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I was told that the shipping estimator page would be a last mutually agreed date so end of June would start your count down for charge back.
While typing this reply I received EVE-TECH e-mail pushing my delivery date to end of August.
Personally, enough is enough. I will not wait any longer.

Remember that the information from my CC could be deferent from yours’s. so if I were you I would contact your CC.


here’s my dilemma… should I stick with being a fanboy of eve and support somebody who’s supposedly trying to change the way we think about manufacturing computers? or should I just wait a year elsewhere and wait for the new gen of ryzen 2in1’s to come out?


It will be over two years … original design is from the first half of 2016 …


dear respected Crooked Wood,
please delete everything in your files referring to me. Thanks.
Reason: b/c I won’t write or read here very much anymore.


Personally, I don’t see he AMD chip making much headway in the tablet world. It will do well on full size boxes, because small shops and individuals can make machines with that chip and MB. Laptops and tablets are different animal. Intel has the laptop and tablet market locked up for Windows machines. Cracking that nut is going to be hard.

Bail on EVE. You will only get an out of date, now overpriced, machine with known issues and terrible support.


yeah I’m looking at alternatives right now… lenovo miix 720 starting to sound pretty damn good right about now…


Ordered within 20 minutes of opening of flash sale, i5/16/512, number 1322 originally (that has changed with the accessories debacle of course).

Emailed support for refund beginning of April. Initiated CC dispute a week later. CC dispute denied twice, and I strongly suspicion Eve lied when replying to the dispute case based on what I was told by my CC company.

Refund form filled out today. I will accept nothing less than Eve providing the full refund without delay. No more BS about “agreements”, “focus on shipping”, or “we’re a small company, so…” If there are funds frozen the Eve / Fortress Tech’s CC merchant account provider company can complete the refund NOW.

No amount of apologies, excuses, or blame-shifting will wipe away the disgust I have for the dishonesty of Eve’s leaders. Case in point, still taking orders with known bad estimated shipping dates.


So after some digging around the interweb I found out that I can get get a wacom mobilestudio 16 for roughly $400 cad more then what I paid for my imaginary tablet that may never come… gosh that’s awfully tempting… wonder what paypall will have to say about something like that…


Lenovo X1 tablet is on sale right now with nearly the exact same specs as the i7/16GB/512GB SSD as the V for less money and includes a REAL warranty. (no 3rd USB port or fancy color background keyboard)


what are the main differences between the x1 and the miix 720? please don’t tell me to google it myself I know I can do that but I’m also lazy and tired


Another lurker here and please include my info in the list @boistordu

I’m Dec 4th buyer, order #13xx, bought in first 5-10min. estimated shipping was 18-30 June and now it’s August. And I guess I’m still waiting for the delivery.

Thanks for the work you’re doing here!


Great work here.

Dec 4th buyer, order #13xx, bought in first 5 minutes. Estimated shipping was 18-30 June, but contacted support requesting delivery to be pushed back to after the end of June deadline due to being on holiday to late June. Updated shipping now showing August.


December 14th flash sale buyer - order #7021XX. I had high hopes, but ultimately the delays were too much for me. I purchased out of curiosity rather than need anyway. I still frequent the forum several times a week, but just decided to remain mostly silent. I started a dispute through PayPal near the end of April 2018, then escalated it to a claim about two weeks after that. No response from Fortress Tech, nor Eve. PayPal refunded all my money on May 18. My order finally indicates “canceled” as of June 27.

Like some others, I really hope they get everything straightened out. I’ll hang around the forums to see whether those with updated August shipping dates actually receive anything as well as those who are waiting on refunds, warranty parts or accessories. It really sucks to be in that situation. Again, I wasn’t willing to let my dispute window pass me by with all the uncertainty. Good luck everyone.


@Konstantinos Apparently I can’t reply to the update thread, so I’ll do it here.

If it’s taken you 7 months to get to 65% fulfilled, doesn’t that basically imply at least 4 more months until you are caught up? Shouldn’t you estimate fulfillment by end of October, so that anyone who gets it by August will feel relieved rather than at least half of us feeling cheated by yet another inevitable delay?

Unless some angel investor comes in with a big check to make all the problems with frozen funds go away? Should we hang our hats on that?

I’ve got some things to think about.


X1 has the following:
dual thunderbolt/USB-C 3.1gen2 ports (720 only has a single thunderbolt)
Fingerprint reader
Option for GSM/WIFI
13" screen (vs 12.1", but same outside dimensions +2mm)
Screen is 20% higher resolution
8th gen i5 or i7 cpu (6mb vs 4mb cache)
512 or 1TB SSD (720 only comes with 256 or 512GB)
keyboard has “eraser” mouse as well

But, the Miix 720 has extra legacy USB ports.
$100+ cheaper with the same RAM/SSD configuration

X1 is a “better” deal if you want a slightly newer device with an extra thunderbolt port


Congratulations, I almost lost CA$25 …


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