Update 11.05 Partial.ly, shipping estimator, Windows 10 update



There have been a number of credit card payment disputes. Though we do not recommend this course of action, we understand that the patience of some customers is running thin.

An issue has arose where due to these disputes, our payment processor Stripe has blocked our account from further incoming payments. Since payments through Partial.ly are still made into our Stripe account, these no longer work.

This was as much a surprise for us, which is why we could not release an announcement ahead to warn the affected buyers. We apologize for the inconvenience, and are contacting these buyers now with possible solutions.

Shipping estimator

The shipping estimator went online earlier this week as planned. Instructions on how to find it are available in this article.

We are aware that some people are having issues with it not showing up on the account page, and are currently looking into this so that we can resolve it as soon as possible.

Windows 10 feature update

There is an issue with the latest feature update for Windows 10 and the Intel 600P SSDs used in the 128, 256 and 512GB models of the V.

Microsoft has blocked the update for affected devices, so they will not be able to install the feature update until Microsoft releases a fix, which they say will arrive later this month. You can read more about the feature update in this topic.

Security- and other updates will still be available as usual.

Quick update from Konsta
My shipping tracker is NOT live!
Eve on Partial.ly

Shipping estimator didn’t work for me today. Now it works. When I click on “Inspect Element” the page gets blocked for an exception.
It says “04 June - 16 June”. I really hope it’s a correct estimated shipping date, since I’ve been needing the V since December, then Jan-Feb, then Mar-Apr, etc.
I really hope the problems with Partial.ly get solved, together with the shipping and frozen funds issues.


I realize I’ve been bitching a lot lately, but quite frankly I feel justified in doing so. But here’s the thing, what REALLY bothers me is not the actual issues, but the way Eve Tech is handling them. The way you guys are unilaterally shutting down threads discussing these issues is making you look shady as hell. Please don’t come at me with “appropriate threads” and “not deleted but archived”. It doesn’t pass the sniff test. The reason I’m so upset with you guys is your lack of transparency. It’s taken you four days to come up with an explanation for the partial.ly situation. That would have been very much better received on day one. Instead I got jerked around, censored and insulted. Perhaps you could learn a lesson from this. You have an uphill battle ahead of you to regain my trust.


It still does not work here.


Yes the tracking estimation is working for me: 18. - 30.June. I am very surprised as I am an early 4th Dez. buyer (#12xx).

I guess there will be a lot of shipments in those two weeks considering the fact, that there are people ordering Vs from Dezember to April…


Perhaps because you posted a problem to be solved by support in the community?


Why surprised? No one enjoy to go with the cc dispute route, if you could allow to proceed a refund in the very beginning. You leave your customers no choice but wait, and this is obviously a foreseeable outcome.


Maybe, maybe not. That doesn’t justify “archiving” individual posts and locking down entire discussion threads. People with something to hide do that. Just saying.


It isn’t much of a discussion of you state a personal problem.


@ Shipping estimator:
am I the only one left where it is not working yet? Or are there others out there???


You’re not alone, mine isn’t working either


If there is an update or a thread gets merged the old one gets closed.


There is good reading available on this subject in @ownerer post n° 202 in the End of June Shipping/Refund topic.


My money left my account day 1. This excuse should not apply. Fortress charged my account directly. Why if it says paid on our accounts are we still affected by this…? How was this a surprise when the original ship dates for Dec 4th buyers was the end of February? Then a promise was made for April shipping and now it’s June shipping…??? I have an email saying I’ll have a tracking number by the end of April at the latest…where is this tracking number?

P.S. - Shutting down threads is a childish thing to do…


How? How is this a surprise to you? were you not watching the handful of threads that where getting shutdown?

Your payment processor blocking you is a counter measure for a chronic problem. You mislead us on shipping numerous times then we finally get some parts of the truth. This has been the most infuriating 6 months. It’s only justice to get the money ripped from your hands. I had high hopes for this device but the wait and dishonesty is not worth the device or my sanity.

You had my money for 6 months, 6 months! PAID IN FULL ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY!!! You not being able to get all of my money isn’t my problem nor should it be, any sympathy I had has been revoked. You cant produce my device in roughly 3 times the amount of time?

i got off the barrel you bent me over.


I understand that the wait is annoying and the company hasn’t handled everything right, but being so hostile towards them isn’t going to resolve issues any quicker or get the device (or a refund) to you any quicker.
The Early Birds waited how long? Even waiting from Dec. to June is less time than they had to wait. Everyone wishes it was sooner, but the people of Eve aren’t magicians. They can’t poof everything into place and all Eves into existence. I bet they wish they could just as much as we wish they could. But they have to rely on rules and regulations and processes from third party people that they have no control over. Why must they take the blame for that aspect?
The way they handle the forums, that could be blamed on them, but I don’t know exactly what’s going on with the forum moderation (as I’m on often but not posting). So I can’t accuse or defend here.

I originally joined this community for the, well, communal aspect and to learn (and hear) about interesting electronics and watch them be built by the people and for the people.
Watching how quickly this community has disintegrated into complaining and bashing is just very sad.
Yes, I too have been having a hard and annoying time waiting (as I ordered the device mainly to do school work on it), but we all knew that Eve doesn’t have the same benefits as the larger company does. We all knew that there was a risk to ordering and if that wasn’t a risk you were willing to accept the consequences of, that’s not on Eve.
Should they have gotten them out sooner? Absolutely.
But instead of being so hostile and/or complaining, look at what the company has accomplished, despite the odds, and trust them, because there’s more to gain from trusting them than from distrusting and hating them.


We were not early birds. This was not a kick starter transaction. When they sold the devices we were told Jan-Feb shipping, they did not say Jan-June shipping estimated. I really don’t care how long the early birds had to wait, we are not early birds. You can wait if that makes you happy, but what happens whens it’s over a year and still nothing? I really have no sympathy anymore.

I wouldn’t say hostile is the right word. Justified is more what this is. There’s a reason the credit card companies are siding with the customers. I’m not saying destroy the company, I (as well as many others I’m sure) just don’t want to be part of the excuses anymore. I did trust them at the beginning. I was very optimistic about receiving this device. But the optimism and trust has run out.


Same for me. Order # 12xx, flagship product. All the promises have been broken, at the beginning the first come first serve idea. Shipping estimate end of June.

I am not sure if the company should not be destroyed since this is against all consumer laws in the EU and if the devices cannot be delivered then it is a clear case of fraud and the responsible persons (CEO) should be punished.


Lol, you guys are hilarious.
If I would put any of you in a swimmingpool the rest of the guys would start floating on the salt levels.
Threatening the company won’t gain you anything.


threats? what threats? Cause I’m rightfully upset and im not a zealot for this company like you. I agree threats won’t gain anyone anything, but talking to PayPal or CC company at least gets your money back on your terms :wink: