[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december


Thanks. Will do tomorrow. Going to bed. Gn


I have the same route taken as @StephanP. Finally got some sort of email from Eve I wanted to see! Still says paid on my account page though lmao.


thanks boistordu, it’s nice (not really) to see that it’s not just an isolated issue of a few people waiting.


WOW!! :+1:

I’m on the list! :star_struck:

Thank you!

Actually, my number has been changed from #16xx to #7xxxx also since I ask them to separate the accessories from my V order.


I’m in the same boat as you. Glad I got out while I could and when I did. Not looking forward to reading more horror stories from customers or excuses from EVE.

I wish all those who chose to stick it out that you get what you want/need, no matter what method or vendor you proceed with.


Agreed. I wish the list was much MUCH smaller.


Nice work, @boistordu. Maybe then all of us can update the status to the spreadsheet given from @cok_Bagus?


I’m a bit unconvinced by that. To have a google spreadsheet lacks of seeing things.
We need to think about it. But anyway the spreadsheet needs an update first with a subroutine or something. Will look into that today.
Those of you who updates their status on the spreadsheet please do warn me.


@Wickedly, as we say in french: “Vos voeux sont exhaussés” .


Dec 4th buyer, order #16xx, ETA was 18-30th June as soon as shipping tracker went up. No emails, order still marked unfulfilled. Last remaining goodwill ran out with lapsed deadline and poor communication. I’ll see what options they offer, but at this point I’ll most likely be exploring the refund. Foolishly left it too late for PayPal.


I am here, bro!

I will update my status

I contacted the credit card center, they are still in process, and they are expected in early July give me an answer

Thank you for everything you do -


No problem mate, it’s a pleasure for me to help people :slight_smile:


Dear boistordu,

Anyway thank you for updating my status.

Now we know who is in the same boat.


First time poster, long time lurker.

I purchased my V (order #13XX) while I was at work in the first 5 min of the Dec 4 Flash Sale and was super excited even though I would initially have to wait 1-2 months (Jan-Feb). After watching each promised delivery date pass by I was becoming a little more annoyed but was still more than happy to wait for my device regardless since it wasn’t urgent that I needed my device.

In the past 7 months, I have moved house and had to contact support to update my delivery address (the webpage was buggy so I couldn’t update it myself). They replied promptly and politely. I had contacted support again when there was news of a couple people getting emails at the end of May/start of June about delivery since the webpage wouldn’t show my estimator (tried looking on Laptop, Desktop, Mobile through various web browsers). Support emailed back promptly again saying the estimator works (clearly doesn’t on my end) and that my estimate was 4-16 June.

I got an email mid month saying that date had slipped and that I should check my estimator (that still doesn’t work). My plan was to wait till the 30th like everyone else but saw the Surface Book 2 was 20% off and I couldn’t resist the temptation. Ordered it online Thursday night (after business hours) and it was delivered on Monday. Super happy with this purchase and now I’m just playing the waiting game on refund for V.

I really wanted to support the company but I feel I have given them enough time. I wish them all the best for the future though.


Thank you for your commitment.
My personal data:
Dec 4th buyer, order # 13xx, ETA was 18-30th June, no emails, order still marked unfulfilled, still waiting for delivery.
Can you please include this in the list?


done :slight_smile:
and I’m in the same boat you know


Wow I’m amazed ! That’s awesome work @boistordu ! Can’t imagine the amount of time you’ve put into that.

I’ll just give some more details about my situation:

Order #13xx : i7 - 1TB (ordered in first 5 minutes of 4th dec falsh sale). No email, no V, no faith anymore. Estimator was (and oddly still is) 18-30 June…

The VISA service did not respond to my requests for information concerning chargeback. If anyone has got info on how to get chargebacks from “VISA Premier” in France I’d be glad to hear from them !

So I was left waiting, I finally bought an X1 tablet (not yet received, but on its way)

I will cancel my order as soon as possible, and pray for a refund …


Re-reading my post I thought I made a typo in “falsh sale”. But after thinking about it maybe it is not a typo (you know what “falsch” means in German ?)

I think that’s how it should be called from now on : “The 4th December falsch sale”.


So, this is my first post…
I always imagined it to be a more constructive one - like participating in some project/development discussion or collectively trying to solve some software issue.

Thanks for the huge effort @boistordu!

Well, to state my case:
Ordered the V Feb. 13th, #7021XX
Joined the community around March, since no updates regarding the promised (March) delivery came in.
Stayed optimistic all the time, but this last month really diminished my trust.
Seeing all those 4th-Dec-buyers without any solid information on their state of production, when will I get my device, if ever?
I contacted PayPal last weekend.

Just as @kazlim I wish Eve the best, since I’m still a believer in their concept.
But they certainly took it too far this time.


Thanks for this amazing job @boistordu
I’m not on the list, so i give you my status
Dec 4th buyer, order # 15xx, ETA was 18-30th June, no emails, order still marked unfulfilled, still waiting for delivery. French customer