us know if you had any experiences with them!

4. Limited birds and 1TB SSD production status

We will receive exact production schedule from the factory straight after holiday (2nd-3rd Jan) as Emdoor is celebrating New Year too. As of now we are confident that all of the devices can be produced before Chinese New Year.

5.Project B is now in the development stage!

Your contribution is always valuable for the ultimate accessory development!

6. What will Eve team be up to in January?

I wanted to shed some light on what our focus as a team will be in January :slight_smile:

  • Finish production and shipment of all the devices
  • Review V project, its key challenges and learning and take corrective action for future development.
  • Work on the team operational structure. Now that we shipped we want to make sure that we will have a flow in place in our company to provide you better experience!
  • Review all of the partners and see who we want to continue with, who needs to improve and who needs replacement.
  • Me and @Thor will fly to CES 2018 as well as Seattle and Portland to meet key partners and discuss V project as well as whats next for Eve and community.

Happy new year! Let’s kick some ass in 2018!

Community Digest 12.01

Just my two cents for a recommendation:

Since Canada is a small batch (relatively), perhaps you can use us with Floship as a way to test their end to end - it’s way easier to manually intervene on like 50 units, than it is on a USA batch of maybe 1000 or so. Plus, if they can get it right with Canada and our more complex customs and importation regulations, you can win anywhere.


Hi Konstantinos!
Point 5.1 of your update: does it mean that also the Sale of Dec 4th will be shipped completely?


Good to hear alternatives are being sought.

The new project looks interesting. Hope it ends being good not only for the V. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, around the 3rd the V will get out from the UK warehouse to the rest of Europe countries. Is that correct? or are there more warehouses around EU?

Happy new year to everyone!


Are you confident same way you were multiple times before or “really” confident?


As confident as I can be Lukas of course it would be safer to add one more week on top of that in case if something unexpected happens.

@netkid23 good idea but i dont think that we can get setup with Floship fast enough so we are planning to try them our with 4th of December batch.

@manni we will update on the other batch as soon as we are over handling this batch. But we have already ordered all of the needed components and wheels are rolling!


Problem is - it will not be just one week - because of Chinese New Year is would be 2-4+ weeks …



i am one of the 1st flash sale buyer…
so, will your team be able to ship the V with solved port, speaker, touchpad and pal rejection issue?
because i am from indonesia and i have the V shipped to my friend house in SG.
I hope the V that i received wont have any problems because i dont want to ask to many favors from my friends hahahah

thank you and happy new year :slight_smile:


Flash sale batch Vs will be shipped with all of the latest fixes and adjustments.

@Lukas_Fikr we have enough time to sent Vs out before CNY! We will have better picture of the exact schedule next week.


@Konstantinos Has any of the remaining Limited Birds been produced this week? CNY is 6 weeks away, it’s a very long time to manufacture the remaining Lbs + 1TBs. Do you plan to have the remaining LBs go through 4px or the new fulfillment company?

Please make it quick, my current device is dying as the days go by. I shall be very crossed indeed if V doesn’t arrive before it dies. I was under the impression that some LBs will get delivered this week and the remaining ones manufactured, but I guess 4px under-delivers yet again.

And speaking of CES, the new devices to be announced is going to look very attractive. I hope Eve has thought of a refresh using newer chipsets and maybe a trade-in program. Slim chance though, but might be worthwhile despite the company’s tiny scale.


I don’t know who’s ass you want to kick but the others will overtake us my friend.

Not the big ones will win the game, the fast ones will


I do not remember if the housing arrived but I think the production of the roughly remaining HEB+LB units should only take 3 days plus maybe another one for QC (+ calibration).
The issue I think is packaging, transportation to HK and distribution to local warehouses.


Should not mention name of possible new fulfillment partner(s).


This means my V won’t be handled by 4xp? :smiley:


Chinese New Year is the 16th Feb (assuming you mean 2018). So another schedule slip. V is for vapor


vapor will condense eventually and you get your glass of water.


Not until March or April!


I do like being kept informed about the next steps in upcoming days and weeks.
While I am really hoping the 4th December Batch will arrive before the Chinese New Year as that time of the year is really hard for production and schedules. As of experience, CNY is when all stops for a few days/weeks … and we know, February is the shortest month of the year.

@Konstantinos I am trusting you had planned the 4th December Flash Sale Batch to arrive before the Chinese New Year.


My company currently uses floship. I have been through the whole set up process with them and deal with their support team regarding exceptional cases and other abnormalities. I can DM you.



So, tracking numbers for the EU should appear in the second week of January. Then we’ll know who is in the lucky 80% and who is not.