Update 11.01 on production, CES, Seattle meetup



Hi there!

Happy to see more people getting their Vs! We are having an intense trip here in the US right now having a lot of partner meetings. Here is the short update for you:

1. Limited birds & 1TB upgrades assembly starts next week in time to be shipped before Chinese New Year

We have finally received production schedule from the factory and Vs will be in production starting mid of next week. Production of Limited birds and 1TB upgraders is targeted to be over on 22nd of January. We have met Emdoor’s management at CES and made sure they understand that Vs have to be shipped before CNY to the end users.

As for the 1TB upgraders all of the 1TB SSDs are at the factory floor. We have received SSDs directly from Samsung distributor. We are using 2 SSD models from Samsung for production PM961 and PM981 that offer same in terms of battery, performance in the V. Around 80% of the SSDs are PM981 the rest is PM961. Samsung told us that we would need to wait till March to get more PM981 as performance is the same we can interchange them. We are mentioning this as transparency is what got us so far and will stay Eve’s core value!

2. CES so far

We have met bunch of our partners already at CES such as Intel, Microsoft, Sharp and Samsung and they are all very excited about V and our next projects. We are having their support and they will help us push Emdoor. We have all agreed that one of the main challenges for production is the ODM new to premium supply chain. Also it seems that most big companies have similar struggles with production delays but they are not made visible.

3. Community Meetup in Seattle

Yes we are doing it! 18th of January you can meet Me and @Thor as well as other community members in Seattle! We are still working out exact location and time. What we know for sure is that it will be in the evening. Make sure to whats app me +358458557247 or email me konstantinos@eve-tech.com to find out meetup details.

4. Flash sale buyers

Email with the schedule is coming your way next week!

Thank you all so much. We also have some exciting news prepared to announce this January! Stay tuned folks. I am sorry for not being present enough in community this week. CES has been pretty intense and most of my time off the meetings went to making sure we ship asap! I am flying back from states next Friday after meeting up Microsoft and Intel in Redmond/Portland

5. Software improvements

Xinjie is working with suppliers to fix the existing bugs, improve experience, and may also bring some new features.

Please follow the below thread for the latest news

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@Konstantinos - could you specify which types of 1 TB SSD are you going to use?


From OP. It’s this what you’re asking?


Yes. It was not there originally, but thanks for quick clearing.


realized that it would be the first thing asked :smiley:


@Konstantinos can do amazing things in 3 minutes! :wink:


Thanks for the news @Konstantinos.
As an HEB with the 1TB upgrade I can say now that i see light at the end of the tunnel :wink:


Thanks for the update! Lovely to know that production is soon ongoing - based on this schedule, are the Asian LBs likely to arrive in time for CNY? Would love to be able to finally show my new baby to friends and relatives :smiley:


Thank you @Konstantinos, these news are a breath of fresh air for the remainder of LB and 1TBB upgraders.
Hopefully the schedule you indicated (especially the shipping before CNY part…) will be achievable thanks to the experience with HEB and first batch LB.

Congratulations to the Team for their fruitful meetings at CES, it’s amazing you are now in talks with the biggest players out there! :+1::+1::+1:


Great. I should be able to receive mine before I go on the Chinese New Year break. :smiley:


First, the schedule is as I expected it to be after the last update.
I am only puzzled because he is mentioning CNY in this post because CNY is three weeks away from 22nd Jan. So either 22nd means end of assembling and then adding a few days of QC and packaging and shipping to HK (but why should that take three weeks?) (which also means that Assembling rate is not as high as we expected it to go up) or he is putting a lot of room for failure in there.
My other guess is that the 4th Dec Flash sales are also assembled before CNY.


I Just hope 4th Dec Flash sales will arrive in Hong Kong by February 8 so I can get a new V for CNY!
thank you for your efforts!


Hi @Konstantinos,

Thanks a lot for this update.

According to Tom’s hardware or Anandtech, there is quite a difference between PM961 and PM981 (1TB) :
(table is from me but content is directly from those reviews)
How will this reflect to the V?

From pure spec perspective, the originally selected SM961 was closer to the PM981, isn’t it?


Places tend to close down early in preparation for the holidays. People will start traveling about the 1st week of February.


If I faintly remember correctly you wouldn’t get the full speeds/performance considering the write etc speeds on the V anyways.

This was discussed way back and I remember Xinjie commenting something that Intel had taken a look and said it is because of the chipset limitations.

But I might remember totally wrong.


This is correct but the bottleneck was for the read.

Here the specification shows a 2:1 ratio on the write side.


Chinese New Year never starts as early as you suggest.

The majority of people will make their way to their respective home-towns on or about the 13th and 14th of February at the earliest. Not before, unless they want to lose their job. (I know, as I live in China and I just checked with several others.)

The ones that go to their hometown before that date will be the self sufficient and business owners, the workers will go last, one or two days before the 16th of Februaury.


True, but often delays. Services gets a bit wonky across industries and what not


I am sorry I Do Not Agree with you about this.

That is pure speculation and I have not experienced that happening.

In fact they try harder than normal to finish things.


As @dartarian1 said and based my limited knowledge on Chinese New Year (only related to friends Hong Kong stories ), activities tend to slow down about 10 days before. The week starting on Feb 12, anyway, is to be considered unreliable for shipping.
Therefore, the very last completely safe day for the V to leave HK warehouses would be Feb 2 (Friday). After that you start to play jeopardy… Hence, the schedule is tight, even if production is completed on January 22: far from 3 weeks, they are about 10 days (by comparison it took about 15 for LB first batch, correct me if I am wrong.) In fact, because of this I was hoping that production restarted this week, to be on the safe side. But now KK said that he is more confident because of the meetings Team had with Emdoor management and other 1st parties putting pressure on them and this reassures me.

I see very small possibilities for Dec 4 flash sales to be produced along the remainder of LB+1TBupgraders. However, happy to be proved wrong by Eve, it happened in the past :wink: (although, more in relation to aspects different from time schedules).