[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december


I contacted my cc Company and they urged me to file a report to the finnish police, so it is done. Did that with a heavy heart, but I think that is more a formality so they can process it further.


Thanks for the list. As stated in the list, I’m still waiting for my V. My order number is 1760, and the current shipping estimator is 06/18 - 06/30. I tried to cancel the order through Paypal by filling a complaint but decided to cancel the complaint and waiting for my V to test the device hands-on.

I have yet to receive the shipping notification email. Even if it’s shipped today, it would still take some more time to receive it.


So they basically ask you the same thing than me. What is your approximate order number?


First three minutes of the flash sale.


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Order #14XX. Dec 4th flash sale, first 5 minutes. Was June 4-16, delayed to 18-30 in their fancy, shmancy delivery estimator. Still waiting on delivery, and would prefer to get it because my brother’s delivered laptop (he was an early bird) looked nice, but finally considering refund if my CC will let me. This is ridiculous!


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@boistordu I like what you are doing here.
Since I am not in your list I will put my data in here.
Dec. 4th. buyer, order #190X, i7 16GB 512GB
USA buyer still waiting, paid with CC
I am going to initiate a charge back. Patience and understanding can only go so far.


I’m sceptic:) but who knows. I’m not very into football anyway, it’s more to be among some friends who are into it :slight_smile: thanks anyway


I’m not a flash sale buyer but rather ordered my V later on in the end of February but you can still add me to the list.

The order number is #702165 and I’m still waiting on my V (The estimator said 18th to 30th of June) and an overdue update from the Eve team.


Please share who your CC company is and if there were any terms/limitations to their buyer protection.

I’ve heard from some it is 6 months, others it is 90 days from time of shipment.


What is this for? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@adt may I answer : to make you talk ? :stuck_out_tongue:
what do you think?
1/ to prove that konsta was lying which he totally did.
2/ to keep track of the deliveries and how the project is going forward


Used a Visa Signature Card. I contacted customer service back in May and was told that in a charge back for non-delivery my protection would start counting from the “last mutually agreed delivery date”. I was told to save any material to support the delivery date and that I was not obligated to accept any more delayed dates.


That would be March for the start date, when they gave an update (if you ordered back then).

Otherwise, the “start” would be end of June, or whatever you had listed on your shipment tracker. Just a guess.


Shipping estimator has be updated this morning to august delivery… those fucking rat bastards…


Mine has changed to August as well, not sure how I feel about that really. Another month at least, maybe two?


Seeing “estimated” makes me feel uncomfortable


The “last mutually agreed delivery date” would be the estimate they gave you when you ordered. I ordered in March and webstore said to expect shipment by end of April. When I contacted my CC company before end of April I told them the situation and that people who ordered in Dec were still waiting. They did not hesitate and credited me back within 6 days. I have not heard from my CC company on the issue since.


The V will be obsolete by then. You will be looking at almost 2 year old tech by the time you receive it.