Update 16.03: Team Eve, V updates, store changes, licensing



Hi community!

As Konsta is out of the office today (coming up with silly excuses like “having to prepare things for his upcoming marriage” :roll_eyes:), this week’s update will come from me!

What’s Team Eve up to?

Eve has grown significantly over the past years. Not only from an ambitious idea into a real company with a real product on the market, but also from a team of four into a team of fourteen – some of them spread across the globe. And that brings with it some challenges that a four-man team doesn’t have to worry about!

Hardcore workshoppin’

Last week, (almost) the entire team got together to discuss where we came from, where we are, and where we’re going. We also focused on how we can be more efficient, and more effective in what we do. Some of the changes we’ve discussed have already been implemented, which should improve information flow within the team. Even at its current size, the team is small compared to similar hardware companies, so it’s important that everyone doesn’t just work hard, but also works smart! We won’t stop here, and will continue to improve our processes so that we can bring you all the best of everything Eve!

Wait, what? Fourteen?

As we meet new challenges, we try to learn from our mistakes and improve where we can. Our support team has been overwhelmed by the large volume of questions that came in, and that has led to some slower responses than we would like. Previously, we’ve improved the way we handle support tickets, and that has already greatly improved the support experience for many of our customers. But we didn’t stop there: our team was recently upgraded with Alexandra, and she’s here to make the Eve support experience even better. Some of you may have already interacted with her through our support system!

Far-off China

We also know that shipping has been a big issue. Some of your were troubled by delays, incorrect shipments, or other matters that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Over in China, our supply chain team has been enriched by Lee. She’ll be keeping an eye on things to make sure components reach the factory in time, and completed Vs end up in the end user’s hands without issues.

Towards the end of this month, Konstantinos will also be boarding a plane to China once more, to personally oversee operations there.

Things about the V


Though there were some issues delaying production back in January, now that Chinese New Year is behind us all our Chinese partners are once more hard at work and V production has started again. The first devices are already through quality control, and so far we haven’t run into any of the issues of previous production runs. Everything is going according to plan, and Vs will start shipping out again soon. Web store buyers (including flash sales) should receive an e-mail update about what’s happening with their order in a few days.


Coming soon

We’re hard at work improving the V experience. We are currently in the final testing stages for a BIOS update that will implement security fixes for Meltdown and Spectre, and that should also improve battery life.

More to come!

Also in the pipeline are another BIOS update that should reduce the V’s charging time by up to 30%. Some of you have reported sleep issues, and a fix for those is also being worked on. Ghost touches on the touch panel have been reported, and we have found that in most cases they are caused by software. We are working on an update for that issue as well.

Anti-reflective coating

We are aware that some people have issues with the anti-reflective coating. We are working with Corning, Liabao and Emdoor to find the root cause. After reviewing all support cases so far we can say that some cases are defects covered under warranty, but some are damage from dust and other particles. If you are experiencing issues with the anti-reflective coating on your V, please contact our support team through the contact form and they will look into it.

The web shop

Available models

A while ago we increased the price of the m3 model V, accounting for the changes in components (mostly the display) that happened in between the initial price reveal and the first production runs. As component prices keep changing, we have reached a point where we again have to adjust to keep up with the cost of producing these devices. And that sucks. We don’t want you to pay more to get the same.

Then we noticed that with recent price changes, the Core m3-Y7-30 and Core i5-7Y54 are pretty damned close in price. So why bother with the lower-end model at all? If you’re going to pay more, you should get more, right?

Some time during the next week, the m3 model V will be discontinued, and in its place will be a new, entry-level i5 variant. That also means that this weekend is your last chance to get a V for $ 959!

Worldwide shipping

When we set out on this journey, our intent was to ship the V directly to end users, all over the world. So far, we’ve been able to accept orders from all over the world with the rare exceptions of China and Bouvet Island. The reality of the situation though, is that for some countries, shipping costs us more than we can charge buyers in good conscience. For some countries, shipping has caused both us and the customer nothing but headaches as we deal with customs and other hurdles. And from some countries, we simply did not get any orders at all, and we lose money by simply keeping the option available.

As a result, we will be reducing the countries that we ship Vs to. More details will follow some time next week, so keep an eye out for that if you are considering purchase of a V and live in an exotic, far-off land!

Licensed products

eve.community has helped us create a product so awesome that other companies want a piece of the action! We have been approached by a few local brands form markets like Indonesia, Latin America, and Armenia, asking if we would license the design of the V to them. We have been in talks with some of these companies to figure out the available options.

What does that mean for these companies?

For select local brands in some hard to access markets, it means that we would allow use of our motherboard and housing designs which they can use to sell devices. It gives them a starting point to build awesome devices that, to a degree, they can tailor to their local target markets. These companies will be in charge of their own branding, specs, sales and support.

What does that mean for Eve?

For Eve, it means better support from component manufacturers and suppliers, as overall order volumes for many components will be higher. This would allow us to have other benefits of economies of scale such as better pricing and production yield rates. We will be able to focus on V improvements and other crowd-development projects with our community, while having more predictable sales volumes from those local players. Potentially, it may allow us to have local service centers in those markets, as well.

What does that mean for V buyers and eve.community?

As these devices will not be produced under our brand and will not have anything to do with Eve as a company beyond using our designs, this will not place more pressure on our product or support teams. It will not affect the community or our customers in any way.

What may happen, is that you come across devices that very much resemble the V. Don’t worry, you can leave your torches and pitchforks at home. They’re not ripping off our designs! :smiley:

That’s it for this week’s updates. From myself and everyone at Eve, have an awesome weekend!

Weekly Update 09.03
What happened to the m3 Eve V model?
Eve V configuration, pls help!
The one with the greatest imagination - Artur [18.04] - UPDATE: I made up problems - OFFICIAL

As a 4th December Flash Sale customer, I’m concerned about my future V which will, I hope, soon arrive. It’s the M3 model. I’ve just read it isn’t gonna be sold anymore next week. Will people like me still get updates for this model? I really do hope so…


Yes of course. It will not affect support in any way!


HEY! You’re supposed to be planning your wedding! Omg the team lied to us! Deception abound! Men, READY YOUR PITCHDORKS!


I’m not sure how economics of scale can really help Eve, if the component orders are not being made by Eve themselves.
For example, if company B orders component Z 5 times more that Eve. Why would manufactures give Eve a discount?


Guys, please…, drop that firmware blob already. Doesn’t have to be perfect, label it beta, and that’s all. :smile:

The only point I would feel a bit concerned w.r.t. licensing, which I consider a great achievement and kudos to that Eve team for that, is that I do believe the character of V together with its concept and implicitly design should be maintained somehow through the eventual licensing to various markets. Somehow to preserve what it also stands for, as a symbol (it’s community that is), in a genuine and assertive way, and not let those degrade in selling off a blueprint or schematic, for cash.


No information is uploaded about missing accessories in this week’s updates. Hmmmmm…
V’s shipping was delayed for a long time, and I go through this bad experience again.


Thanks for the update guys!
Really looking forward to my Eve V and the promising software updates.


Even more than I asked for. Thank you so much! I realy enjoyed reading.
You guys are doing great! I wonder what Eve will bring us in the future! It’s looking bright guys.


The quality of this update is skyrocketing. Thanks for that. (please, please, please, make it a habit ^^)

On an other hand I’m a bit puzzled by the m3 discontinuity. IMO it was the only one really making sens in term of components in a passive cooling system (m5 and m7 overshooting). The only problem with the m3 was the lake of superior SSD capacities.


As a February buyer should I expect my device sometime in April rather the end of March?


You forgot a astrix*



Also, thanks for the update, appreciate that support is getting improvements. Keep up the great work guys!


@Konstantinos @Helios, - looking at previous ways of community updates, since now the promise for HEB, EB, LB, etc. are completed. You should now look forward to providing updates on the emails (as you announced earlier) and leave a single dedicated page in the community site, blocking any more comments :slight_smile:

I know by aking such above statement, the knife will come out from community members :wink:
at the same, you might get depressed to lose the most encouraging bunch of guys who kept on your toes since last 2 years (and you even got a chance to find a life partner, and now doing the honorable mistake :wink: , that we all did in our life, congrats again: heart_eyes:)

Important Note: Also, I rather prefer an update on drivers coming to me as a surprise, but not before it is completed tested and proven that it will not cause any damage or render V non-functional. Otherwise, we know our community :slight_smile:

It’s my opinion and not ask!


Yes - although i wouldn’t say thats because you’re a feb buyer.

Previously there was a *queue* (of sorts) because the team committed to the IGG buyers that they would receive their Vs before the webshop opened.

Right now, i expect they’re V-ing at full speed and are trying to get all Vs to all buyers at all speeds! (tht reminds me, i’m out of speed. …you got any?)

ARE YOU KIDDING? THIS UPDATE MADE ME SO HAPPY I WENT OUT AND HUGGED MY NEIGHBOUR (i’m in lockup for outrage of modesty at the moment though. can someone come bail me out? call 999 and ask for the guy who hugged the lady who was walking her cat at 4 am.)(probably best not to bring any speed if you’re bailing me out. just saying. cops and stuff.)

P.S. reply accusing team of being liars got more likes than reply from agent orange.




Any official response on those who facing missing add-on items?


So V owners that might run into problems with their m3 models down the road and need to have them replaced, what’s the plan with that?


I never lie… lying is bad and will get you into lots of trouble.

occasionally i have to the “the misguiding truth”…


Here’s an answer from support, TL;DR: we don’t know when they’ll be shipped.


Where will be announced that the discount sale starts?