Update 23.03 The calm before the storm


Hi community!

Nothing really new or big to announce this week. It’s the calm before the storm!

Eve V

The web shop

Available models

The new entry-level i5 model with 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD is live on the web store. A few people have expressed concern about their existing purchase of the m3 model. Rest assured that all existing orders for this model will still be delivered, and warranty- and other support for these Vs will continue uninterrupted. The change only affects availability in the web shop.

In case of issues with your delivery

In shipping the last of the IndieGoGo Vs, some orders did not arrive entirely as our backers expected. We have received reports of people missing accessories, receiving the wrong V model, or missing the HEB engraving. Customers affected by these and other order issues should contact our support team. They will provide a solution.

Out of warranty repairs

As careful as most users are with their devices, the mobile nature of the V means that oftentimes it’s not just stationary on a desk. That increases the risk of accidental damage, as some of our less fortunate buyers have already experienced with their Vs.

We are working with our partners to set up an effective and sustainable repair process for out-of-warranty repairs such as liquid- or impact damage. Anyone experiencing such issues can contact our support team.

(Please note that initial quotes are given based on a remote external inspection of the device, the actual repair cost will be determined by the service technician handling the repair case.)

This does not affect warranty cases.

Order update e-mails

We have been sending out updates about web store order fulfillment status by e-mail directly to buyers. It seems that some of our customers have not been receiving these mails, and are effectively in the dark about their order. For some people, the mail stranded in the net of a spam filter, so checking the spam folder is always a good first step.

If that does not help, it may be because you have unsubscribed from our regular newsletter. As all of our different mailing lists share an overarching subscriber list, this will have also unsubscribed you from the order updates. Sorry for that inconvenience! Knowing this, however, we can also provide a solution.

First, re-subscribe to our mailing list. (This step is important, as we can not manually add you to this list.)
Then, contact our support team and use “missing customer newsletter update” as the subject line. They’ll make sure you’ll only receive the order update e-mails.

Next project

Over the past months we have made a lot of preparations for the next big project. We have analyzed our experiences with the crowd development of Projects Pyramid Flipper, Donald Dock and B. What went well? What can we improve on? We’ve come up with a crowd development road map for our next project, and it will start soon!

We have also met and continue to meet with partners and suppliers, discussing the successes of the V, the value of our community, and our intentions for the next project. Some large players are already excited to continue or start working with us going forward. Konstantinos will be flying out to China on Monday to check up on our existing partners and meet with potential new ones.

We are really excited to dive back full-force into what this community was made for: creating awesome technology together!

Exciting things are coming, but the weekend is already here. So make sure you do something awesome with it!

Update 16.03: Team Eve, V updates, store changes, licensing
Submit your questions for the May 4th Q&A here!

Have received the last commercial email about the ‘new’ base model, but nothing concerning this update mentioned above.
Done the two steps suggested in the post. Waiting now.


Would be nice if someone can post the actual 23.03 Update for the “4th December Flash Sale Buyers” as I haven´t received anything as of now.

According to plan the devices should be shipped to the buyers coming week, right?


Still with a defective V that was Dead On Arrival.
4 weeks after I created a ticket, I am still waiting for a solution from the support team.


Latest email update I have received was on 15. March. Is this the latest?


i haven’t recveived nothing newer. must be the latest


That’s when I last got one as well, hopefully soon we’ll get the fulfillment update!


I think that right now you should focus on V. There are some software issues that you should fix really quick.


That’s what they have been doing, over the past few days Xinjie has released possible fixes for pen issues and ghost touches. What other software issues are you referring to?


Same here! I have a cracked screen which the support team informed me would be covered under the warranty. Back then, they said they were unable to provide information because of the Chinese New Year period, but it has been more than a month later, Chinese New Year is clearly over, what remains the same is the silence on their end. It is not the speed at which you guys are getting the defective devices replaced that is disappointing - given a small start-up like Eve, it would be perfectly understandable if there are delays and other logistical problems, but what is disappointing is the poor communication channels that you’re maintaining with your customers, completely leaving in us in the dark without any sort of timeline or information as to when we can expect to receive the replacement units. It’s great that you guys are moving ahead and expanding into new projects, but I am worried that this is done at the expense of getting certain basic things right, such as effective communication with your existing backers. @Konstantinos


I think there are some things you should consider in future.

However like your post here I wont tell you what I am referring to.
But I will give you the advantage of a hint at what it is.
Then again maybe not.


I would consider focusing on Monika if I were Artur :heart_eyes:


Please just let us know in any format here, when the next email-update goes online. So we can be sure about solution.


I think giving the option for the current M3 orders to upgrade would be good.


Did anyone get a new email? :slight_smile:


Nope, last email I got was on the 15th.


Umm just wondering, wanted to share my experiences upon receiving mine
I couldn’t turn mine on, till I realized I was pushing the wrong button, the power was quite smaller than I thought
Also my computer has a charging problem I think, the port closer to the aux is the one supposed to charge it, it sometimes doesn’t get pushed in all the way or bumped and stops charging easily
Oh… For some reason I can only charge it with my keyboard detached completely
All this might just be mine but I’m sure you tried all you could, I hope all works out for ya…


On the very same day I received my package, I have met an other V owner with whom we tried an other Eve charger, an other Eve USB-C cable, an USB-C cable with a longer male part, and we also checked my charger and cable on his device.
So no, it is not a charging problem or about pushing the wrong button…

…still waiting for a solution (replacement device, or maybe full refund) from the support team.


Ok. Me too. I think we will get a notification next Monday maybe :slight_smile:


It’s getting harder and harder to be patient for the updates!!:sweat_smile: