[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december


You actually don’t know what they think because most of them don’t speak about that.
They are talking about their experiences.
Constantly reminding people of this is not complete or not official, when they actually thank me personally, not eve, not konsta, not fortress, just me which they can clearly view that I’m not part of eve team, when also they just point at the fact solid data which this is since I always give the source.
I can only count 2 people who actually didn’t understand that was a personal initiative months ago.
You know what this is ? This is a classic passive aggressive move. A way to discredit someone.
People, should I remind you, words have meaning. Whatever you accepting it or denying it, consciously or unconsciously, that’s a fact.

Did I see anyone contributing by adding more info or suggestion beside giving their status?
For example, you could have improved the layout, you could have improved the classification. Does anyone who are actually senior creator or who actually own a device cared ? Not a single one.
Do I have ideas to a better layout, sure I have, can you see that I have the time to make it concrete? Yes you can see that I don’t have the time because of my stats on my profile which is public.

And why don’t You do something about it? I’m just going to repeat what many of you have repeated so far -> because you don’t see the point.

My gosh, so you see the point of every messages you wrote here ? Really ? Because that’s for sure a hell of a time spent saying nothing or improving anything.

Did you Simon for example, look at what I said about the fact that people aren’t obligated apparently to send back their defective units? Which is for sure a big accusation which would be worth looking into it don’t you think?

I’m going to enlighten one more time even if I said so already. One of the biggest point here of this wiki is accountability. Of course those who have received units or who obviously are lethargic about the fact that they have waited 10 months or less already, doesn’t care. Apparently they lived in the world where they can throw money just like that. I guess it would be the same that won’t get involved with a class action law suit against let’s say vw, or epson which you can look it up online. I have my own interpretation of their personalities but that’s just my opinion and I keep it to myself. The rest I said is just facts.

You know what should have already been done if we were a little more organized and a little more concerned about the poor people (and I mean poverty here) who have bought this device and which their money are tightened up with( and I’m not talking about me, I can actually throw 2000 euros through the window if I want) ?
The US citizens present in this community should have already look it up online the name of the attorney who is suing VW for fraud in US and in Europe. Call his office to talk about this case and ask for an appointment at least online through Skype or anything else. Ask him advice about what to do about the whole group of people who didn’t yet receive a device and send a pm to all people on the list at least that I’ve compiled. Then if he pointed out to one of his colleagues if not himself, engage a legal action to eve-tech. Not to sunk up the company, because thats’ not how it works nor in Belgium, nor in France, nor in Finland. But for the company to be supervised by a court in Finland and to have the certainty that’s not a scheme, that there is actually a problem of funds, that konsta is not lying to his customers like so many claim, to know why they don’t have an appointment person to respond to the PayPal inquiries, etc etcetc and all that can be resolved within a month in front of what we call here a peace court which also exist in Finland.
That’s what should already be done by now or should be done right now.
Why am I not the one doing it ? Since when am I a us citizen? And here the attorney’s system is really different. But I would totally be willing to participate to the initial discussion about it with this attorney.

And again I will repeat what I ve already repeated many times before.
This list is to show that there is a problem. A problem which implicates a lot of different skills. And that it’s not just a dozen people problem like so many are always subtitling in their words.


I can only speak for me, and each time I pointed out that it was a personal initiative, it is to specific people who misunderstood the thread.
The fact that it was one, 2 or 3 people does not matter.

This is NOT to discredit anyone, this is not to badmouth. I write when I see a misunderstanding. Of course I do not write when I see no misunderstanding in peoples’ posts.
And I only mean what I literally write. Nothing between the lines.


Yep. Just speak ur mind.


Jesus christ, fine then - here, i fixed it. Now its clear that it is unofficial and a community thing.

Now there should be less gripes.

Edit: fixed it even more to make it clear that this is your work - because its technically not a cumminty wiki if you’re the only contributor.


I am definitely still waiting on my order