[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december


Now about the data,
since you are so eager to comment already about this even if it’s a work in progress we will have it.

First, unless you are a statistician or you have asked a good statistician who have 10+ experiences of field work and that you are agree to set up a conference call/video call with him/her and me and one of my fellow co-worker who happens to be a statistician researcher, I’m not interested in your thoughts about if it’s useless or not. If you want to setup that call, you can tackle me in private.
If it’s to say that you can go to other threads/playground. And yes I’m using the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_from_authority from Shopenhauer but from time to time I would like that the debate goes a bit beyond the simple discussion of PUBs. And yes I will enforce that policy with the help of a community manager, that’s clearly not an issue for me.
On the other hand, if you want to improve the list with new ideas to cross refenrecing data for examples, you are most than welcome.

So for those who only wants to debate as if it is useless or not you can go somewhere else, thank you. And I’m asking @nawthor officially to close that threads from time to time if it goes off course.

Besides that, about the data.

As a good statistician would say, data won’t go without context.
What is the context here? The sell of a tablet. And a very specific one.

This tablet is not known from a large public. It has not been sold in any big brands shops nor has been presented in big league journals across the world. And no Linus tech tips is not a reference. It’s only a reference for those who are already interested in technology on a very high level.
So your grandpa or grandma didn’t hear about it besides maybe because of you.
So 100k + sells didn’t happen. That’s a fantasy at the moment. NOT a reality.
So the people who actually bought that thing are already used to go to forums, register, read and post.
We are not speaking about the average people here but actually a very small group of public that would have come to know about the existence of this tablet and who actually could tell the difference between that and an ipad.

So because of that context you can assume that a good proportion is already on the forum. A smaller proportion of them, as in any social movement, have open their mouth.
Because of the magic of the probabilities, there is no way that there has been more than ~700-800 orders that day. So there is NO way that there has been a #2000+ order number.
The reason is simple, the probabilistic law is as that, if every range is represented continuously in a subset of data that has not been under human control (so, random in other words) (human is really bad at randomization) then there is probabilisticly no chance that the global set of data goes higher or lower outside the margin of error correlated. And again, this subset of data I compiled has been from 2 major threads on this forum + the ones messaging to me.

Again let’s discuss that around a conference call in private if you disagree, I would be more happy to discuss that vocally with my colleague and yourself and your expert :slight_smile:

So no the orders is from #1200 to #1910 with a small margin of errors of course. Again that’s not a debate here, unless you want to set up that conference call otherwise go discuss somewhere else.

So because of all those assumptions which are actually sure things. We can deduce the percentage represented here.

So as I stated before, I will repeat myself. It’s a thread where you need to be constructive and bring new ideas to improve this wiki form or the cross-referencing. And again I thanks @Wickedly for his thoughts about how to present the list better as I don’t do that usually since I have assistants who are much more capable than me for doing that.

The end goal of this wiki will be to improve the situation of logistic and present an alternate way to manage and prioritize orders based on the potential wrong doing or erratic behavior of the past. At the same time and on a more short term, it will be a tool for people to have a global image of the state of the deliveries and number of people who are still in the same situation.

Again, if you want to have a debate about this with me we can do this privately, since I started the thread I would respectfully ask you to find somewhere else to debate that or improve this thing with new ideas. If not, I will ask @nawthor to intervene at some point.

Thank you for your understanding.


Sorry man, I just hear a lot of unverified assumptions there. But ok. I guess “data is data” only goes so far huh :joy:
Anyway, curious to see what you make of all of this in the end. I’ll shut my piehole now :slight_smile:


@ownerer, man with all the respect I can have for you, we both know that you don’t work with statistic nor probability every day, do you? Don’t forget that your linkendln can’t lie for you :stuck_out_tongue: So before to call it unverified assumptions, try to prove otherwise and/or ask an expert as I did then we can talk okey? Privately as I said before. Or ask support if you are so eager to verify those assumption :slight_smile:
And I would like to say to people to think twice before to pay a judgment on that number of 700.
700 is very good for a first sell since, should I recall you that the whole crowdfunding part is about 1200. It’s normal that there were more in the crowdfunded part than the sell since there was the hype of the new project who was in place. So no it’s not a failure, nor it is a bad sell.
So, sorry to say this but next answer that will be about disregarding those assumptions, will, until further proof of wrongness, be deleted.
Thanks in advance


Furthermore,To give an idea to those who are still waiting,

I will maybe implemented this in the wiki,

but as of today,
as konta did say,
~65% has been delivered so if it comprehends the crowfunded part it would be ~1235 units delivered.
if it does comprehend only the 4th december, it would be ~480 units delivered


Another variable to consider is whether the 65% includes flah orders or post flash sale orders also. I ordered mid-March and seemingly they changed order # format from the one they used for the flash sale.
As such a small # of people were actually aware of the V’s existence, I would be surprised if post flash sales equaled flash sales.


I just filled out the “refund format survey” that just came out… Refunds by September or credit to a Hong Kong store are the “choices”??? miscellaneous profanity here.

If you needed any proof that Eve is NOT behind its customers, no matter how much noise it makes claiming so, that is it RIGHT THERE!


It was not a demand, a gentle asking for, it was.
And as it seems SO important to you, keep these entries in your chart. :slight_smile:


Totally unrelated but I didn’t want to make a big deal of this by starting a new thread. But here’s a thought experiment for you.

I spent $1,676.99 (or so) for my Eve products. On 12/4/17, that money could have bought me a bit more than 9 shares of Netflix stock. In the time we’ve waited for a laptop, I could have earned about $1,922.15 in net profit and gotten my initial money back.

Crazy, huh?

P.S. You could do the same, but far less dramatic experiment using HP, Microsoft, or Apple. Just thought I’d point out a different opportunity cost here.


Will think about it how I can present this easily but first I need to update and with the World Cup and the work it has been a bit overwhelming. All my apologies


hi i received the email and filed the survey for the refund ,but no update after that as usual


let me know how it goes. I just got an email telling me my refund will be done by the end of September. That was after they told me by the end of June, and after they told me it was by the end of March. So, my refund get’s delayed every three months.
Before, they couldn’t send the refund because they were waiting for the investors deal to happen. Now, they are telling me that my refund will depend on how many V’s they are selling and shipping because in this way, the payment processor is releasing the money. This is telling me the investor deal went bad.

@Konstantinos, @Mike, & @Team. I have sent messages to @Konstantinos and @Mike, and no answer.

All I can say, I want my money back. enough is enough.


Tldr: Order #15XX from flash sale 4 December 2017. As of 9 July, waiting for delivery & initiating refund request

Communication history: Received email 19 January (2018) moving the estimated ship date from January/February to March because of Chinese New Year, followed by a few emails repeating that timeline. An email on 30 March promised I’d get an email with tracking number by the end of April at the latest. I wrote customer service 3 May complaining that I had received no information about my order status and received a next-day response with a link to the YouTube video, a promise for delivery by the end of June, and a promise for a shipping estimator “early next week.” The shipping estimator has never been visible on any browser/device combination I have tried (three browsers, three devices), then or now. On 7 May a general email promised the shipping estimator, “all-in” commitment to the June goal, and a $50 gift card. This email was the first that mentioned the issue with frozen funds. I wrote 26 May complaining I had no shipping calculator and no ship date, and two days later received a response telling me how to see the shipping estimate (still not visible to me) and reporting that “internally” my estimated shipping date is “between 18-30 June 2018.” On 2 July, another general email said that my order was one of the ones that hadn’t shipped by 30 June and repeated the narrative about frozen funds. This email changed the estimated shipping date to “by the end of August.” I wrote requesting a more specific date, based on my actual order, and three days later got a promise that “We will work on getting the more detailed schedules out!”.

After a family discussion that the diplomats would call “frank and honest,” I went to the link for requesting refunds. That form is no longer available, so I have sent an email to customer support requesting either a specific ship date or information on how to request a refund. I will contact my credit card company tomorrow to explore options.

My sympathies are with the company, and I believe they are doing the best they can in a context they seem not to understand. After six different estimated ship dates over seven months, I just can’t continue to wait. It saddens me, and I expect I’ll pay more for a less-desirable device. I’m contributing this account to help make the overall situation more transparent to the community. Thank you @boistordu for your efforts.


@arspiewak thank you for your honesty and willingness to share FACTS and not opinions as part of your dialog.

Too many are either following up with threats/insults to those of us who never saw the “light at the end of the tunnel”.

You should be prepared (i.e. have documentation and dialog history) well in advance of contacting your payment processor.

I cannot and will not tell people which route to go. Wait for product or pursue remediation through payment processor. That decision is one you need to make based on what facts you have at hand when you get to that point.

I (personally) saw enough back in late April to tell me my device would not arrive in time for fall classes for my family member. And reading the delays in support/service, it became evident that reasonable (under 30 days) for turn around were not possible with EVE.


I got my refund from my Visa card paid in Dec 2017 - everyone should do the same, the banks will put an end to this bunch of amateurs real quick, hit them where it counts - in their greedy little pockets. Eight months waiting for a computer - you got to be kidding me!! Shut these clowns down!!!


I wish I had never been involved with EVE in the first place. But now my family member is much happier with the other Windows tablet we purchased.


Sorry for the delay for the update guys, even if everyone is able to update the wiki seems that I’m the only one making time for that, I have nearly finished my hackingtosh side project along my work duties so, I will have time to update in the following days normally.


Filled out the refund survey last week. Now I get to wonder how many delays we’re going to have for September refund. SMH


Which survey?


Just wanted to add here than I’m still waiting for any communication from my bank, as well as from Eve. I’ve submitted the “survey” and everything but I’m still so skeptical that that will even yield any results. I’ve given up on Eve, sadly. Getting my money back via American Express and I’m out!


I’m hovering with my finger over the button to buy an Acer Switch 5.
There’s an offer from Acer right now for the next 4 days to get it for 1099€ (https://de-store.acer.com/switch-5-2-in-1-sw512-52-anthrazit-1?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6s7chJeV3AIV4SnTCh0vEAn1EAQYBCABEgKsEPD_BwE).

It seems to outperform the V in most areas, or am I missing important details?

Of course I’m also still hesitating since I don’t know if I’ll ever get my money back from EveTech.