[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december


Maybe because some “German” players preferred to play for Turkey …


OF COURSE WE DID Standartenführer!

I definitely think that Turkey has a bad influence on Germany… ^^


We should definitely have a chat on this forum…
So I had this idea after the match… Apparently besides @AML nobody of the senior staff did like what I’m trying to do here… As usual I would say but I wanted to do a little, you know, … speech on that and the prisonner’s dilemma… So I don’t know if I should include that to my speech to Konsta about how he’s always avoiding my questions about transparency or if should separate it and put in one part here and the other part on the update thread…


Thanks for the enormous amount of work, really helpful.
After all the extra inputs are done (courage :star_struck:), would it be something to extract some numbers as a summary --> kind of:
n° unfulfilled orders / n° no reaction after sent for repair / n° incomplete received / and some more.


yeah, actually the google sheet I made with just stupid formula subroutine will be able to calculate exactly the number of times something got repeated in the table.
for the moment we have past 120 entries I think. So based on the number of 700 orders that should have been processed by EVE for the flash sale, we have more than 1/7 of the orders. So that’s already a good start to have a chart, especially when you put that in perspective with the timeline because a majority of those entries have been there from April or March.

You know, I wanted to tell you something about my experience of this community since you are a senior creater in this community.
I know I’m passive/agressive, it’s clearly not a problem in my line of work if you do your work as good as you pretend to be. But in my world, in my University, in my circles of think tanks, things like that, you don’t like someone for his behavior, you like someone for his capabilities, the new information he provides, his intellectual capabilities and logic. You don’t care that he’s not nice or friendly or in the same thinking trip as you are.
So when I started in this community, and even now actually, you, as a community appeared to be as a one block. Always defending the company, no criticizing the establishment/management, … It’s pretty frustrating for people like me who are actually engaged in real life in changing things about numerous projects, trying to change the country, the politics, the inner circles, all of those projects where actually we try to put in place a free spirit of rethinking problems and how things and people are working.
So it’s refreshing to have someone like you @AML or like you @Lukas_Fikr who are open to new ideas and not defending against sea and wind your initial project.
Look even adt is asking me to delete her information which is kind of a moralistic blackmailing where she put herself information about her out in the open and don’t appreciate that someone like me (who she doesn’t like based on first impression) uses it to actually defend her interests.


The open/closed list is just ‘naked facts’, no interpretation or other colors added.
Not something to like or not to like, just facts and as such it cannot be attacked. Conclusions/ opinions and whatever else belongs to another category.

By the way, I’m just a Senior Creator and no member of the senior staff. default_SOC%20rainy


as senior staff I wanted to say senior creater so one of the 500? people who actually was there before when the project was being created.

Yes true it’s naked facts, but I did see too that people, and senior creators in general, when they like the idea of something, even if it’s just an idea, they are pretty fast to click on like. So I wouldn’t diminish this fact and even I wouldn’t diminish the importance of the like that you click on my conception of your idea.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: no.
Just, no. I respectfully disagree.
Also, you do not

defend my interests. How would you even know them.
Just delete the data and be done with it. I don’t want to go on arguing.


If I were him I would not delete the data. It is not privileged information.


sweet, thanks for the info… I think I was looking at another model earlier but it almost seemed like the miix 720 was a better machine… then again the heat was probably getting to me…or just the frustration of not having my V?


Why delete data you published in open forum? What is rationale behind that?


Looks like paranoia without discipline.

For the record, late #12xx here, m3, stilllll waiting.

Might I ask why people hide part of their order #? Does it have something with trying to keep other people from swooping in on it?


My status should be: Received Product, Returned within 14 days. Promised Refund.
Awaited Refund (4+ months). Can’t charge back since I bought the product 14 months before it was on the market. Joanna promised me the refund by end of June. Same story about the investors. Valerie told me a couple of days ago that they don not have a date for my refund.


I’ve refunded by paypal since the shipping estimator is online one or two days. No problems. The eve team checked it end of june that I canceled, not really quick…


Dec 4th, order #13xx, ETA was 18-30th June, order still marked unfulfilled
start refund option with the surveymonkey



My order has estimated shipping: August.
But I asked for the refund and I’m currently waiting for other information about it.
I’ve already bought a Surface Pro Core m3 + keyboard, which was super discounted on a shop.


My last word about this chart: I think the results are distorted, only speaking of datas you find mentioned on this forum. Every single data here on the forum distorts it as there are datas not mentioned. I can only request to have my own deleted, not others. That’s what I did. No paranoia.
If Boistordu does not want to do this, ok. That’s it. Don’t you all read between the lines. I won’t participate in this thread anymore, not interesting to me. :wink:


You make claims of distortion of data, but do not show how. The data is the data. There is no distortion. You may think people are distorting interpretations of the data, but that is much different than the data being distorted. Just because you do not like what the data is showing does not make the data distorted. Again the data is the data, nothing more, nothing less.


If you read the post it is answering to it may become more clear: I did nowhere make claims about distortion of data, so please don’t say I does :hugs:


you misunderstand my posting completely, sorry. This is getting annoying.
My point is that the data only show cases of people writing on this forum.
Also, I did not say that I did not like your results/datas/charts. I did not write that I don’t like it, b/c this is not true (that I do not like what it is showing).
Please stop putting things in my posts I did not write or mean.