Update 27.04 Investor pitches


Hi community!

No big updates this week, though we continue to work towards our goals:


A number of team members are reaching out to potential investors, looking to secure funding that will help us ship Vs faster now, and that will help us ship awesome new products later. One important tool we have created to help catch their attention is our pitch deck: a brief presentation to show who we are and what we do.

You can get a taste of our pitch deck here!


The shipping calculator feature for our web store is currently being tested. Soon everyone will be able to see the latest shipping date estimate for their particular order by logging into their store account. This should fix all issues with people not receiving update e-mails, and will give a more accurate, more up-to-date and more personal indication of when you can expect to hold your V.


There is no video this week, but next week Konstantinos will tell us more about the company and the people that work there, and answer more of your questions. The Topic for collecting questions is still active here.

That’s all for updates this week. I’m going to find something orange to wear and participate in King’s Day: our special national holiday where we celebrate our monarch (on the anniversary of his grandmother’s birthday)! :netherlands::tada:

Whether you have a holiday or not: have an awesome weekend, everyone!


You may ship them earlier as well :slight_smile: (sorry, couldn’t resist :grin:)

Thanks for the update and happy king’s day! I experienced first hand how crazy you Dutchies get on that day :joy:


So mentioning the current situation for ppl. waiting for a refund isn’t worth to be stated here, or is it not for some reason ?


It isn’t exactly the topic of the next video, but I’d rather ask your question over here . :slight_smile:


How about refunds? I can’t imagine your potential investors are going to be comfortable investing when your Accounts Payable is rapidly increasing and you’re actually breaking US laws by not refunding in the promised, or reasonable, time frame. Might be a little bump in your fundraising prospective.

You’re either fooling yourself, or you’ll have fools for investors, if this isn’t your top priority. How are the new investors going to feel if their CEO and CFO is in jail for knowingly avoiding refunds, while continuing to sell products.


Might be one of the reasons to get investors into the boat :wink:

More money now = less locked up funds = being fluent = paying stuff immediately including refunds


What “Dutchies become crazy on that day”?

We don’t have a president, but we have a king.
The reason is very straight forward: A king is cheaper than a president.

How in the world can somebody think that Dutcies become crazy on that day when the only thing they do is clothing themselves in orange, eating orange ice-cream, having orange umbrella’s and do the whole day orange things.
What’s more normal than that ?


Do you have beta testers for the shipping calculator? If you need them I can play with it.


I’d add customer review, customer satisfaction survey, etc.

As well as average review scores in percentage (e.g. 87% average), compared to average scores for other tablets like Acer Switch, Lenovo Miix, Microsoft Surface, to make sure that Eve delivers and can compete or even exceed the old players, despite being relatively young.

Also iirc for investors to take you seriously, you also need to have all the stuff like balance sheet, company roadmap, etc.

Make no mistake, I love those “feel-good” graphics, but nothing beats hard data.


curstomer review & co reflect the 1% (or X) of customers who have recieved their V.
If the survey is limited to this small number it is realy good.
If the survey includes all customers including those who are still waiting it is far away from beeing good.

So adding only the data I like is a realy bad decision from a moral point of view


How can a customer that hasn’t yet received the product review it?


Obviously it’s the customers who have received it and used it. Come on, we are not stupid, or are we?


Come one, please start reading. Do you realy think customers who havent recieved their eve arend customers and can be ignored in customer survey?


If you wanna review a product that you’ve never seen or used, then be my guest. Put your review of the V here. I wanna read it.

Also write your review of the 2020 Tesla Roadster while you’re at it, because you’re obviously entitled to review a car that you’ve never touched, let alone driven.


Stop doing the same mistake several times and start reading what your oponent has said.
I said you must not include only those customers who have recieved their eve in the customer statisfaction statistic, you have to include the others as well. And then you customer statisfaction statistic is much lower.

Doing the same mistake again and again and discussing things what someone else hasn’t said is useless and voids your and my time.


I bought V, but you didn’t deliver it, so we’re not customers

Very good, how many people will do evaluation? one hand?


Hey boys, try to define what you mean by customer satisfaction.
It looks as if customers satisfaction covers a wider area than product satisfaction.


Good idea.

how happy is the customer? Would he/she buy the device again vor recommand others the product?


I Waited roughly a year, went through all the "what the heck. . . " levels (= no happy customer) until it arrived.

Don’t burn me: the actual V must be stronger than me :hushed:, I’m a happy customer now.

Should I recommend the V to others?
Sure, but should first find out if the ‘other’ is in a hurry :hugs:


Change the wordings to hands on satisfaction would solve your argument, can it? :slight_smile:
I don’t think the device will get a 7/10 in the review. The long waiting, all sorts of small things not working drag the score way down