[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december


Better processor (U version), slightly worse display, less memory (only 8 GB), only 1 USB-A port, missing TB3 port.


What do you need to do with it ? And which eve did you order for ?


Well, I paid 1400€ for a i5 8/ 256 V that has never been produced and here I see an Acer Switch 5 i7 8/512 for 1099€ that will be delivered within 7 days.
And honest question here: what do I need the TB3 port for when I’m neither rendering videos or using high level graphics apps, nor playing childish games that men do to feel like they are achieving something?


In this case - Acer should be good for you. More power, bigger SSD, cheaper and available …


Yup I agree this laptop is perfect for you so take it really


I’m a teacher, so I need it to be sturdy and able to do miracast. Have multiple word documents open to create and correct tests.
That’s about it.


As I said, perfect for you


I have a 7th gen i7 U processor in my transformer pro 3 and the Y processor in the V beats it handily.

Here, let me fix this for you:

Nothing. Nothing at all for the next 5 or 6 years at least. You’ll actually be better off with a HDMI port. Which - surprisingly - is a pain in the ass to find on 2-in-1s.

I think for most people the ideal port selection would be 1xUSB-C (for charging as well) , 2xUSB-A and 1xHDMI.

The USB-C port could also be TB3 but that would add cost that I think most people won’t make use of.


Sorry I need a few more days before compiling new results and answering to all your post and messages, load of work have fallen from the sky and the ssd of my ex/future hackingtosh just died on me FFSSSSSSSSAKE. So I need to do it all over again. Sorry guys. Will try to have finished for the end of the week-end.


What info are you updating?

If you need any info regarding which direction we’re planning on all I can say at the moment is I have no idea, I’m still very torn about whether to stick with Eve and get my V or start the refund process by messaging support.


More people have messaged me about their order number. Status changed things like that
And I wanted to do incremental changes to how the wiki is presented too.

  • all the reason we need to have this wiki



Ok, just thought I’d ask in case you needed anything else from myself.


Hi! boistordu,

I just got the updates about my estimator from the eve team, it’s working and it’s August.

Hope this is real!


Great work! This details some of the things that EVE has not commented on.

Time will tell if this list gets longer or shorter as the months (years?) drag on.


More information for your analysis which was interesting to read. Thank you for the time you put in and I am sorry that it took me this long to give my information as I have grown frustrated and don’t check the blog very often.

Username: jason@bilanin.com
I ordered an V on 12/04/2017 during the flash sale.

My order # is 137X
Additional order # 1010213191XX

My most recently revised delivery schedule is “August”.


Has anyone actually heard that their V has been shipped? Last we heard Eve were saying they were still slowly but surely being sent, is this still the case? Mines certainly not been shipped yet…



My order is #18xx

I received a reply from the credit card center

They told me that EVE did not respond to my refund request.

They will do a second try.

I am very worried


I just received official notice from my CC that they have concluded the investigation and found in my favor. My provisional credit is now permanent.
I was curious to what Fortress Tech’s response was, so I called and talked to customer service. According to the info the rep could see, Fortress Tech never responded to multiple inquiries. According to the rep it is very rare to get no response from a company that is still in business. No response to a disputed transaction is a kiss of death for a company as far as the CC company is concerned. She said that since there was no response, future charges from Fortress Tech will probably be blocked by the CC company for all CC holders. Not all MasterCard holders, but all the people that have a credit card through this particular investment firm.


It’s a common business tactic to buy time for potential new money to come in. By not responding, the other party is using the full time to wait (e.g “please respond by 7 days” means 7 days of breathing room). Also, by not responding it also means that they can claim some sort deniability (e.g Oh, we never got the email).

It does not bode well with the credit companies and Eve in terms of a business relationship but it can be repaired over time.


That never works. In a situation like this, using that argument is just going to further destroy their credibility in the eyes of customers, credit card companies and the courts. Their contact information is on file with the credit card processor they use. It would take an extra special stupid to actually try to use that excuse.